Creating a Signature Scent with Le Studio des Parfums

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If you’ve ever wondered exactly what your ‘signature scent’ should be, then the chic Le Studio des Parfums in the Le Marais district of Paris may well have your answer. Offering the opportunity to partake in workshops whereby you can create your own unique fragrance, here’s what it’s like to visit Le Studio des Parfums, as well as a small insight into what the process is for creating your very own personal perfume.

I was invited to create my very own perfume at Le Studio des Parfums in collaboration with the Paris tourism board, Paris Je T’Aime. However, all photos, words, and opinions remain my own.

A history of Le Studio des Parfums

Le Studio des Parfums has been enabling people to create their own perfumes since its creation in 2006. Launched by Patrice Dana, an epicurean perfumer, and Sophie Soussan, a perfumer chemist, the only ingredients used are those created in Grasse, a delightful Provençal town which is known as the capital of perfume thanks to its enormous yearly output of the smelly stuff.

Creating a Signature Scent with Le Studio des Parfums

The process of creating your own perfume

As you might imagine, there’s a fair bit of smelling and testing that goes into creating your very own perfect perfume. There are three key elements to creating a perfume; head notes, heart notes, and deep notes.

You need to browse through the ‘perfume organ’ which is an ensemble of dozens of scents and smell which perfumes you like and which you don’t. Those which you love the most you’ll note down. In total, there are more than a staggering 150 notes available.

At the end of the process, once you’ve chosen all of your favourite scents, then a master perfumer will look over your list. Though many of the scents pair well together, some can blend to become overbearing and so the perfumer (known as ‘the nose’) will ensure to note down in what quantities scents should be added.

They will also suggest alternatives to scents that may not pair so well together and will also ask you what kind of fragrances you typically enjoy, as well as any perfume that you usually wear in order to get a full idea of the kind of fragrance you’re looking for.

Creating a Signature Scent with Le Studio des Parfums

At the end of the day, when your perfume has been mixed and bottled, you’ll have a chance to name it. I personally named mine ‘citrus garden’ as there were citrus and floral notes combined to make a light and sweet perfume.

One of the coolest things about the process is that your exact perfume combination is noted down and given a serial number. This means that if you particularly love your scent and wish to reorder it, you can with the use of your serial number.

What’s perhaps even more special is that no one else is allowed to order your own perfume creation (i.e. the unique blend of scents associated with your serial number) without your permission, meaning that it’s a truly unique blend to you and you alone.

Creating a Signature Scent with Le Studio des Parfums

How to visit Le Studio des Parfums

The atelier can be found at 23 Rue du Bourg Tibourg in the Le Marais district of Paris. Le Studio des Parfums is open from Monday through to Saturday from 11 AM to 8 PM. However, it’s wise to book in advance as space is limited and so, if you want to visit at your preferred time, then be sure to plan ahead.

There are varying workshops to suit your perfume creating desires and budget. Prices for the Olfactory Escape workshop start from €95 and allow you to walk away from the workshop with a modest 1.01 us fl oz bottle of perfume.

More advanced and in depth workshops are those called the Perfume Discovery and Passion Creation, which are priced at €140 and €210. Whichever workshop you decide to go for, if you’re like me and know very little about perfume creation, then you’re sure to walk away with more knowledge than what you came in with!

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