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Located in the very heart of the Latin Quarter of Paris, just behind the iconic bookstore of Shakespeare and Co., you’ll find a little-cobbled lane that many people miss in lieu of a more iconic walk down the Seine. Pretty and vintage, it’s streets like this that make Paris so pretty and unique. And it’s also somewhere along this cute road that you’ll see Odette Paris, a pretty café in the very midst of the action where you’ll find the best choux pastry in Paris.

Odette Paris, 76 Rue Galande: History and Food in the 5e arrondissement

In the 2010s, Frédéric Berthy wanted to leave his corporate online life behind. He dreamed of opening his very own pastry shop in Paris but didn’t like macarons that much. And so he opted for an often overlooked (but equally delicious) French Sweet, that of the choux pastry.

Named after Berthy’s Grandma, Odette, in 2013 Odette Paris opened its doors in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Today, the coffee shop is best known for its deliciously light puff pastries, the choux pastry (cream puffs- French translation ‘cabbage’), though you’ll probably be pleased by pretty much anything on the tea rooms’ extensive menu.

Costing just under €2 per little pastry case, in total there are nine flavours of choux pastry on offer; chocolate, coffee, praline, caramel, berries, pistachio, green tea, lemon and vanilla. Other more festive flavours including ‘champagne’ are on offer at select times throughout the year.

Odette Paris: 10 quirky, offbeat and unusual secret spots in Paris you'll fall in love with! Hidden Paris, Île de France, France.

Attractions near Odette Paris

Due to Odette’s prime location in the heart of the historic Latin Quarter (named for students of the nearby Sorbonne University in the Middle Ages who solely conversed in Latin), it’s close to plenty of sites of interest dotted over the Parisian landscape. Nearby, you’ll find…

The oldest tree in Paris: This tree has reputedly stood the test of time. A test which is over 400 years old! The tree itself is located in a pretty green space which is perfect for a Parisian picnic overlooking Notre Dame in the summertime!

St Julien le Pauvre: An ancient church that few wander into, the ecclesiastical building is one of the oldest places of worship in Paris and is situated right next to Odette Paris. The adjacent square of René Viviani was once used as a 6th Century cemetery.

The Abbey Bookshop:  A firm favourite of anglophones, and a store that should be equally famous as its nearby iconic neighbour, Shakespeare and Co. Founded in 1989 by Canadian Brian Spence, here, the

Collège des Bernardins: This ancient set of buildings was first built to house ecclesiastical members who attended the nearby Sorbonne University. Today, the College functions as a cultural hub, putting on lectures and talks on all manner of philosophy and other humanities of interest.

My Secret Paris locations: Collège des Bernardins: an ancient cistercian school in the heart of Paris, France!

The interior of Collège des Bernardins- definitely worth a peek inside, if only for a few moments!

In search of the best choux pastry in Paris, France. Odette Paris, in the heart of the Latin Quarter: home to Sorbonne University, Shakespeare and Co. etc.

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