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Mont Tremblant National Park, A Day Trip from Montreal

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A short way away from Montreal (just an hour and a half by car. After all, Canada IS a big country) you’ll find the national park of Mont Tremblant. Set in the Southern Laurentians, it is the second largest national park in Quebec (583 square miles) as well as the oldest. Although Mont Tremblant was only officially recognized as a national park in 2001, it was established in 1895. As a result, a visit to the National Park makes for a beautiful day trip from Montreal; especially for those who want to experience a little bit of Nature.

Of all the reasons to visit Canada, checking out at least one of the country’s extensive National Parks is definitely high on the list! I, fact, the first time I heard of this park was when my aunt and uncle took me on a day hike here; (one hike in a Canadian park and you’ll never want to hike anywhere else again)!  We went on a trek around Lake Monroe as it is close to one of the park gates and the view over Lake Monroe from the top of the trail is incredible!

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Mont Tremblant National Park Day Trip from Montreal

Along the trail, you’ll see lots of baby maple trees etc. As the temperature gets to -40 degrees C in the winter, up to only 1 in 100 of these actually survive to grow into the tree. Don’t believe me about the temperature? The streams anywhere along the trails are actually the result of melted mountain snow and so are freezing cold! There are, however, a number of sandy beaches in the park to go for a quick dip.

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Wildlife You May See in Mont Tremblant Park

In the Quebec Park, you’re likely to stumble upon plenty of wildlife, as well as fascinating plant species. Walk along any of the designated trails throughout the year and you’ll likely spot:

Wolves, Chipmunks (they’re very friendly and will definitely try to steal your food if you’re eating a picnic!), Bears, Moose, Squirrels, Frogs (as it was May, we saw lots of young frogs swimming around the lake!)

Accident prone! #oups

Typical of me, I managed to fall in a muddy puddle a short way into the trail and therefore had to walk barefoot for the majority of the hike! (luckily the trail was under 10 miles). Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of passersby laughing and my aunt pretending not to know me! Here’s one of the most unflattering pictures ever taken of me; my shoes didn’t even survive the washing machine afterwards!


Top tips for visiting Mont Tremblant National Park

Bring Water: I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring bottles of water with you when visiting the park. From May through to September the temperature can get to 30 degrees C+

Purchase Day Pass- $8.50: In order to actually enter the park, you’ll need to purchase a day pass (or longer depending on your needs. You can purchase a pass at any of the gates leading into Mont Tremblant and all money raised is reinvested directly back into the park.

Picnic and extra snacks. I’m a fan of the packed lunch -save money & no fillings you dislike- #bargain

mont tremblant day trip from montreal canada

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