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Jumping From High Places Filming Locations

Last Updated on 26th January 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

With its azure blue water, medieval towns, and picturesque countryside, there’s a reason that Puglia has been used as a filming location for so many TV shows and movies over the years. And one of the latest to use the southern Italian region as a backdrop is Jumping From High Places. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best Jumping From High Places filming locations.

In Italian, Jumping from High Places is known as Per lanciarsi dalle stelle.

Visit the Apulian coastline

Is Jumping From High Places based on a true story?

No, Jumping From High Places is not based on a true story. The film is based on a novel by Chiara Parenti and the story is about a young woman named Sole Santoro (played by Federica Torchetti). She is almost 25 years old and lives with generalised anxiety disorder in the beautiful region of Puglia.

In order to honour her friend’s last wish (said friend fell in love, moved to Paris, and soon after died in a car accident), she decides to take life by the horns. The movie follows Sole’s adventures as she tries to overcome her fears.

Beach of Polignano a Mare

Filming locations for Jumping From High Places

Polignano a Mare

In the opening credits, we see aerial views of Polignano a Mare. The beautiful Apulian town is characterised by its stunning beach, and old town which clings perched to a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea.

When we meet Sole for the first time, she is ordering a gelato from a stand in the old town of Polignano. We then see plenty of shots of the young woman walking around the cobbled streets of the town. Later in the movie, there are more shots of Polignano a Mare, including of people cliff jumping into the sea and Sole hanging out on the beach.

Polignano a Mare 

San Vito

Located between Bari and Polignano a Mare, in the movie, San Vito is where the restaurant is based where Sole takes over the job of a previous waitress who quit.

The restaurant is close to the little fishing harbour (porto antico) and the town itself remains somewhat of a hidden gem of the Puglian coastline.

Everything in town gives views onto the Torre de San Vito, which can also be spied in the background of scenes in the movie. Another highlights of San Vito is the abbey, which is particularly picturesque.


The beautiful town of Monopoli boasts plenty of typically Apulian architecture and little boats bobbing in a historic harbour. Best visited over the course of a few hours, highlights include strolling through the centro storico and swimming off the rocks just like the locals do.

I saw reports that Monopoli was used for filming several shots of the movie but couldn’t find it featured anywhere! With this being said, Monopoli is well worth a visit during any trip to the heel of the boot of Italy.


Monastero di San Benedetto, Conversarno

The beautiful Monastero di San Benedetto in Conversarno is used for a scene where Sole and her friends attend an art class set against the backdrop of some pretty spectacular cloisters.

Truth be told, it took me around half an hour to figure out this particular filming location! The monastery itself dates back to the 6th-century.


Conversarno in Puglia is Sole’s home town, and so we see panoramic shots of the town before interior shots featuring her therapist’s office, and also her home. We also see shots of Sole wandering around the streets on her way to meet various friends and family members. Later in the movie, we see night scenes of the Apulian town.

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