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Luckiest Girl Alive Filming Locations in Toronto & New York

Last Updated on 19th October 2022 by Sophie Nadeau

Based on the eponymous novel by Jessica Knoll, one of the top-rated fall offerings from Netflix is Luckiest Girl Alive, an intriguing story about a young woman named Ani Fanelli (played by Mila Kunis) who seemingly has the perfect life. However, all of this starts to unravel when a true crime documentary director gets in touch with her. Here’s your ultimate guide to the top Luckiest Girl Alive Filming Locations.

Please note that in some European countries, such as France, Luckiest Girl Alive is being streamed under the name American Girl.

luckiest girl alive filming locations

Where is Luckiest Girl Alive set?

The movie (and the book) is set in NYC. However, large portions of the filming actually took place in Toronto, Ontario. Some filming also took place in New York, as well as Cobourg, Ontario (which stands in for Nantucket). Filming took place from June 2021 – September 2021.

The film stars Mila Kunis as TifAni FaNelli, a 28 year old who seemingly has it all: she has an enviable career at a New York magazine and is engaged to a wealthy bachelor, Luke (played by Finn Wittrock), from a loving family.

However, Ani’s past is marred with trauma and this resurfaces when a true crime documentary maker gets in touch.

aerial toronto view
new york skyline

The Luckiest Girl Alive Filming locations

Toronto, Ontario

Bay Street gives a New York City vibe and is one of the many outdoor locations that is used to represent Manhattan in the movie. Richmond Street, University Avenue, and Yorkville were all other streets in downtown Toronto which were used to stand in for Manhattan.

Bay Street Toronto

Bryant Park, New York, New York

Ani walks with a friend with her friend Nell along a street close to Bryant Park. In the background, you can see a Bryant Park News Stand before they descend into the subway system.

We then see a scene of the two friends on the subway. It must be set on the B, D, F, or M lines (as the only stop announced in the movie is 34 Street Herald Square) and they have approached from Bryant Park direction, most likely the 42 St-Bryant Park Station stop. Ani also works in midtown Manhattan as this is where the magazine who she works for’s office is based.

Fifth Avenue, New York, New York

Fifth Avenue is one of the most iconic streets in NYC, and so it is to the bridal salon in Saks Fifth Avenue where Ani goes to select a wedding dress.

5th Avenue was also the first exterior scene to be shown in the movie, where Ani and her Fiancé take a stroll down the street after picking out the gifts for their wedding registry.

Rockefeller Center, New York, New York

At the end of the movie, Ani goes into the Rockefeller Center for a TV show appearance and to share her story. Afterwards, we see her emerge from the building into the street, where other iconic NYC monuments can be seen, such as St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Whitby, Ontario

In flashbacks, we see TifAni’s high school, the fictional Brentley School. Though we don’t know this at the beginning of the film, the tragic events which happened at the high school shape the rest of Ani’s life.  Trafalgar Castle School in Whitby was used to stand in for the exterior of Brentley School.

Cobourg, Ontario

More filming of flashbacks to Ani’s younger days too place in Cobourg Ontario. Cobourg itself is a small town (population under 20,000) which sits close to the shore of Lake Ontario.

Particularly popular during the summertime, highlights include a historical downtown and a beautiful marina. Cobourg Collegiate Institute and Brookside Youth Centre were both used to film some of the school based scenes of the movie.

cobourg ontario

Shelter Island Heights, Suffolk County, New York

In the movie, Ani’s fiancé’s family has a home in Nantucket. Shelter Island Heights in Suffolk County stood in for Nantucket Island. Filming took place at several spots on the island, including North Ferry Terminal and a private property in Greenport Village.

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