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Charming and inviting, the ancient town of Port Isaac dates back Centuries. In fact, some of the houses in the heart of this quaint fishing town date back all the way to the 14th Century! The rest of the village is filled with winding lanes and sagging roofs. And while there, you might also want to check out the Cornish Cove Café, a lovely little coffee shop serving homemade cakes and specialty coffees.

Port Isaac

You can’t go wrong by dedicating at least a couple of hours to exploring the quintessentially Cornish fishing town of Port Isaac. Nestled in its own little-secluded cove, the village winds its way through the rolling hills, encompassing houses, shops, pubs, and cafés along the way. So iconic is this little port town, that various TV productions and films have chosen this secluded little spot

Port Isaac makes for the perfect introduction to Cornwall and is situated in prime location for exploring local sites of interest all along the coastline. For example, just a few miles along the coast, you’ll find Tintagel (legendary birthplace of King Arthur), and Castle Doyden (a small fortress built purely for partying in the 19th Century).

Cornish Cove Café Review, Port Isaac, Cornwall, EnglandPort Isaac: A traditional 14th Century Fishing village in Cornwall, England

Cornish Cove Café Review

The Cornish Cove is located at the top of the high street, overlooking the rest of Port Isaac. From a vantage point on the opposite side of the road, you can even see the sea crashing in waves, dozens of feet below you. And when it comes to the café itself, there’s a surprisingly wide variety of seating for such a small establishment. Seats include indoor and outdoor options, as well as a set of comfy sofas to a window seat in the interior.

As soon as we walked into the Cornish Cove Café, it became clear that we were lucky to find a spot to eat. For we visited at the very height of the summer tourist season (the beginning of August), and it was a particularly warm day. People were pouring into the little coffee shop in search of ice creams, cool drinks and cream teas (a local specialty). And of course, everyone was attracted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and warm cake sever wafting out the front door.

After much ‘uhm-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’, (there really was a lot of choice on offer) we finally settled on a soya milk latté each and a couple of the homemade cakes. All of the staff were incredibly friendly and the cakes warm. The latté had a great amount of foam (I’d love to know how you make it like that with soya milk) and I already can’t wait to return!

Cornish Cove Café Review, Port Isaac, Cornwall, EnglandCornish Cove Café Review, Port Isaac, Cornwall, England

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