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Rue du Commerce Shopping Street in Paris

Last Updated on 11th February 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

One of the more lively and interesting shopping streets that visitors can experience in Paris is rue du Commerce, which is located in the residential 15th arrondissement area of the city. Here’s how to visit rue du Commerce, as well as what to know before you go!

Please note that the street of rue du Commerce should not be confused with the company Rue du Commerce, whose headquarters are based in Saint-Ouen and who specialise in e-commerce.

rue du commerce paris

Those who are looking to venture off the beaten path in Paris will do well to head to the 15e. It’s much quieter and less touristed than nearby neighbourhoods such as the 7th arrondissement but nevertheless retains all of the charm and typical architecture of Haussmannian Paris.

Nearby, one of the best hidden gems of note is the church of Église Saint-Seraphin-de-Sarov. Wooden exterior and beautifully ornate interior, the first church on-site was actually not constructed until the 1930s and was consecrated in 1933. The church is free to visit and is a must-see if you’re in the area.

Eglise Saint-Seraphin-de-Sarov Paris France

A history of rue du Commerce

The name ‘rue du Commerce’ actually dates back to when the road was the main shopping street for the commune of Grenelle. Once upon a time, Grenelle would have been a village in its own right but has since been absorbed into the fabric of Paris proper.

The Parisian road is 650 metres long and is only 18 metres wide, meaning that it’s only one way for car traffic. As of recent re-zoning laws, there’s no park on the street directly. The road is also meant to be semi-pedestrianised. Now, the road runs between boulevard de Grenelle and rue des Entrepreneurs.

rue du commerce paris france

Today, there are over 100 boutiques located along rue du Commerce. Most of the buildings along the 15th arrondissement road were constructed during the 19th-century and there are a number of terrace cafés where you can order a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the sunshine.

While there are many high street brand names, there are also a number of French brands such as Des Petits Hauts and Zapa. There are also several independent grocers such as a fruit and vegetable shop, as well as some Parisian bakeries in the area.

rue du commerce paris guide

Highlights of rue du Commerce

Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle

The church of Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle stands imposing at one end of the rue du Commerce and is particularly lovely to look at come sunset. The church is built in the neo-Classical style and was constructed between 1827 and 1926.

Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle

Square Yvette-Chauviré

Close to the métro station that also bears the name ‘Commerce,’ (and serves line 8 of the Paris métro) the delightful little park of Square Yvette-Chauviré is the perfect place to relax with a coffee or alternatively read a book on a park bench and watch the world go by.

The public park was created in 1873 and is a classic rectangular shape; complete with a central lawn that has a band stand where open-air performances take place during the summertime. Since 2017, the park has been named for a dancer of the National Opera of Paris.

Square Yvette-Chauviré

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