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Where is the Sinking House in Paris? (Montmartre, France)

Last Updated on 26th January 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

The sinking house in Paris is one of those spots in the French capital that has taken social media by storm over the past few years. And if you want to see and capture it for yourself, then we’re going to go in-depth into how to do this.

First off: DON’T PANIC! This clever illusion is simply a trick of the camera. You may have seen the sinking house in Paris how on Facebook or Instagram and wondered how and where to find it (I know I definitely did)! Paris’ sinking house may well be the coolest optical illusion the city has to offer…

Along with sites like the petite ceinture (Paris’ hidden railway), the sinking house is a less well-known location that’s not to be missed on any visit to the city of lights.

sinking house in paris

Directions: a.k.a. where to find the sinking house in Paris!

For months, I wandered around the city, camera in hand, trying to find the sinking house in Paris. With a little luck, I eventually found it (and obviously it had been right in front of my eyes the entire time). Here’s a detailed set of instructions on how to find it:

First up, the sinking house is in Montmartre right next to the Sacré-Coeur. The closest metro is Anvers, metro line 2, dark blue line and the uphill walk is around 8-10 minutes.

An almost step-free walk is also possible if you take the funicular (Funiculaire de Montmartre) to the Sacre-Coeur Plateau, which is a 2-3 minute walk from the Metro station of Anvers.

When walking up the final set of steps to get to the Sacre-Coeur, on your right-hand side, there will be a bank of grass. Behind this, is the sinking house in Paris. It’s hard to miss because it’s a dark orange creamy colour and the only house visible from this set of stairs.

sinking house in paris

Taking the Photo of the sinking house

When I first saw the sinking house on Instagram, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, how could this be real?! Quite simply, the illusion is so simple that it’s easy to make and is a great holiday snap to bring home and show your family and friends.

When you get to the final set of steps leading up to the Sacre Coeur, walk to the middle and on the right-hand side when facing the basilica, you’ll see the shot!

After taking your photo, tilt your picture to the left so that the bank of grass is level in the photo and Voila! The perfect picture!

Tips for visiting the Montmartre sinking house

To make the shot a little more interesting, you could try and add people or objects onto to the grass bank. If you go early in the morning, there will be less tourists and you’ll have the place almost to yourself.

If you go at sunset, not only will the house be glowing orange, but you’ll also have one of the best views over the city. I would personally be sure to set aside at least a few hours of time in your Paris itinerary to enjoy everything that the 18th arrondissement has to offer.

For more information, be sure to check out our Montmartre guide. And for an insider’s look into Montmartre, be sure to follow our Montmartre walking tour.

sinking house in paris

Did you find the sinking house in Paris? If not, pin it now, read it later!

Sinking House in paris

France Travel Information

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Thursday 20th of June 2019

Hi Sophie! Love your style of blogging and am about to launch my own travel blog. ( Regarding the Sinking House, through your blog, i found it (along with several other gems in Montmartre) a few months ago, You have some,great information!


Saturday 1st of September 2018

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