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Mont Tremblant National Park, A Day Trip from Montreal

A short drive away from Montreal (just an hour and a half by car. After all, Canada IS a big country) you’ll find the national park of Mont Tremblant. Set in the Southern Laurentians, it is the second largest national park in Quebec (583 square miles) as well as the oldest.

Although Mont Tremblant was only officially recognised as a national park in 2001, it was established in 1895. As a result, a visit to the National Park makes for a beautiful day trip from Montreal; especially for those who want to experience a little bit of Nature. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best of Mont Tremblant, including what to see and do and travel tips to know before you visit.

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Why visit Mont Tremblant?

It’s worth noting that Mont Tremblant is actually several destinations under one umbrella term. As well as the mountain Mont Tremblant, there is also a National Park of the same name which is home to the mountain. Situated at the base of the mountain itself, there’s the tiny speck of the town of Mt Tremblant, population less than 10,000.

The year-round Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort is a pedestrian village which offers something new for every season and for every taste. Of all the reasons to visit Canada, checking out at least one of the country’s extensive National Parks is definitely high on the list!

In fact, the first time I heard of Mont Tremblant itself park was when my aunt and uncle took me on a day hike here; (one hike in a Canadian park and you’ll never want to hike anywhere else again)!  We went on a trek around Lake Monroe as it is close to one of the park gates and the view over Lake Monroe from the top of the trail was absolutely breathtaking.

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Things to do in Mont Tremblant

If you search for ‘Mont Tremblant’ online, then no doubt that the top activity to do in the park will be shown to be skiing. And while, of course, it is possible to go skiing in the park, there are plenty of other things to do no matter what the weather or season.

Skiing & snowboarding

If you’re visiting Mont Tremblant during the winter, then no doubt you’ll probably want to go skiing or snowboarding at one point or another.

Mont tremblant ski slope

Enjoy the pedestrianised village of Mont Tremblant

Even if you’re not an outdoors person, the village of Mont Tremblant itself welcomes visitors who are looking for a laid back atmosphere. The pedestrianised village is sometimes referred to as the Mont Tremblant Resort Village and boasts cobbled lanes. As its name would suggest, the easiest way to get around the pedestrian village is on foot.

If you’re visiting Mont Tremblant pedestrian village for the first time, then you should know that the settlement offers luxury hotels, dining venues, and even a spa where you can relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of busy every day life.

There are a few essentials to consider when packing for Mont Tremblant pedestrian village; basic ski gear if you’re visiting in the winter. You’ll also need base layers to wear beneath that will keep you both warm and dry. Other essentials include sunscream (the glare of the sun can be particularly bright) and a hat/ gloves.

pedestrianised village of Mont Tremblant

Play golf

As mentioned previously, there are all sorts of sporting activities you can pursue across the year. A summer favourite among Montrealers visiting Mt Tremblant is that there are two golf courses situated within the National Park itself.

The gold courses are open between May and October and are both 18 hole courses which are fairly challenging (due to their location in the foothills of the Laurentian mountains). The 7,056-yard Golf Le Diable and the 6,836-yard Golf le Géant both offer electric buggies, fantastic vistas, and certified CPGA professional staff on hand.

Play golf mont tremblant

Go hiking 

While I personally visited the Canadian National Park during the summer months, hiking is an activity that can be pursued at various times of the year given the right weather conditions (just be sure to dress accordingly).

Mont Tremblant hiking trails vary greatly and so you’ll want to choose carefully based on difficulty. The National Park is sprawling at 580-square-miles and offers all sorts of beautiful views and scenery. I personally love the autumn months when the leaves change golden hues.

In total, when it comes to hiking in Mont Tremblant, there are you’ll find 18 different trails that span over 50 miles. One of the easier trails is that of La Corniche Trail, which still rewards visitors will beautiful views of Lac Monroe.

La Pimbina valley in Mont Tremblant National Park

Hiking on the Via Ferrata Du Diable

A more daredevil form of activity that is popular in Europe but has spread to other parts of the world are those of the ‘via ferratas’. These are protected climbings routes which allow visitors to hike along the side of the mountain thanks to being clipped onto a steel cable. Today, one of the more interesting excursions in Mont Tremblant is to go hiking on the via ferrata du Diable.

Via Ferrata Du Diable

Go zip lining in Mont Tremblant

If you love heights and want to discover Mont Tremblant from a bird’s eye perspective, then you may well want to consider going zip lining during your time in the park. These guided three hour experiences offer the chance to marvel at one of Quebec’s longest zip lines and soak up the beautiful scenery of Mont Tremblant in the process. Check tours and rates here.

Enjoy nature at its finest

Of course, one of the best things about Canada is all of the beautiful nature which is easily accessible, and there are few places in Quebec where this is more apparent than in Mont Tremblant National Park.

Along the various hiking trails, you’ll see lots of baby maple trees etc. As the temperature gets to -40 degrees C in the winter, up to only 1 in 100 of these actually survive to grow into the tree. Don’t believe me about the temperature? The streams anywhere along the trails are actually the result of melted mountain snow and so are freezing cold! There are, however, a number of sandy beaches in the park to go for a quick dip.

Partake in water sports

If getting out onto bodies of water is more your thing, then it’s worth noting that there are a variety of water-based sporting activities you can take part in within Mont Tremblant National Park. Some of the top things to do include kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and boating.

Go cycling

Yet another of the things to do in Mont Tremblant of a sporting nature is to go cycling on the various trails around the park. One of the top highlights when it comes to cycling trails is that of the P’tit Train du Nord, which is the longest trail in Canada and follows 142 miles of an old 20th-century railway line.

How to visit Mont Tremblant National Park Day Trip from Montreal

If you’re running short on time, then you may well consider condensing your visit to Mont Tremblant in order to see the park as a day trip from Montreal. Of all the tips I could give you in this Mont Tremblant travel guide, it would be to make sure to set aside at least a few days to discover the park.

The easiest way to get to the park is by renting a car. Alternatively, you can book a private day tour to the mountain resort and National Park where all of your transport will be taken care of for you. Check rates and prices here.

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Wildlife You May See in the National Park

In the Quebec Park, you’re likely to stumble upon plenty of wildlife, as well as fascinating plant species. In fact, there are 40 species of mammal who call the park home Walk along any of the designated trails throughout the year and you’ll likely spot:

Wolves, Chipmunks (they’re very friendly and will definitely try to steal your food if you’re eating a picnic!), Bears, Moose, Squirrels, Frogs (as it was May, we saw lots of young frogs swimming around the lake!)


Top tips for visiting Mont Tremblant National Park

Bring Water and snacks

I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring bottles of water with you when visiting the park. From May through to September the temperature can get to 30 degrees C+. In order to save money and time when visiting the park as a day trip from Montréal, you may also consider packing your own picnic and snacks.

Purchase a Day Pass- $8.90

In order to actually enter the park, you’ll need to purchase a day pass (or longer depending on your need)s. You can purchase a pass at any of the gates leading into Mont Tremblant and all money raised is reinvested directly back into the park. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual pass in order to access the park multiple times.

Mont-Tremblant during Autumn

FAQ about Mont Tremblant

What is Mont Tremblant known for?

Mont Tremblant is famous for its ski resort, which is in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains on Mont Tremblant itself. With this being said, the National Park offers plenty of other things to do all year round including hiking, water sports and town leisure activities (including one of only four casinos in the province of Quebec).

How many days do you need at Mont Tremblant?

If you’re really short on time but still wish to experience some of the Laurentian Mountains, then you can see the park in one day as a day trip from Montreal. However, if you want to see the best of Mont Tremblant, including its pedestrian village and many outdoor activities, then you’ll want to book to stay at least 4-5 days.

When is the best time to visit Mont Tremblant?

The best time to visit Mt Tremblant is dependant entirely on what you want to do. If you’re more interested in hiking and water sports activities, then heading to the park in the spring, summer or autumn would be best. Conversely, if you’re looking for snow-sports activities like skiing and snowboarding, then you should head to Mt Tremblant during the winter.

What is the language spoken in Mont Tremblant?

Mont Tremblant can be found in the province of Quebec, which is the French-Canadian part of Canada. The language spoken at Mt Tremblant is French Canadian, which is distinctly different from the French spoken in France, notably when it comes to the vocabulary and accents.

With this being said, many people in Quebec, particularly those working in the tourist industry speak a good level of English, though it’s always polite to learn a few words of French to help you get by. ‘Hello,’ ‘Thanks,’ ‘Please,’ and ‘Sorry’ are good places to start.

Mont Tremblant village in autumn time

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