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Paris Apartment Decor: A French Style Guide

Last Updated on 15th May 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

If you’re missing a little bit of French style magic in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Adding a touch of Parisian glam to your personal space never goes amiss and is sure to liven up your living place with chic highlights and beautiful touches. Here’s your ultimate French style guide to Paris apartment decor.

paris apartment tips and styling

How to achieve the perfect Parisian apartment look

Choose simple bed linen

Though you can purchase bed linen in all kinds of colours, styles, and sizes, the French way is to keep it simple yet chic by selecting simple bedding for your bedroom area.

If you want to get a cosy yet boutique hotel feel, then opt for simple white sheets, or perhaps white ones with a simple design. I particularly love all of the bedding from this company and have their sheets on my bed!

If you’re not sure about going so minimal with your style, then you might consider getting plain white sheets with a cute or chic print.

I recently purchased some bed sheets with mini houseplant doodles on them. And at 100% cotton, they’re cosy and comfortable. Check out this company for cute and chic bedding (complete with adorable prints).

Paris apartment style guide: Choose simple bed linen

Less is more

When it comes to minimalism, many Parisians have nailed it down to the core. With many of us residing in such small apartments (when it comes to a studio for a single person, anything over 300 square foot is considered luxurious), most Parisians have managed to pare their belongings down to what is strictly needed.

When styling your own space, consider what you truly love as opposed to keeping something for keeping something’s sake. Even if your personal space is a little larger than the average Parisian’s, you might consider de-cluttering so as to create the illusion of a larger space, and thus a more calm environment.

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Keep your space functional

And while we’re on the subject of minimalism and getting into the mentality of “less is more,” it’s worth noting that one of the most ‘French-inspired’ ways to keep your home in tip-top shape is to keep everything functional.

The key element in making the most of a small or large space is to only have things in your space that actually serve a purpose. And by this, I don’t necessarily mean that it has to be a dishwashing stand or corkscrew opened!

Functionality can also be an item of beauty to admire, such as a painting. Again though, when it comes to decorating your space, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or any visitors by having too much art hanging on the walls or ornaments displayed on your fireplace. Each piece should be chosen to stand out in its own right and for its own particular merits.

wine in paris

Add some plants

Paris is not known for being a particularly ‘green’ city and this has become particularly apparent to many residents of the city when they’ve been confined to small areas of the city, and in many cases, districts of the city which are all but completely void of green spaces.

If you are to take just one style note from Parisians, make it adding a little greenery to your indoor space! And you don’t have to have the greenest fingers to benefit from some indoor houseplants.

Great indoor plants for beginners include Sansevierias, Peace Lilies, Anthuriums, and Monstera Deliciosas (the Swiss Cheese Plants you’ve likely seen posted all over Instagram). If you have pets (and especially cats) then be sure to check if the plants you’re purchasing are non toxic!

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Create a home office space you love to work from

As many of us build up our side hustles, or simply telework from the comfort of our own homes, it’s becoming more important than ever to have a space in your home dedicated to working.

Of all the tips I could give you when it comes to working from home, it would be to separate your relaxation space from your sleeping space.

This way, you’ll find it easier to truly shut off at the end of your work day and truly take a break from work. When it comes to a Paris-inspired workspace, the tips I would give would be similar as for the rest of your apartment. Simple, harmonious, and above all, functional.

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Light fixtures & door handles

As you may be gathering by now, it’s all about the little features, touches, and details when it comes to bringing a little French flair into your indoor space. One way you can do this is by adding chic light fixtures.

When I first moved into my Parisian flat, I was quite surprised by the fact that the light fixtures were all quite glittery and sparkly; a mini chandelier, and two other crystal-lampshades.

Over time, I’ve grown to love these glittery features, particularly as they contrast to the rest of my simple plain decor. When it comes to purchasing your own, I love this, or love this one which is a little bit more modern.

Light fixtures & door handles
Light fixtures & door handles

Gold-gilt mirrors

Just as with the light fixtures, you can add a little bit of glamour into your home without going overboard, as long as you keep the highlights to a minimum.

Spy any photo of a Parisian apartment on Instagram and you’ll likely see a golden mirror or two, all with a vintage feel, such as this one. For fun and unique golden mirrors with an unusual vibe, then I highly recommend going on Etsy (search for gold mirrors on Etsy here).

Gold-gilt mirrors

The power of a little table 

When I was growing up, my parents would always have little tables placed across the living room. Until I lived on my own, I never really understood the draw.

However, small tables are pretty invaluable given that they can easily be moved around, house plants, and add a little bit of chic decor to your home.

In my flat, there’s a mirror top table like this one and a small marble top coffee table like this one, both of which I really love.

Not only are they versatile and helpful for when I want to serve food to guests, but they also add different levels to my apartment, which is particularly helpful if you’re living in a place with low ceilings!

Paris Apartment Decor: A French Style Guide

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