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A Review of Delyan Cafe in the Heart of Paris [CLOSED]

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The Delyan cafe is situated within a couple of hundred metres from the metro stations of Châtelet and Hôtel de Ville and is a stone’s throw away from the summer Paris Plages. The front of the Café actually looks onto Tour Saint-Jacques- the beautiful remains of a 16th century Church.

When my friend Caro (who I met via Instagram- her account is @Caro_Travel) suggested that we visit the Delyan café, I was intrigued. Considering how easily I can make a coffee or tea at home, the main draw for me when visiting any tea shop is the ambience/ decor. It also has to be good for either studying and working or meeting with friends. A visit to the Delyan Café in the centre of Paris certainly didn’t disappoint.

Not only did it have a lovely ambience, but while many Parisian cafés and shops are closed for the month of August when many Parisians go on vacation, the Delyan cafe is still open. While this was a perfect place to meet with friends and sip an iced tea in the Summer, I can only imagine that this would be a cosy place to come and work or study come winter time. There’s also free WiFi which is always a bonus in the city of lights where WiFi spots can still be few and far between.

The decor inside is totally chic; vintage typewriters sit side by side weathered books and the colour scheme of earth tones matches the ‘vintage’ feel of the place. Comfy couches are surrounded by vintage photographs, postcards and posters.

delyan cafe

Yep, decor’s great. But what about the food and drinks on offer? That is surely the most important thing to consider when visiting a café! There are a number of homemade blends of tea and homemade cakes on offer.

The cakes are upwards of €4 a slice and homemade tea blends are also in the same sort of price range. I stuck to the tried and tested choice of expresso (here it cost €2.20- a little more than at other locations around the city). Looking for more options on how to order coffee in Paris? Check out my complete guide to ordering coffee in the city of lights.

delyan cafe delyan cafe delyan cafe

The café also has a reward scheme where each purchase over €7.50 earns you a star. Once you’ve got 10 such stars, you get a free drink and cake- known as the teatime special on the menu.

delyan cafe

Visit Café Delyan

Address | Delyan Cafe, 8 Rue Saint-Martin

Nearest metro | Hôtel de Ville (Metro lines 1, 11)

Opening times: Monday- Sunday 12 pm- 7:30 pm Unfortunately, the Delyan Cafe has since closed down. In it’s place, there’s a new coffee shop by the name of ‘Compose Hôtel de Ville’.

delyan cafe

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  • Kenza
    18th August 2016 at 2:35 pm

    I just stumbled upon your blog and been reading a few articles – I had to comment this one, as the Delyan is one of my favorite cafés! Have you tried the Nutella cake? A bientôt pour plus de lecture 🙂

  • the adventurer
    7th August 2016 at 2:52 pm

    This looks like the perfect place to g on a rainy sunday and study on write blog posts =o)


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