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Emily in Paris Filming Locations in Paris & Beyond

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Emily in Paris is the newest offering from the creator of Sex and the City and Younger. The new Netflix show follows Emily, a young woman from the mid-West as she relocates to Paris for her job in PR. Featuring montages of the French capital and plenty of famous actors, here’s your guide to the best of Emily in Paris filming locations in Paris and beyond.

Warning: As well as Emily in Paris filming locations the following article contains spoilers for the Emily in Paris plot.

Emily in Paris update: On the 11th November 2020, it was announced that Emily in Paris has been renewed for a second season and we are happy to know that the hit show will be back on our screens soon!

Emily in Paris Filming Locations in Paris & Beyond

Paris landmarks

After a brief stint in Chicago, the film show follows Emily to Paris, where the introduction to the French capital comes in the form of a montage of famous Parisian landmarks. Places you’ll likely recognise include the Parisian opera house (Opera Palais Garnier), the River Seine, and the Arc de Triomphe. Later montages further on in the series include the view from the Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

view arc de triomphe

Place de l’Estrapade, 5e arrondissement

The first time we see any true action is when Emily is dropped off by her taxi driver at Place de l’Estrapade. Situated on the left-bank of the river (Rive Gauche) in the ever-so-chic Latin Quarter, this is where Emily’s new apartment is located.

If you’ve ever tried to rent an apartment for yourself in Paris, then you’ll know that the process is nothing like this and is instead fraught with competition, stress, and of course, paperwork! Upon arrival to her 5th floor apartment, the building doesn’t have an elevator (which is par for the course when finding a place in Paris).

Gabriel, Emily’s fourth floor neighbour is pretty integral to the series. Later on in the show, when Emily’s shower breaks (and the plumber can’t fix it right away), Emily even has to shower at Gabriel’s place! Rather ironically, the exact same situation happened to me the week I moved into my Parisian apartment. I had to shower at my neighbour’s place for almost a week, only my neighbour isn’t a cute French guy! 

Place de l'Estrapade: A Delightful Square in the 5th Arrondissement

Place de Valois, 1er arrondissement

Situated in the 1st arrondissement, somewhere between the Palais-Royal and the covered passages of the second arrondissement, Place de Valois is a delightful and charming secret courtyard that even many Parisians themselves don’t know about. This is where Emily’s office is located, right above Galerie Patrick Fourtin.

Place de Valois: A Secret Courtyard in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, France

Pont des Arts

Formerly often referred to as the ‘love lock bridge’ owing to the tens of thousands of locks which people once attached to the side of the bridge (these have since been removed as the sheer weight of all of the metal was causing structural problems to the ‘pont’), Emily calls her boyfriend in Chicago via video call from the bridge, where he reveals he has gotten his passport (and so can come visit Emily in Paris). 

The history of Pont des Arts dates all the way back to 1801 when a nine-arch bridge was constructed so as to serve as a pedestrian walkway over the River Seine. Works finished in 1804, making the pedestrian crossing the oldest and first iron bridge in Paris.

Boulangerie Moderne Rabineau, 16 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 5e arrondissement

Emily’s first bite of a French pastry comes pretty early on in the series and she soon develops the French habit of frequenting a ‘local boulangerie’, and hers happens to be in the 5th arrondissement, not far from her apartment. The lady who works at the bakery and the delicious breadstuffs sold there feature throughout the series. 

La Boulangerie Moderne, 16 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France

Jardin du Palais Royal

One of the key moments of the first episode is when Emily meets her soon to be best friend in Paris, Mindy, thanks to a chance encounter in the Jardin du Palais-Royal. Mindy is an au pair and the French child she is in charge of knocks Emily’s lunch straight out of her hands.

Mindy tries to apologise in French, before Emily reveals that she doesn’t speak any French and so the duo quickly switch to English. They share several clichés about the French while sat on one of the benches engraved with quotes in the garden and quickly strike up a friendship. Mindy and Emily sitting in Jardin du Palais Royal to discuss the trials and tribulations of living in Paris is a running theme throughout the series.

A Complete Guide to the Best of Secret Covered Passages of Paris: Arcades, galleries, and hidden walkways in the French capital of Paris, France that you should know about (where to visit, shopping places, hotels, and how to spend a rainy day in Paris)

La Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis

One of the most iconic locations in Paris is easily that of Île Saint-Louis, the smaller of the two natural islands of the River Seine, and one which overlooks Notre Dame cathedral. Emily enjoys an aperol spritz (a summer favourite in the city) while sat on the terrace of the picturesque La Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis.

Jardin du Luxembourg

One of the most beautiful parks in Paris is that of Jardin du Luxembourg. Designed in an Italianate style, the park is most beautiful to visit during the summer months when you can rent little toy boats to push across the central fountain and sit and read your book for hours.

The beginning of the second episode of Emily in Paris sees Emily going for a morning run in the park, where she is listening to a language learning lesson. Coincidentally, if you’re thinking about learning French, here are my top tips for learning French.

Seeking History at the Medici Fountain (La Fontaine Médicis), Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France. Where to find the prettiest water feature in the French capital!

Trocadéro, 16e arrondissement

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, but the Trocadero is hands down one of the best places to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Palais du Trocadero is at the top of the Chaillot hill and is where a party for a new client of the PR firm (a perfume brand, bien sûr!) takes place during the second episode.

Though it’s worth noting that the interior of the building is typically closed to the public, the scenes filmed here include the sparkling Eiffel Tower and a gorgeous party. The boss of the perfume brand flirts with Emily, all the while in the shadow of La Tour Eiffel itself. 

sunrise at trocadero

Terra Nera, 18 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 5e arrondissement

Situated just down the road from Emily’s apartment on Place de l’Estrapade, Terra Nera is featured in the second episode when Emily goes for dinner with Mindy (whom she met the previous episode) and they discuss the various reasons which brought them to Paris. For the show, the café’s name was changed to ‘Les Deux Compères’.

The mid-priced bistro is well-reviewed in real life and serves up traditional French fare. In a rather predictable twist, when Emily tries to send her steak back to the chef to have it better cooked (the dish is too raw for her liking), the chef refuses to cook it longer and, upon emerging from the kitchen, turns out to be her cute downstairs neighbour ‘Gabriel from Normandy’. 

Terra Nera, 18 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005

Place du Panthéon, 5e arrondissement

The Latin Quarter is so-called because, during the Middle Ages, the students of the nearby Sorbonne University would converse with one another in Latin. In Emily in Paris, Emily is stood right in front of the Paris Panthéon when she has the phone call where she breaks up with her fairly nondescript boyfriend back in Chicago. 

paris pantheon france

Élysée Palace

The Élysée Palace is the official residence in Paris for the president of the French Republic and is only open to the public for European heritage days. In the series, a fictional scene of Brigitte Macron discovering Emily’s latest marketing campaign (and re-sharing it on her own social media accounts) takes place at the Élysée Palace.

Pont Alexandre III, 8e arrondissement

Often said to be the most beautiful bridge in the world, and easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Paris, Pont Alexandre III is the scene for a perfume ad campaign in the third episode of Emily in Paris. 

Even if you’ve never been to the French capital before, you may well recognise the bridge since it’s often used in photo shoots (particularly of the wedding variety) and editorial campaigns . Classified as a National Historic monument since 1975, Pont Alexandre III was constructed between 1896 and 1900 in the Beaux-Arts style.

This means that the Parisian structure is the most ornate bridge in the city and is characterised by its four gilt-gold statues of Fames (the four horses which flank all four corners of the bridge), art nouveau lamps, and golden highlights all the way along the side of the golden arch.

Le Grand Véfour, 1er arrondissement

One of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris is that of Le Grand Véfour, which has been featured in many other films, including Midnight in Paris. In Emily in Paris, Emily heads to the historic restaurant together with her work colleagues where she tries to blag her way into a reservation. Of course, this doesn’t go to plan and so the colleagues and Emily head to the restaurant where Gabriel is the chef (Terra Nera)

grand vefour paris france

Paris Opera House

When Emily attends the opera house together with her French beau (whom she promptly breaks up with just before the show begins), every person watching the show was undoubtedly jealous of her stunning tiara and black dress ensemble.

What viewers might not realise, is that the backdrop for this scene is one of two opera houses in Paris; that of Palais Garnier, which is situated right by Galeries Lafayette and is the older of the two. Should you wish to visit yourself, you can attend a show, or alternatively book a self-guided tour of the premises.

Enjoy an opera performance at the opera palais garnier

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Emily in Paris Filming Locations in Paris & Beyond/ Emily in Paris France

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