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If you’re looking for vintage Paris, then it doesn’t get more French than this. Halt your search because I have news for you: there are hidden Paris Vineyards! Yes, you did read ‘vineyard‘ in the plural just there.

While it’s largely thought that there are no remaining vineyards in Paris, this is definitely not the case at all! At the turn of the last century, the industrial revolution took place, taking Paris by storm along with it. What had previously been farmland (a.k.a the steep hill Montmartre and the likes), were now seen as too valuable to be kept as arable land.

As a result, many of the clos (vineyards) and moulins (windmills) lining the hills surrounding the city were demolished in favour of new housing, workshops and factories. But some survived! Curious? Well, here’s a complete guide to finding the hidden vineyards of Paris:

Vigne de la Butte Bergeyre

Address | 76 Rue Georges Lardennois, 75019 Paris, France

A couple of months ago, I wrote about one of my all time favourite views over Paris (and the vineyard that goes along with it). To be honest, before accidentally stumbling upon this hidden vineyard, I had no idea that vineyards could even be lurking in the very centre of Paris- many of which are in almost plain sight.

Well, after coming home and doing extensive ‘market’ research (e.g. stumbling through the Google wormhole while getting distracted by cute cat videos), I discovered that there are at least four more in the city that you can see (and visit)!

hidden paris vineyards

Clos Montmartre

Address | Rue des Saules, 75018 Paris, France

If there are any of the Paris vineyards that you’ll have heard of, it’ll be Le Clos Montmartre. Located just behind Montmartre museum (a tranquil oasis in the heart of the busy district), the vineyard is also mere steps away from the Sacré-Coeur.

To be honest, this vineyard is worth a visit, if only to check out the view! Often dubbed ‘the only working vineyard in Paris,’ though the vines aren’t open to the public every day, come September the annual Fête des Jardins takes place. This is when an auction is held to sell all of the bottles of wine produced from the grapes, with the profits going to the local community. 

secret vineyards of paris close montmartre

Clos de Bercy

Address | Clos de Bercy 41 rue Paul Belmondo 75012 Paris

Situated in the South-East of the city, this park not only has a vineyard, but old wine houses. Surprisingly, this vineyard is relatively knew- dating just from 1996. The vineyard produces a staggering 250 litres of wine annually.

parc de bercy vineyardImage source

Clos des Morillons

Address | Parc Gorges-Brassens, 15e Arrondissement

Situated in Parc Georges-Brassens, the park itself is the site of a former slaughterhouse- a little macabre. Today, the park is a beautiful oasis in the centre of a bustling arrondissement. With plenty of green space, there’s even a pretty easy access point onto the Petite Centiure located there.

hidden paris vineyards clos des morillons

Clos de Belleville

Address | Parc de Belleville Rue des Couronnes 75020 Paris

Pretty close to the Vigne de la Butte Bergeyre, the vineyard of Clos de Belleville is hiding in plain sight- quite literally. Metres away from one of the most breathtaking views of Paris, the vineyard sits in its very own little piece of Parc de Belleville. One of the smallest Paris vineyards (just 250 metres squared), this vineyard has been producing wine since 1992. 

hiden paris vineyards

Don’t have time to read the whole post now? Pin the best of Paris Vineyards now, read it later:

hidden paris vineyards

secret paris vineyardshidden paris vineyards

Sources: Paris info

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Kelly | A Pair of Passports

Monday 19th of September 2016

I had no idea that anything like this existed. Now I definitely HAVE to get back to Paris as soon as possible!

Culture Passport

Saturday 17th of September 2016

Wow! Would have never guessed there would be vineyards in Paris! :) xVictoria

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