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10 reasons to love Montmartre (and why you should visit!)

Montmartre. With its cobbled lanes, ivy clad houses and rich history, there’s nowhere else in the city quite like the 18e arrondissement. But if you need any more reasons to visit this quirky district, here are 10 very good reasons to love Montmartre!

Cobbled Lanes

First things first: let’s start with all the prettiness! Walk through any given arrondissement in the city, and you’re sure to come across a cobbled lane or two. Walk through Montmartre, and it’s a whole other story. Quite literally everywhere you look, you’ll find lane upon lane of cobbled streets!

10 very good reasons to love Montmartre. And why you should visit the 18e arrondissement in Paris, France!

Village Feel

Unlike the rest of the city, there is little to no Husmannian architecture represented here. Instead, there is a distinct ‘village’ feel that is rapidly becoming lost the city over. Apart from a few select locations (Cité Florale and Square de Montsouris come to mind), much of Paris is rapidly changing.

10 very good reasons to love Montmartre. And why you should visit the 18e arrondissement in Paris, France!

Ivy Clad Houses

Let’s face it, there are few places in Paris more ‘grammable than Montmartre. Whether you want to practice your photography skills, or just snap some photos for Instagram, you should totally head to the 18th!

Montmartre Walking Tour:

Museums and galleries

As the home of art in Paris, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Montmartre is filled with quirky little galleries and house museums that are well worth a visit. From the very (free) Musée de la Vie Romantique to learning about the history of Montmartre in Musée de Montmartre (which may well be my favourite museum in the entire city), there’s a museum and gallery to suit every taste (and budget).

Artist's Atelier (Renoir) Musée de Montmartre

All the history

Over two millennia worth of history is condensed into one small area in the 18e arrondissement of Paris. From the pagan origins of the Sacré-Coeur to history unfolding in front of your very eyes at Place du Tertre (which is full of contemporary artists selling their works and painting ‘en plein air’), there’s no shortage of history to be found in the area.

sacre coeur montmartre paris france

The Windmills

Once upon a time, the outskirts of Paris were home to a thriving farming community. Filled with fields, pastures, and windmills, today few of these features remain. Montmartre is home to the last few surviving windmills and they’re definitely a quirky sight to see!

Montmartre Walking Tour

The vineyard

One of the few remaining vineyards in Paris is located in Montmartre. Known locally as the ‘Clos Montmartre’ the inside of the vineyard is sadly closed to the public. Luckily, you can still get a good peek from the outside (and particularly from the Gardens of Musée de Montmartre). This secret little space is akin to stepping out of Paris and straight into Provence.

Montmartre Walking Tour: Clos Montmartre

The views over Paris

Montmartre provides some of the most iconic and panoramic views that the city has to offer. If you’re looking for somewhere to head for sunset (or even sunrise), then Montmartre has some of the best views on offer in the entire city. Just make sure to head here early though, as you don’t want to miss the sunset, and you want to make sure to secure the best viewing spot- particularly in the summer months!

panoramic views over paris

Quirky Eateries

From the cute cafés to the unassuming family run businesses, Montmartre is teeming with great places to eat. Some of my favourite include Le Refuge des Fondus (17 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, France. Yes, they serve their wine in baby bottles!) and Le Consulat (18 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France. This cute little café is located just behind the Sacré-Coeur and makes for the perfect spot to pick up a coffee).

10 very good reasons to love Montmartre. And why you should visit the 18e arrondissement in Paris, France!

Spring Blossom/ Golden Leaves

There is perhaps no better time to visit Paris than in the shoulder seasons. Spring welcomes the start of the warmer months and all of the blossom. And Autumn signals the beginning of the Holiday season, which is always a great excuse to snap photos of all of the golden leaves. With fewer tourists around, there’s no beter time to visit one of the leafier arrondissements of the city, Montmartre…

cherry blossoms in montmartre

Pin 10 Very Good Reasons to Love Montmartre!

10 very good reasons to love Montmartre. And why you should visit the 18e arrondissement in Paris, France!

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    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    7th September 2017 at 12:22 pm

    I don’t need 10, just 1 is enough:)) great photos as usually:)

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    Alice @ Girl with a saddle bag
    7th September 2017 at 7:17 am

    I adored thw Sacre Coeur and the views from the top when I visited Paris – truely breathtaking. When would you suggest is the best time of day to visit? We tried late afternoon and evening but found it was very busy . Are there any secrets to when Montmartre is quieter?

    • Reply
      Sophie Nadeau
      21st September 2017 at 10:05 am

      Yes, the views from Montmartre are truly breathtaking, especially so from the Sacré-Coeur! I would definitely suggest visiting earlier in the day rather than later (the light is better and there are fewer people around) and trying mid-week! 🙂

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