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Where to Find the 20+ Best Eiffel Tower Views in Paris

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the most iconic monument in Paris, if not all of France, is the Eiffel Tower! And so when you’re visiting the French capital, one of the best things about exploring Paris is that you never know quite what you’ll stumble upon La Tour Eiffel next! Here’s your guide on where to find the 20 best Eiffel Tower views, including the best places to photograph the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you’re looking for some more offbeat locations in the city of love- but still want the Iron Lady experience– then it’s worth noting that there are plenty of unusual places to see the Eiffel Tower. Otherwise, there are always plenty of iconic Parisian rooftops from which to spy La Tour Eiffel…

If you’re looking to go up the Eiffel Tower itself, then you’ll want to book your tickets well in advance so as to save time on the day. Book your skip-the-line Eiffel Tower Direct Access with Summit Access in advance here.

20+ Eiffel Tower views in Paris you'll absolutely fall in love with. Looking for the best photo locations in the French Capital city of Paris. Here's your complete guide!

#1 A Seine River Cruise

Whether it’s nighttime in Paris or the sun is shining brightly, one of the best way to enjoy the delights that Paris has to offer is to book a Seine River Cruise. Typically lasting for a couple of hours, these guided sightseeing tours give you the chance to enjoy the city from another perspective, including, of course, the Eiffel Tower!

Interested? Some of the best options include this Bateaux Parisiens 2-Hour Lunch Cruise and, for a romantic time in the evening, this 2-Hour Seine River Dinner Cruise with Options.

Seine River Cruise in Paris, France

#2 rue Saint-Dominique

For those who wish to find one of the most iconic views of the Eiffel Tower (especially at night), you need to look no further than the oh-so-Haussmannian rue Saint-Dominique.

Situated in the 7th arrondissement of the city, the prettiest view of the city is to be found at night, on the hour, every hour, when the tower glitters for a five-minute free show.

Paris in the evening: The glittering Eiffel Tower by night in France

#3 Eiffel Tower from Parc de Saint-Cloud

Far from the bustling crowds of Paris and high above the city, the Parc de Saint-Cloud is an oasis of calm a mere metro ride away from the city. Stroll around the gardens and wander along the long herbaceous borders. This green space also makes for the perfect place in which to enjoy a picnic in the summer months!

After all, the gardens are all that remains of a once-grand château that dominated the park. Today, the place is a haven for cycling enthusiasts and is the perfect location to head to on a sunny day. On one particular summer visit to the park, we even managed to find wild strawberries…

unusual places to see the eiffel tower in paris france

#4 Eiffel Tower from Georges Pompidou Centre

Although the Georges Pompidou centre is much more famous for its abundance of modern artwork (think Picasso, Kandinsky, and Braques to name but a few…), the view from the top should not be missed. Situated in the very heart of Le Marais area of Paris, the centre is a great place to capture some of those iconic Parisian rooftops (particularly at sunset).

If you want to skip out on the museum and simply enjoy the Eiffel Tower view instead, then it’s perfectly possible to simply buy a rooftop pass (those under 26 who are residents of the EU can go for free). If you’re planning on visiting the entire complex, then purchase your Pompidou Centre Ticket here.

eiffel tower from centre georges pompidou

#5 Eiffel Tower from the Metro

It may well surprise you, but one of the best Eiffel Tower pictures spots is on the Parisian metro itself. There may be a fair few metro stations below ground in Paris, but of course, the only way to see the Eiffel Tower is above ground.

And so the metro line running between Bir Hakeim and Passy should not be missed if you’re looking for unusual places to see the Eiffel Tower. The metro line is 6, between Passy and Bir Hakeim, and offers a fantastic view of the Tour Eiffel.

If you do choose to capture this image, be sure to stand with your camera at the ready as you’ll only catch a glimpse of the Iron Lady for a few seconds at most (meaning that this is one of the hardest Eiffel Tower views to capture)

unusual places to see the eiffel tower in paris france

#6 Eiffel Tower from the café at Printemps

Editor’s note: the Deli-Cieux Café at Printemps is now permanently closed. Instead, in its place is a fine-dining establishment known as La Perruche. Though notably more expensive than its predecessor, the indoor and outdoor dining spaces offer stunning views of the Eiffel Tower.

If there’s anywhere I could return to over and over again to spot the Eiffel Tower from, it’s café Deli-Cieux. Situated on the roof of the Printemps department store, not far from Opera, it’s the perfect place to grab a couple of coffees, use the fast WiFi and enjoy the view; all this for less than €5.

unusual places to see the eiffel tower in paris france

#7 From Parc de Belleville 

Situated in the very heart of the 20e arrondissement of Paris, not far from the Père Lachaise cemetery, Parc de Belleville is where actual Parisians come to hang out. With a great view, its own secret vineyard and plenty of green space, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a picnic in the summer months.

unusual places to see the eiffel tower in paris france

#8 From the Parvis de Trocadéro

I’ve said this before countless times, and no doubt I’ll say it again, but the best place to spot the Eiffel Tower at sunrise is from the Parvis de Trocadéro. Oh, and from the water mirror (Fountain of Warsaw) below. Throughout the year, the sun rises up, from behind the Eiffel Tower, filling the sky with candy colours.

Plus, if you choose to visit Trocadéro in the morning, rather than the evening, you’re sure to miss out on the crowds of tourists. For more information on how to enjoy the best sunrise view of the Eiffel Tower, check out this guide to visiting La Tour Eiffel at sunrise.

sunrise at trocadero

#9 From the top of the Paris Pantheon

Of all the unusual places to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, seeing the Dame de Fer from the top of the Pantheon is probably my favourite. It’s here you’ll find the iconic Fouquet’s Pendulum (or, a replica at least!), and many famous French people entombed.

One of the highest honours a French citizen can receive is to be interred in the Pantheon. The likes of Voltaire, Marie Curie and many more have all found their final resting places within the marble walls of the Paris Pantheon. For more information, check this guide to the Paris Pantheon.

paris pantheon view

#10 Eiffel Tower from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

There’s no denying that the best view of the Eiffel Tower in all of Paris must be from the top of the Arc de Triomphe! I’ve previously said that you shouldn’t go up the Eiffel Tower when visiting the city. Mainly because it’s in the centre of a green space and so you can’t really see those iconic rooftops, but also partly because you can’t see the Eiffel Tower if you’re on it!

arc de triomphe

#11 Eiffel Tower from a rooftop, any rooftop!

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, almost every rooftop in the city offers views onto the Eiffel Tower. There are actually laws in place preventing the construction of skyscrapers and tall buildings within the city limits. This is why the majority of tall buildings in the city lie in La Defense area of Paris. These decrees also mean that almost every spot of the city offers good views onto the Eiffel Tower!


#12 Eiffel Tower view from your… own home?

If you’re anything like me (self-confessed Paris obsessed), then the likelihood is that you may well have more than a few souvenirs lying around the house. Why not put that postcard in a frame and place it on your desk? Or add some French-themed stickers to your mood board?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have well and truly tried to bring Paris home to the UK with me (vintage Paris maps on the walls, Eiffel Tower bedspread, French-inspired clothing, all of the Eiffel Tower memorabilia!!)

eiffel tower vintage postcard

#13 Galeries Lafayette Rooftop Terrace

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again: one of the best free Parisian views can be found at the very top of the Galeries Lafayette flagship store along Boulevard Haussmann. The rooftop terrace offers 180-degree views over the city, including onto Opera Garnier, plenty of Hausmmannian architecture, and of course views of the Eiffel Tower.

Free to visit, the terrace is open year ’round, though is closed during particularly bad weather (such as rain or snow). Visit the store itself at any time of the year and you can enjoy the stunning Art Deco cupola with its impressive stained glass window and indoor terraces. Come Christmastime, a giant Christmas tree is erected in the heart of the central store dome, with a quirky and new theme for the tree each year.

Galeries Lafayette Rooftop Terrace: one of the best panoramic views of Paris, France

#14 Eiffel Tower from Tour Montparnasse

The tallest structure in Paris (with the exception of the Eiffel Tower, bien sûr), is that from the top floor of Montparnasse Tower. Located in the 15th arrondissement of the city, this 59-floor skyscraper is pretty controversial in the city on account of how ‘ugly’ locals regard this 1960s build to be.

Though most of the tower is private, closed off to the public, and is used as office space, the top floor and the rooftop offer stunning panoramic views of the city, including a fantastic Eiffel Tower view. Head to the top and you can enjoy a beer, a 360-degree view of the city, or simply sit back and watch the world go by. Purchase your Tour Montparnasse tickets here.

#15 Eiffel Tower from the Parvis du Sacré-Coeur

When in Paris, the one district you absolutely cannot miss is that of Montmartre. Otherwise known as the 18th arrondissement of the city, this is where visitors and tourists alike will soon discover the ‘Paris’ of old that everyone so raves about.

Between small house museums and cobbled lanes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this whimsical Parisian district. Not only that, but Montmartre also happens to be home to the magnificent Sacré-Coeur, and a large open space in front of the ecclesiastical building which offers stunning views over Paris, including of the Iron Lady.

sunset at Montmartre from in front of the Sacré Coeur

#16 Eiffel Tower from Pont de Bir Hakeim

A favourite among wedding photographers, Pont de Bir Hakeim is characterised by its light-filled arches and unparalleled views of the Eiffel Tower. Best seen early in the morning, when the light is as its best, this bridge also offers a viewing platform of Paris and the River Seine roughly halfway along the bridge.

point bir hakeim paris

#17 Champ de Mars

Perfect to enjoy cherry blossom season in the springtime, Champ de Mars is also home to some of the best magnolia trees at the same time of the year. Popular all year round, this green space resides below La Tour Eiffel and is especially enjoyed when it comes to Parisian picnics in the summer!

Where to see the very best magnolia trees in Paris France: Here's your complete guide to spotting spring blooms in the French capital!

#18 Pont Alexandre III

Often cited to be the most beautiful bridge in the world, Pont Alexandre III is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris. And not just because the sumptuous early 20th-century structure is in itself incredibly beautiful. Instead, the bridge arches its way across the Seine and offers views of many iconic Parisian landmarks, including of Les Invalides, Petit Palais, and the Tour Eiffel.

Pont Alexandre iii looking at the eiffel tower

#19 Avenue Rapp

If you’re looking for a beautiful morning walk in Paris, then you simply need to head to Avenue Rapp. Square Rapp and Avenue Rapp can be found in the heart of all the action. Overlooking the Eiffel Tower and all Haussmannian architecture in style, this hidden gem of the 7th arrondissement is a pretty escape from the hustle and bustle of other tourist hotspots in the area.

Square Rapp & Avenue Rapp: History & an Eiffel Tower View in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, France

#20 Passerelle Debilly

Spanning the River Seine, the pedestrian footbridge of Passerelle Debilly was constructed in 1899 and opened just in time for the World Fair of 1900. Built so as to serve as a pedestrian footbridge connecting the two sides of the Seine, today the bridge offers one of the best Eiffel Tower views in Paris!

Passerelle Debilly, paris, france

#21 The Eiffel Tower as seen from Notre Dame

Editor’s note: Due to a terrible fire at Notre Dame in April 2019, the French ecclesiastical building is closed for renovation works and repairs until further notice. However, the cathedral can still be admired from fairly up close and from various vantage points around Paris, including on Île de la Cité itself.

With its flying buttresses and world-famous gargoyles, there are few Cathedrals in France, nor indeed in Europe, quite as iconic as that of Notre Dame. Made famous thanks to a Victor Hugo novel of the 1800s, one of the best Eiffel Tower views in Paris can be found if you pay the small fee to go all the way up to the towers and enjoy the panoramic view from the top.

view from notre dame

#22 From the banks of the River Seine

If you’re wondering ‘can you see the Eiffel Tower from the Seine?’ then I have great news for you! Indeed, you can enjoy views of La Dame de Fer from all along the River Seine. The view begins from Pont Neuf and then the Eiffel Tower can be spied all the way along the banks, particularly on the right bank (rive droite) as the Eiffel Tower is located on the left bank (rive gauche).

sophie nadeau eiffel tower

#23 Père-Lachaise Cemetery

The largest cemetery, and technically the largest park of intra-muros Paris is that of Père-Lachaise, which is to be found in the 20th arrondissement of the city. No one quite knows how many people are interred in the graveyard, though some estimates put the figure at up to 6 million souls. As well as burials, in a little-visited corner of the cemetery, you’ll find one of the best Eiffel Tower views in all of Paris.

 Père-Lachaise Cemetery Eiffel Tower View

#24 Hôtel de la Marine

Situated on Place de la Concorde (the largest public square in Paris), Hôtel de la Marine has seen plenty of history since its construction in the latter half of the 18th-century.

Once used as the headquarters for the head of the French Navy, today the grand building is open to the public once more, and several of the State Rooms offer breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower over Place de la Concorde.

Place de la Concorde Paris, France

#25 Pont des Arts

Of all the bridges in Paris (and there are technically over 30), Pont des Arts is easily one of the most famous of them all thanks to its central location and former status as the ‘love lock bridge’.

Spanning a stretch of the Seine between the Louvre Museum and the Institut de France, the bridge is one of the most beautiful spots in Paris from which to enjoy beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower.

Real-Life Emily in Paris: Things That Should Have Happened to Emily

#26 Rue de l’Université

One of the very best places to see the Eiffel Tower if you want to find a shot surrounded by Haussmann architecture is that of rue de l’Université. Situated in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, this is easily one of the most Instagrammable streets in Paris!

Rue de l'Université

#27 Promenade d’Australie

If you’re in search of some close up shots of the Eiffel Tower or looking for a unique back drop for a fashion shoot in Paris, then the Promenade d’Australie offers one of the most beautiful unobscured Eiffel Tower views. Located in the 15th arrondissement, this pedestrianised walkway was created in the 1940s.

#28 ILVOLO rooftop bar

If you want a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower served alongside a delicious cocktail, then you need only to visit one of the many incredible rooftop bars dotted across Paris.

One of my all-time favourites is that of ILVOLO, which is actually on the roof of the Novotel hotel near Montparnasse in the 15th arrondissement. Though the cocktails and wines are a little on the pricey side of things, the view is well worth the price tag if you’re looking for a special occasion view.

It goes without saying that, if you truly want to experience the best of the view, then you should be sure to head to the rooftop bar at sunset so that you get to see the Eiffel Tower transform from day to night.

ilvolo rooftop bar paris

#29 Avenue de Camoëns

One of the very best Eiffel Tower photo spots is also one most beautiful streets in all of Paris. Avenue de Camoëns can be found in the 16th arrondissement of the city and can be found in the Muette district of the area. Best seen at sunrise so as to enjoy the stunning light on the Eiffel Tower, it’s truly a must-see while in the city.

Avenue de Camoëns

#30 Best Paris hotels with Eiffel Tower views

If you want to make your visit to the City of Light that much more special, then you may well consider booking a hotel/ B&B or luxurious accommodation in the heart of the city.

So whether you’re looking for a more budget option or you’re searching for that special place to celebrate an important occasion, some of the best Eiffel Tower views can be found at the following hotels:

Novotel Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse

Though a little further out of the city centre than some of the other hotels listed here with some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower, the true drawing point of the hotel is its fantastic rooftop bar, which offers views onto the Tour Eiffel itself.

Check rates and availability here.

Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

This well-reviewed mid-range hotel can be found in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Amenities of this accommodation include parking, breakfast, a fitness centre on-site, and Free WiFi. Some rooms also offer hotel views of the Eiffel Tower.

Check rates and availability here.

Citadines Tour Eiffel Paris

Located in the primarily residential and quiet district of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, this French hotel is just a fifteen-minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower and offers amenities such as parking, free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly rooms, and more.

Check rates and availability here.

Le Relais Saint Charles Paris

For a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower from a hotel, you simply need to book yourself into a room at Le Relais Saint Charles. Affordable and not too far away from the Champ de Mars, highlights of this hotel include an airport shuttle bus, free Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour reception.

Check rates and availability here.

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Pullman Paris offers affordable luxury in the very heart of the city. Well-reviewed across accommodation booking websites, amenities of this Parisian place to stay include a pool, air-conditioning, and close proximity to public transit.

Check rates and availability here.

Shangri-La Hotel

For a true taste of luxury during your stay in Paris, you’ll want to book yourself into a room at the Shangri-La Hotel. This five-star accommodation can be found in the 16th arrondissement of the city and boasts facilities such as a pool, fantastic service, and some rooms offering views of La Tour Eiffel.

Check rates and availability here. 

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Where to Find the 20+ Best Eiffel Tower Views in Paris. If you're looking for the top Tour Eiffel places in the French capital here's a complete guide!
unusual places to see the eiffel tower in paris france
Unusual Places to Spot the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

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maria salangsang

Thursday 15th of November 2018

I spotted the Eiffel in Montmarte...Outside Sacre Couer on the right side (if facing the basilica).

Jenny Behrends

Sunday 25th of February 2018

I also loved Parc de Buttes Chaumont it is an amazing park with amazing views as you climb the stairs that lead up to the lookout. Love the little streams that run through it & the sound on the small waterfall cascading over the rocks an amazing place & worth the visit.

Megan | Red Around The World

Saturday 29th of April 2017

Awesome post! It's cool to see all the different places with views of the Eiffel Tower. I'm dying to go to Paris, so hopefully I can soonish and will definitely be back to this then!


Saturday 29th of April 2017

Great, now I'll have to go back again - such a shame! ;) Great places!!! I love Paris!


Saturday 29th of April 2017

I couldn't have read this at a better time! I'm going to Paris for the first time this August and was hoping to get a bunch of great shots so this is super helpful :)

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