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If there’s one place I could visit again and again, it’s Paris, France. And the best time of the year to visit? Paris in the Spring. Paris may always be a good idea, but it’s especially a good idea in March and April. After a cold, and dreary winter, the city awakes from its state of hibernation and comes to life in a sea of colour, tourists and blue skies.

So lately you’ve been thinking about Paris but not sure when to go? Well, here are a few reasons why you should visit Paris in the Spring (although, of course, there are also plenty more!):

There are fewer Tourists!

The majority of tourists visit Paris in the summer, believing that the weather will be better, and therefore their visit will too. However, although the temperature may be marginally warmer, there will be swarms of people surrounding popular tourist hot spots like the Louvre and Trocadéro. Visiting in the Spring will ensure that you get many of the usual tourist hot spots to yourself!

why you should visit paris in the spring

Spring Blossoms.

If you only need one reason to visit Paris in the spring, then make it spring blossoms. After a leafless winter, the city comes to life and the capital is bursting with colour. Cherry blossoms are everywhere in Paris. From underneath the Eiffel Tower, to the undiscovered parks like Parc Monceau, the city is awash with swathes of pink. And everything is prettier in pink, right?

Green Spaces

While we’re on the subject of florals, it’s worth mentioning that one of the best time to visit the parks that the city has to offer is the spring. Not only are there plenty of cherry blossoms around, but every other variety of greenery really bursts into life come Parisian springtime.

Everything is open!

It’s a little-known fact that many establishments actually close in Paris over the summer period. Each year, for the month of August, many a Parisian pack up shop and head somewhere else, often seeking warmer climates and shelter from the swarms of tourists descending on the city. Visiting Paris in the spring will ensure that everything will be open, and you’ll be able to enjoy haunts like Cafe Oberkampf, without worrying that they’ll be closed.

why you should visit paris in the spring

Cafe Culture

And while we’re talking about cafés, you’ll finally be able to sit out en terrace encore without worrying about frostbite. Paris in the Spring is the best time to enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafés, brasseries and restaurants that fill the city, and spend time people watching (a favourite Parisian pastime)…

Spring Festivals

I think that we can all agree that after a long and dull winter, there’s nothing better than enjoying a musical festival or two with friends! Be sure to check out Paris in the spring so that you don’t miss festivals such as the Paris film festival. Oh, and don’t forget about the Parisian Bread Festival, an annual event held in the parvis de Notre Dame.

Paris in the Spring is the perfect time to take that trip to Paris you’ve been thinking about…

spring in paris

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