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Notting Hill Filming Locations in London & Beyond

Last Updated on 4th March 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

Notting Hill is one of those movies you find yourself watching over and over again. A quintessentially British rom-com, any viewing of this film can’t help but make you feel a little better… And perhaps one of the best parts about Notting Hill is that much of it was filmed in central London, meaning that you can visit many of the iconic locations shown in the movie! Here’s a guide to all of the best Notting Hill Filming Locations…

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notting hill filming locations
Notting Hill Filming Locations in London, England

#1 Portobello Road Market, Portobello Road

In the opening scenes, Hugh Grant’s character, William Thacker walks through the Portobello Road Market. This world-famous market is not only worth a visit because it’s one of the most iconic Notting Hill Filming Locations, but because the market itself is simply beautiful and full of quirky antiques just waiting to be discovered.

portobello road market finding vintage london england, uk

#2 The Print Room, 103 Notting Hill Gate

Once known as the ‘Coronet Theatre’, this is where Will watches the sci-fi movie starring Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). The Print Room itself has a long, varied history, and its use has changed numerous times since its construction. Once a theatre which welcomed King Edward VII, it was then transformed into a cinema in the 1950s.

For the following decades, it was where locals would head to for watching the latest movie. In 2010, it was transformed once again back into a theatre. The Theatre’s goal is to showcase lesser known older works and newer upcoming authors.

#3 Will’s Bookshop, 142 Portobello Road

The lovely little bookstore owned by Will in the films is located at 142 Portobello Road. At the time of filming, it was an antique shop. The address was then a shoe shop. As of 2023, it seems like the shop is now a souvenir shop.

However, it’s said that a nearby bookshop by the name of ‘The Travel Bookshop’ based at 13-15 Blenheim Close was the inspiration for the film’s store. Sadly, The Travel Bookshop has now closed down due to rising rental costs in the area.

Luckily, there is yet another bookshop that you can visit in the area which even has its very own blue plaque outside to demonstrate the connection with the Notting Hill Film.

Meanwhile, it’s claimed that the interior of the Notting Hill bookshop was copied for the Notting Hill film, and this is a bookshop that you can still visit and enjoy to this day. Just be warned that the place can get pretty busy, especially during the weekend!

exterior of the notting hill bookshop
notting hill bookshop
notting hill bookshop
notting hill bookshop
notting hill bookshop plaque

#4 Nobu Restaurant, 19 Park Lane

This is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in the world and has appeared in countless films, Notting Hill being just one of the many. Parts of Casino, Memoirs of a Geisha, and The Girl From Nagasaki were all filmed here. In Notting Hill. Will and Anna go on a date here. This is the point of the film where Anna stands up to some rude tourists.

#5 Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath

This wonderful period house was used as the filming set for the fictional filming set Anna worked on during the film. Today, Henry James’ film set can be visited. It’s curated by English Heritage, and its picturesque location in Hampstead Heath makes a wonderful day trip from London.

Kenwood House

#6 Rosmead Gardens, Notting Hill

Will and Anna break into these private gardens in the middle of the night after drinking a little too much. However, I wouldn’t recommend a little break in of your own as these gardens remain private to this day, accessible only to residents and those ‘in the know’… Or if you visit on certain open days throughout the year when the gardens are open to the public!

rosmead gardens

#7 91 Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill

This private address served as the home of Bella and Max during the film. Will brings the famous actress Anna to his younger sister’s birthday, held at the house. Today, the house is a private residence, though you can still admire the pretty Georgian exterior in passing.

91 Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill

#8 Coffee Shop, 303 Westbourne Park Road

Sadly you can’t sit down and enjoy a coffee here as there’s no café… and there never was! In the film, 303 is where Will buys an orange juice. There’s not much to see at this location, other than the street name on a plaque on the wall…

#9 The Ritz, 150 Piccadilly

Anna’s Hotel in the film, the Ritz is known for its luxurious rooms and world-class dining throughout the world. Today, although you can stay (though a room here is a little on the pricier side of things), you can also walk past the grand exterior and admire the splendour. If you’re looking for a particularly luxurious place to stay in London, then you may well consider booking a stay at the Ritz! Check prices and availability here.

#10 William Thacker’s House (with the blue door), 280 Westbourne Park Road

The interior of the private residence with the blue door sadly can’t be visited. However, the beautiful façade can still be admired from the outside. The house was once owned by the famous screenplay writer Richard Curtis.

The blue door of the house became so famous after the filming of Notting Hill, that it was auctioned off at Christie’s, and the profits raised given to charity.

William Thacker's House (with the blue door), 280 Westbourne Park Road

However, the lack of blue door confused many visitors to the area looking for Notting Hill filming locations and it was replaced once more.

Obviously the door is proving to be quite popular among filming location tourists, and as of 2023, there’s a little scrawl on the column beside the door that says ‘tourists suck’!

William Thacker's House (with the blue door), 280 Westbourne Park Road

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Tuesday 5th of December 2017

Great, Sophie. Amazing articles with brilliant pictures. I'm Jacky from Beijing China and hope to make friends with you.

Tanja (the Red phone box travels)

Wednesday 12th of July 2017

the travel bookshop has closed? sad! I visited the area during my first trip to London:)

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