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Last Updated on 13th January 2021 by Sophie Nadeau

Hank Vegan Burger is a rare find in Paris: it caters purely to vegans and vegetarians! In a city where it feels like it’s sometimes impossible to find meat-free food, Hank Vegan burger provides a much-appreciated solution. Plus its enviable location in the heart of the trendy Le Marais district area of the city means it’s the perfect place to refuel in between exploring.

hank vegan burger review

Hank Vegan Burger, 55 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France

The options on offer are simple, making it easy to select a choice. There are four varieties of burger on offer, three are permanent whilst the fourth changes every couple of months (this one is known as ‘le touriste’).

This means that every time you visit, you’ve always got the option to test a new dish! All burgers are made with a base of a soy protein, a sesame seed bun and are filled with salad and vegan cheese. You then choose what kind of extra fillings you’d like. Options on offer include BBQ and fig sauce (easily my favourite one of all!)

hank vegan burger le marais paris

A burger on its own can be purchased for €8.50. However, I highly recommend the menu for around €11 as it’s a much better deal! The menu includes the ‘burger’ of your choice, potato wedges and a drink of your choice. Drink varieties include organic cola (the best cola I’ve ever tasted!) and bionnade (organic lemonade-based drinks).

For an extra couple of euro, you can also purchase a vegan cake (cakes on offer include carrot cake, cookies and a ‘dessert of the day’). There’s also the option of purchasing a gluten-free bun rather than the regular one. All sauces are free and unlimited- the vegan mayonnaise ‘veganaise’, is out of this world!

Although the store looks deceptively small when you first walk in, there’s an entire floor’s worth of seating area upstairs. There’s also free WiFi on offer, meaning that you can easily get your Instagram fix while munching on your burger.

hank vegan burger le marais paris

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  • Sophie
    1st March 2017 at 8:28 am

    I love Hank! When I lived in Paris, I easily visited once a month haha.
    Have you tried Brasserie 2eme art? It’s a vegan brasserie and their food is great as well 🙂


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