Where to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day: Best Irish Pubs in Paris

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Last Updated on 17th March 2018 by Sophie Nadeau

Grab something green to wear, sip on a pint and sit back… because here are the best Irish pubs in Paris (and shops)! At a first glance, Paris may not be the first place that comes to mind when conjuring up ideas of going out for St Patrick’s Day. However, it turns out that there are a number of surprisingly fun options to choose from in the form of bars, traditional Irish pubs, and even a shop or two!

What is St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day, also fondly known as St Paddy’s Day, and often referred to as The Feast of Saint Patrick, was created in the 1600s by the Catholic Church and is always held on the 17th of March (the traditional death date of St Patrick). The day traditionally commemorates the saint and celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Restrictions on diet and drinking that are in place as a result of Lent are lifted for the day.

Your definitive guide to the best Irish pubs in Paris:

Guinness Tavern, 31 Rue des Lombards

Ah, that refreshing first sip of a Guinness beer; having started in Dublin, it is now one of the most successful beer brands in the World. The Irish dry stout was first introduced in the 18th-century, and if you’re a beer lover, then you can’t celebrate St Patrick’s day and not order a pint!

The Cork & Cavan, 70 Quai de Jemappes

The quaintest Irish cafe/ bar/ pub in the city may well be the Cork & Cavan situated on the very edge of Canal St Martin. Filled with books, it is the perfect place to have a drink and go people watching (a favourite Parisian pastime).

Your definitive guide to the best Irish pubs in Paris, as well as shops, and where to Celebrate St Patricks Day in Paris, France

O’Sullivans by the Mill, 92 Boulevard de Clichy

Situated right next to the Moulin Rouge, in the heart of Pigalle, this Irish pub is part of a chain of pubs throughout France. At some point during the evening, this bar turns into a club, ensuring the perfect night out for celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

Le Comptoir Irlandais, 157 Boulevard Voltaire

Before heading out, why not stock up on some Irish purchases: with clothing, whisky, tea and crockery to choose from, there’s something for everyone…

irish pubs in paris

Corcoran’s Irish Bar Sacre Coeur, 11 Rue Foyatier

The highest Irish pub in the city has got to be three-quarters of the way up the stairs that lead to the Sacre-Coeur. A great place to celebrate and have a drink, from here you can just about admire the views from the top of the butte, the kind that makes Montmartre such a must-see district!

Your definitive guide to the best Irish pubs in Paris, as well as shops, and where to Celebrate St Patricks Day in Paris, France!

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