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You Can’t Visit Paris and Miss These Cute Parisian Cafes!

Last Updated on 8th November 2022 by Sophie Nadeau

Live in Paris? Looking to visit Paris? Or maybe you’re just sat with a cup of coffee, daydreaming about the City of Love (something that happened to me on numerous occasions before I moved to Paris!)… And so, if you are thinking about Paris, then here is a guide to some of the most beautiful Parisian cafés! After all, between speciality lattés, vegan treats, and traditional coffee shops, there’s no shortage of cute Parisian cafés in the French capital city!

The Broken Arm Coffee Shop in Le Marais, Paris, France

Why visiting a café is a must in Paris

Arguably as synonymous with the famous Parisian terraces as a glass of wine or French onion soup, it goes without saying that coffee is a huge part of Parisian culture and should definitely be incorporated into any itinerary for a trip here. Incidentally, be sure to check out our itineraries: 1 day in Paris, 2 days in Paris, 3 days in Paris, and 5 days in Paris for more inspiration.

With wide boulevards encompassing even wider pavements, the streets of Paris provide the perfect backdrop for open-air terraces and golden cups of coffee. Maybe Paris isn’t just the city of lights, but also the city of coffee?

Countless writers, painters and screenplay producers have been enchanted by the magic of Paris; many of their magical artworks coming to life on sheaves of paper, inspired by the people they see.

I am far from being a coffee snob, but I do enjoy a good coffee shop. That said, I think there is a Parisian coffee shop to suit every taste… whether you are looking to immerse yourself into 1920s Paris and surround yourself with Art Nouveau touches, or whether a Third Wave hipster coffee joint is more your scene, this post aims to accommodate.

I’ll even categorise them, so that you can more easily pinpoint your future favourite coffee shop in the French capital. So read on to discover where to get some of the best coffee in Paris in the best of Parisian cafés.

When wandering the streets of Paris, you’re likely to spy a quaint café or coffee shop on almost every street corner. After all, from breakfast in Paris, right up until the early hours of the morning, the cafés of Paris never really sleep.

But not all Parisian coffee shops are created equal, and sometimes you can be greeted by the quaintest interior but be served coffee that leaves little to be desired. So, here’s a guide to some of the very best cafés the city has to offer- and you won’t want to visit the city of lights and miss seeing these cute Parisian cafes!

Cute Cafés and coffee shops in Paris, France. Here's your complete guide to the best of French cafes in the City of Light, France

Paris coffee shop category one: Traditional Parisian 

La Fontaine de Belleville

Address | 31-33 Rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris

Arguably one of the most iconic of Paris’ third wave coffee movement, La Fontaine de Belleville is not only set in an iconic traditional Parisian terrace/bar in the 10th arrondissement, it’s also the birthplace of the Belleville coffee roastery – a coffee brand which has now evolved out of this location and is now sold in a plethora of Paris’ best coffee shops.

Infinitely photogenic, La Fontaine de Belleville is set in a very trendy neighbourhood with bars and restaurants within a stone’s throw. It is also right around the corner from the Canal St Martin, and the colourful Jaurès neighbourhood.

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, Île de la Cité

Address | 24 Rue Chanoinesse, 75004 Paris, France

Of all the cute Parisian cafes listed here, I doubt that any manage to top Au Vuex Paris d’Arcole! With its winding wisteria and colourful chair ensemble, it’s not hard to see why the café at 24 Rue Chanoinesse is ever popular with locals and tourists alike.

A stone’s throw away from Notre Dame on Île de la Cité, the café is a perfect place to enjoy a glass of rosé on a Summer’s day. Right next to this café, located behind the maroon door of Number 26, you’ll find the gravestone courtyard.

Elsewhere on the Île de la Cité area of Paris, you’ll soon discover plenty of hidden gems, such as Paris Point Zero (i.e. the location from which all places in Paris are measured) and the location where Heloïse and Abelard and alleged to have lived. You can visit their official website here.

au vieux paris wisteria

Odette, Latin Quarter

Address | 77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris, France

Nestled a few streets back from the River seine in one of the oldest arrondissements of Paris, the Latin Quarter, where the Romans made their mark on Paris several millennia ago, the Odette tea rooms are cited by many as being their favourite café in Paris.

After all, close to quaint bookshops such as the Abbey Bookshop and the ever-s0-famous Shakespeare and Co., this coffee shop and patisserie is easily one of the most instagrammable locations in Paris.

And it’s not hard to see why; the little tea room, although founded much later than many of its  other Parisian coffee shop counterparts, is a dream for sweet lovers everywhere. Named after the creator Frederic Berthy’s Grandma, Odette, the café specialises in Choux Pastries. You can visit the official site here.

odette paris

Le Consulat, Montmartre

Address | 18 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France

The cute Paris café of Le Consulat is situated close to the Sacré-Coeur in the heart of Montmartre, i.e. the 18th arrondissement of the city. A coffee house, bistro, and restaurant that may well be one of the most photographed in the city, barely a day goes by when I don’t find this iconic café popping up on my Instagram feed!

Though a little more touristic than some of the other coffee shops on this list of the best cute Parisian cafés, head to Le Consulat to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by, all the while sipping on your Parisian espresso.

Nearby, the oldest street in Montmartre offers one of the best views of the Sacré-Coeur, while hidden gems of the 18th arrondissement are to be found in abundance, if only you know where to look…

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Le Petit Moulin, Montmartre

Address| 17 Rue Tholozé, 75018 Paris

Though this pretty French café is situated in Montmartre, it’s located muchcloser to Pigalle than the Sacré-Coeur. Le Petit Moulin is much like Le Tambour Café in that it seems to be at odds with the surrounding architecture and is reminiscent of Montmartre of old.

The quirky interior is matched only by the unique outside decor and if you explore enough nearby, you’ll soon discover the lost windmills of Paris. Le Petit Moulin itself seats few people indoors and tables scatter out onto the nearby pavement.

The atmosphere is friendly and the vibe laid back. Apart from traditional French cuisine and wine, there are also plenty of charcuterie platters and cheese dishes if you’re looking for a lighter snack in between exploring the 18th arrondissement

cute parisian cafes

Paris coffee shop category two: Third Wave, High Quality Coffee and Roasteries


Address | 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris

Arguably one of the epicentres of the Parisian third wave coffee revolution, Coutume on Rue de Babylone was founded in 2011 making it one of the OG Parisian cafes of the 2010s that had locals and tourists alike queuing out of the door for a taste of complex and robust coffee.

Setting the bar high for the next generation of coffee bars in Paris, Coutume introduced Parisians to coffee that has delicious tasting notes, golden cream and smooth mouth feel, rather than the industrial, charred, watery equivalents which are unfortunately too-often served on the terraces of Parisian cafes.

Their coffee is roasted on site and the Coutume coffee brand is brewed across the city in other independent coffee shops. Very popular for brunch as well as coffee, this establishment is very much a fantastic coffee shop that sells good food, rather than an exceptional eatery.

There are also multiple other Coutume locations now, my favourites including the one on the fourth floor of the Galeries Lafayette flagship store (home to the cupola) and on the upper floor of The Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Droite.

KB CaféShop

Address | 53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris

Situated in the ever so trendy SoPi (South Pigalle), KB CaféShop is an über cool venue that’s perfect for both hanging out with friends as well as catching up on a spot of work, or even simply hanging out and watching the world go by.

Serving a variety of speciality coffees at reasonable prices, there are also cakes and homemade juices and smoothies on the menu. In the summer months, the Parisian café is particularly pleasant owing to its sprawling outdoor terrace spaces, with plenty of lovely places to sit.

KB CaféShop South Pigalle, Paris, France

Terres de Café

Address | 36 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004

Terres de Café is a small Paris-based chain who have a few locations peppered around the city. My personal favourite is the Marais location on Rue des Blancs Manteaux. They have a very pleasant interior with charming, suspended chairs which offer a bit of novelty and fun, as well as making for a cute photo. I also highly recommend their location at 67 Av. de la Bourdonnais, 75007 as it is one of the best options for coffee near the Eiffel Tower.


Address | 54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

Very popular and often quite full, especially at weekends, Ob-La-Di is perfect destination for a takeaway coffee to take with you as you explore the streets of the Marais. The baristas at Ob-La-Di really know what they are doing, and their baked goods are also excellent. If you’re after a coffee shop that knows their flat whites from their cortados, this is the place. 

A short stroll from hidden gem gardens Square du Temple and Jardin des Archives Nationales, you can’t beat wandering one of the most gorgeous neighbourhoods in Paris with one of their exceptional coffees in hand.

The Broken Arm, Le Marais

Address | 12 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris

Pastries and speciality coffees are to be found in abundance should you opt to visit the Broken Arm café in Le Marais. Steps away from the Mairie of the 3rd arrondissement, this concept store is half café and half shop selling all kinds of clothing and interior essentials.

The coffee is particularly good and if you want to know more about this Parisian café, you can read more in my full The Broken Arm review. During certain times of the year, there are brocante pop-ups on the nearby rue de Bretagane.

The Broken Arm Coffee Shop in Le Marais, Paris, France

Paris coffee shop category three: Fabulous Locations

Yellow Tucan

Address | 20 Rue des Tournelles, 75004 Paris (Right next to Place des Voges)

My go-to coffee shop in the vicinity of Place des Voges, Yellow Tucan is a laptop-friendly independent coffee shop with a sunny disposition and a small terrace. 

A great place to stop for a coffee and a cake, or equally to take away and wander around the iconic Place des Voges to enjoy on one of the benches or sat on the grass.

Shakespeare and Company Café

Address | 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris

Located on the left bank and ever so prestigious, the Shakespeare and Company bookshop is easily one of the most famous stores in the City of Love. Its current incarnation is named for a bookstore which all of the acclaimed writers of 1920s Paris hung out in and has been in operation since the 1950s.

Since 2015, the bibliophile’s heaven has also hosted a literary café in collaboration with Bob’s Bake Shop. Discover more about how to visit the Shakespeare and Co book café here.

A Visit to Shakespeare & Company Cafe on the Left Bank in the Latin Quarter, Paris, France

Two Doors

Address | 27 Rue Francœur, 75018 Paris

This Paris coffee shop popped up only recently in this trendy segment of Montmartre. With a very trendy interior with exposed concrete effect walls and a hipster vibe, it is also exceptionally well located just a stone’s throw from Rue St Vincent, La Maison Rose and the vineyard of Montmartre, the only functioning vineyard left in Paris.

Their coffee is not my best pick in the city, but certainly qualifies as exceptional, and their baked goods are also very high quality. An excellent all-rounder, Two Doors is definitely worth checking out when you’re in the area.

Le Grain Décalé

Address | 3 rue Vavin, 75006

One of the only great coffee shops in the vicinity of the Jardin Luxembourg, Le Grain Décalé has a unique vibe, with a wide variety of coffee blends on sale at any one time. It’s a great place to stop, especially if you are an espresso drinker. That said, you can indeed order a milky coffee if that’s your beverage of choice. 

Le Grain Décalé is remarkably laptop friendly, probably because they do not boast a sophisticated food offering (meaning no lunch rush!) and are located not far from Paris’ Sorbonne University, making it popular with students.

Jozi Café, Latin Quarter

Address | 3 Rue Valette, 75005 Paris

If you’re looking for a quaint café that serves speciality coffee just steps away from the Paris Panthéon, then be sure to head to the ever-so-quaint Jozi Café. Serving a selection of light refreshments and more filling meals, there are less than ten tables inside and plenty of plants!

Please note that while the WiFi is speedy, a note on each table says that laptops are not allowed to be used during lunchtime. You can also get takeaway coffees to visit the nearby Latin Quarter easily on foot.

Jozi Café, Latin Quarter, Paris, France

Maison Kayser, Latin Quarter

Address | 14 rue Monge, 75005 Paris, France

The other day, wandering around the Latin Quarter of the city, I stumbled upon this café. If I’m honest, I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. Situated in the very heart of a Haussmann building, this café was too cute not to capture.

This bakery is now a multi-national chain, with multiple stores across countries such as Japan and the U.K. Although the original store stood on Rue Monge, there are boutiques and cafés to be now found all over the French capital city. You can visit their official site here.

Maison Kayser, Paris, France

Paris coffee shop category four: Laptop friendly

Coutume Institute

Address | 60 Rue des Écoles, 75005 Paris

Admittedly less laptop friendly than it was in years gone by, the Coutume Institute still makes the cut purely since it is such a pleasant, modern and airy location, serving the exceptional Coutume Roastery coffee (as the name suggests).

Set within the Finnish Institute, there are allocated long tables which allow for restriction-free laptop use; however places are limited. This is good news for those wanting to visit simply to enjoy a brew and a book, or to meet with friends, as at least two thirds of the cover space is dedicated to visitors who are laptop-free.

The Dancing Goat

Adress | 117 Av. Gambetta, 75020 Paris

Well worth the trek out to the 20th Arrondissement, The Dancing Goat has a real community vibe and embraces laptop coffee culture in a way that is surprisingly unique in the city. In one of my favourite off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods, a visit to The Dancing Goat gives you the perfect excuse to stroll the gorgeous neighbourhoods of La Campagne a Paris, Belleville and Place des Fetes.

Strada Café 

Address | 24 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris

It’s generally expected that you will order food at lunchtime if you wish to work at Strada for the entire day, but if you come just for a morning or afternoon work stint, the team will be very accommodating and welcoming to laptop users, even if food is not ordered.

That said, the food at Strada pretty good, so I certainly encourage you to nestle in and have lunch here if you are on a roll with work or study. The location is gorgeous with large windows and ever-changing art displays on the wall.

The ambiance is also very calming with a usually quiet, discreet crowd and music kept to a dull roar, if it is played at all. The coffee is of excellent quality, and I highly encourage you to also try one of their pound cakes. They also have a location in the Marais, but I personally find the left bank location to be far superior.

Deli-Cieux, Printemps (CLOSED)

Address | 64 Boulevard Haussmann

When the WiFi isn’t working in my flat, I often find myself heading to the grand department store of Printemps to work. There’s a café on the very top floor of the department store with 360-degree panoramic views over the city- perfect working inspiration. 

However, what makes the café at Printemps so special is not its decoration, but its charming view. Pick up an expresso here for as little as €2. You can visit their official website here. Nearby, one of the best free views to be found anywhere in Paris is to be located in the form of the Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace.

cute parisian cafes

Paris coffee shop category five: Some personal favourites

La Main Noire

Address | 12 Rue Cavallotti, 75018 

This coffee shop is definitely a hidden gem, with a largely laptop friendly environment (except, perhaps, on a busy lunchtime when you may be expected to order lunch). Located on Rue Cavallotti near Place de Clichy, a visit to La Main Noire is the perfect occasion to admire the street’s famous colourful painted store fronts and street art.

Personally, I find their chai latte to be the best in Paris hand down, and their coffee is exceptional – prepared by baristas who know a thing or two about milk texture and espresso quality. Their lunch and brunch are also fantastic; I highly recommend their pancakes.

la main noire brunch paris


Address | 73 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris (On a cute market street)

Or: 82 Place du Dr Félix Lobligeois, 75017For the most part, when compiling this list, when a coffee house has multiple locations, I have chosen my favourite and given a few others as an honourable mention, but with Dose I simply can’t pick my favourite of their two locations.

The address on Rue Mouffetard gives the perfect opportunity to grab a coffee as you visit this unique market street (a perfect place to start as you embark on a stroll around the 5th arrondissement up towards the Jardin Luxembourg or the Jardin des Plantes), and the location in the 17th arrondisement offers some of the best coffee in the iconic Batignolles neighbourhood.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed by a visit to either of the Dose locales, as their coffee expertise, food and snacks and comfortable interiors make for a true coffee lovers’ oasis in the city.

Le Tambour

Address | 8 Rue de la Jussienne, 75002 Paris, France

Out of every Paris café, this may well be my favourite! Looking slightly out of place at an intersection between rows of iconic Haussmann buildings, le Tambour café and restaurant has maintained all of its unique Parisian charm throughout the ages.

Situated in the very heart of the 2e arrondissement of the city, the café is surrounded by boutique shops and quirky eateries. Unlike many of the Paris cafés on this list, it’s worth noting that, while not as well-reviewed as some of the other establishments, Le Tambour is open 24 hours a day, meaning that you can get coffee at any time of the day (or night!) You can visit their Facebook site here.

Le Tambour Cafe in Paris, France

Wild & The Moon

Address | 55 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

For those who are in search of vegan sweets and treats in Paris, Wild & The Moon is an absolute must. Serving everything from speciality lattés (rose lattes, bulletproof coffee, charcoal latte, and more flavours than you could even dream of) to goods you can take home and use in the kitchen, there’s no shortage of delicious eats to be found in this coffee shop.

Located across three locations dotted around Le Marais, just know that the place can get pretty busy, especially on weekends when you’ll struggle to find a place to sit and drink coffee with your friends if you arrive later in the day. For more vegan inspiration, check out my vegetarian guide to Paris.

Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Paris: Tips & Restaurants

And if you enjoyed reading about the cute Parisian cafes to visit in the city of lights, here’s an image to pin:

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cute cafes in paris france
the best cute cafés in Paris, France!
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JoAnn Edwards

Monday 24th of January 2022

Thank you for sharing this- I love learning about these charming off the beaten path spots!

Wandering Jones

Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Such great memories. Paris cafe culture is like no other place in the world! Excellent suggestions by the way.

Wandering Jones

Thursday 13th of September 2018

There’s nothing better than enjoying an afternoon in a Parisian cafe. I keep hearing about Odette, but have never been. I’ll put that on my list for next time!

Sophie Nadeau

Monday 17th of September 2018

Totally true :) I definitely recommend going to Odette as it's adorable!

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