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If you fancy a daily dose of Paris straight in your inbox, on your social media feeds, on your audio playlists, or any combination of the above, then there are plenty of incredible people in the City of Light right now creating interesting, informative, and entertaining content! Here are some of the coolest and best Paris bloggers, Paris Instagrammers, and Paris-based content creators to keep bringing you a little piece of Paris, wherever you are in the world.

Pont Neuf, The Oldest Still Standing Bridge in Paris, 1st arrondissement 17th century bridge paris france

Veronique Savoye of French Girl in Seattle… Takes France

I’ve been following Veronique for several years now and am always entertained by her humorous musings and unique take on retelling Parisian stories. Her attention to detail in talking about things such as frequenting the pharmacy or supermarket in Paris are accurate and funny in equal measure. You can find Veronique’s website here, her Instagram here, and her Facebook here.


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Yanique Francis of My Parisian Life

Yanique of My Parisian Life has been creating content on her website for well over a decade now and is a fountain of knowledge about all things Paris-focused and beyond. Based in the 18th arrondissement of the city, Yanique hosts a daily ‘Safe Harbor’ chat on her Instagram lives at 4PM Paris time, where she hosts a plethora of interesting guests. You can find Yanique on Instagram here and her blog here.


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Lina Nordin Gee of Parisian Postcards

Lina of Parisian Postcards is quite literally one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. She lives with her partner, another Paris-based content creator, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. A talented watercolour and pen-drawing artist, you can find prints of her work on Etsy here. She’s also the founder and creative director of Deuxième Studios, a chic shoe and bag company. Find Lina’s Instagram here.


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Oliver Gee of the Earful Tower

Oliver has been creating his vastly successful and popular podcast The Earful Tower for the past few years. He’s also married to Lina Nordin Gee of Parisian Postcards! Featuring everything from interviewing small business owners and writers in Paris to weird and wonderful stories such as ‘chatting with a Hemingway at the Hemingway Bar’ or ‘Opening a Craft Brewery in Paris,’ listening to Oliver’s podcast is a great way to bring Paris straight into your home. Find Oliver’s website here and his Instagram here.


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Emily Jackson of The Glittering Unknown

I’ve known Emily for well over four years and she was one of my first friends in Paris. She knows more about where to find the best bars and cocktails in town than anyone else I know and her photo feeds are filled with beautiful sunsets and plenty of floral photography. She’s also a great source of information for local and small businesses in Paris which you’ll love to support! Find Emily’s blog here and her Instagram here.


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Liv Monaghan

I first met Liv in a bar in Montmartre when a few friends and I attended her ‘Anti Valentine’s Day Concert’ in mid-February. Liv is an Irish singer song writer who’s been based in Paris for the past few years and has since produced two studio albums. She also records impromptu concerts from her apartment in Paris to post on Instagram. Find Liv’s website here and her Instagram here.


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Vanessa Grall of Messy Nessy Chic

Vanessa is a Franco-American who has been posting fun, interesting, and downright (largely forgotten) stories on her blog for well over a decade. Her blog is an instant cure to boredom and you never quite know what you’ll end up learning next. Her Instagram feed is an equally eclectic ‘cabinet of curiosities’. Find Vanessa’s blog here and her Instagram here. What’s more, her Paris guide book is a surefire way to transport you straight to Paris (check here).


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Lindsey Tramuta of Lost in Cheeseland

Author, blogger, and travel and culture writer, Lindsey has been based in Paris for well over a decade, having hailed from Philadelphia. She’s been blogging on her site, Lost in Cheeseland, since 2009. On the site, you can find a wide array of witty and informative Paris (and beyond) content focused on food and culture. Find Lindsey’s Instagram here and find her website here. For even more inspiration and a glimpse into Paris’ culture of today, check of her book, The New Paris here


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Jay Swanson

If you prefer to see visuals of Paris as opposed to reading or listening to stories from the French Capital, then Jay Swanson is a full-time content creator, producing videos on YouTube. An American living in Paris on an Artist Visa, he’s genuinely one of the most dedicated content creators I’ve ever met. He quite literally spent years creating a daily vlog on his YouTube Channel! Find Jay on Instagram here and find his YouTube channel here.


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Jocelyn of Samba Through Life

I was lucky enough to meet Jocelyn at an event a couple of months ago and we’ve since become friends thanks to a shared love of plants (we even went plant shopping together!), travel, and of course, Paris. Jocelyn moved from Silicon Valley to Paris a few years ago and lives together with her partner and cat (who has his own Instagram). As well as running a lifestyle blog where she discusses Paris, decor, and more, she co-runs Chopchicks in Paris, a website reviewing some of the best eats in town. Find Jocelyn on Instagram here and find her website here.

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Jordan of La Presque Parisienne

For some of the most gorgeous photos of Paris, you’ll want to follow Jordan from @lapresqueparisienne. On her feed, you can find endless inspiration from fashion to the French capital captured from some of the most unique angles you could possibly imagine. Find Jordan on Instagram here.


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Sophie Nadeau (lol, me!)

I first visited Paris at the age of 18 for a weekend with my parents and soon grew to fall in love with the city. Just a few years later, I arrived in Paris aged 21 for a Study Abroad Programme (Erasmus) where I studied at the Sorbonne. After returning back to the UK to finish my studies and build up my blog, I’ve since moved back to Paris and post cultural and historical stories on my various websites. You can find my blog here (you’re already reading it!), my Instagram here, and my YouTube here!


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