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gossip girl in paris
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Gossip Girl in Paris:

If you miss the iconic show, then fear not! It’s still possible to visit many of the show’s filming locations around various cities across the world. Season 4 saw some of the show’s favourite characters visiting the city of lights.

Whether you were a fan of Blair and Chuck’s romance, envious of Serena’s wardrobe or wished that you got invited to glamorous parties at a moments notice, then here are all of the Parisian filming locations for Gossip Girl in Paris… A must visit for every fan of the show!

Chez Julien

Address: 1 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris

Scene: One of the opening scenes of Belles de Jour, the café is where Blair and Serena drink wine and discuss boys. Chez Julien is located in the heart of Le Marais district of Paris.

gossip girl in paris chez julien

Musée d’Orsay

Address: 1 Rue de la Légion d’Honneur, 75007 Paris

Scene: Blair meets prince Louis Grimaldi for the first time in Musée d’Orsay in front of the Manet painting -actually on the top floor of the building .

The museum itself is full of beautiful artworks and well worth a visit. Plus, the clock on the top floor is an iconic Parisian shot and offers panoramic views over the city toward the Sacré-Coeur.


Musée Baccarat (Cristal Room Restaurant)

Address: 11 Place des États-Unis, 75116 Paris

Scene: Used during the scene where Blair and Louis go on their first date at Baccarat with Serena and Jean Michel.

baccarat gossip girl in paris

Fontaine Louvois

Address: 1 Rue de Louvois, 75002 Paris

Scene: Blair pushes Serena into the Fontaine Louvois during a break from their dinner at Baccarat with Prince Louis and Jean-Paul.

fontaine louvois gossip girl in paris

Gare du Nord

Address: 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

Scene: (1) Eva and Chuck arrive in Paris at the end of Belles de Jour. (2) In Double Identity, Blair convinces Chuck to return to New York.

gare du nord gossip girl in paris

Rue de Charenton/ Rue Traversière

Address: Rue de Charenton/ Rue Traversière 75012 Paris

Scene: Blair and Chuck bump into each other on the streets of Paris at this crossroad.

gossip girl in paris

Le Baron Rouge

Address: 1 Rue Théophile Roussel, 75012 Paris

Scene: Ever wonder if the café that Chuck works at during the episode is real? Well, it is and it’s called Le Baron Rouge.

le baron rouge gossip girl in paris

Harry Winston

Address: 29 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris

Scene: This is where the engagement ring that was stolen from Chuck is returned to after it was recovered by the police. Blair visits Harry Winston to pick up some jewellery and spots the ring that was meant for her…

harry winston gossip girl in paris

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gossip girl in parisGossip Girl Filming Locations in Paris, France

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    22nd July 2016 at 6:08 pm

    Yaaaasss this is the best!!

  • Reply
    the adventurer
    20th July 2016 at 6:29 pm

    I loved watching gossip girl! I think i’ve watched the entire series twice now =o) Thanks for sharing this list! I will have to see some of the places next time I am in Paris!

  • Reply
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    20th July 2016 at 12:11 pm

    I loved the show! if I ever visit NYC I’d like to do a GG walking tour:) thanks for the tips for Paris

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    19th July 2016 at 8:38 pm

    I usually don’t watch Gossip Girl but whah it’s cool to see where it was filmed in Paris!

    love from grace ♥ imaqination

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