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Last Updated on 24th September 2017 by Sophie Nadeau

Situated at the end of RER line B, the Chateau de Sceaux, woods, garden and town at Sceaux are all with a half hour train ride from the centre of Paris.

Everyone has heard of the Chateau at Versailles and the popular alternative, the Chateau at Fontainebleau but fewer have heard of the sizeably smaller Chateau de Sceaux. With less tourists and some amazing photo opportunities, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place for a day trip from Paris than the quaint little town and Chateau de Sceaux.

Chateau de Sceaux

Although there has been a chateau on the grounds since the 15th century, little remains of the original structure. The castle was rebuilt in the mid 18th Century, hence the style of architecture. Within the museums collections, are one of the biggest collections of Parisian school painters (so there are always new exhibitions to see within the chateau). The architecture is absolutely breathtaking and I’ve already revisited the site three times within a shorter amount of months!

If you’re lucky with the weather, there are also a fair few opportunites to take some puddlegrams (if not, create your own by bringing a bottle of water with you)!

chateau de sceaux

Gardens of Sceaux

If landscaped gardens are your thing, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. There are enough fountains, pruned trees and open green spaces to ensure as many different picnic spots as days of the year. Did I mention that the grounds are free to visit?! With a grand canal to rival that of Versailles and access open to cyclists and runners alike, it’s the perfect day out for anyone.


Cherry Orchard (in the spring)

If you are visiting in April, then make sure you keep an eye on Instagram to make sure you arrive at the optimal time to see the cherry blossom orchard that’s located in the grounds of Sceaux in bloom.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but before I moved to France I either barely noticed cherry blossoms or never saw them. This year, however, has been different… I just can’t stop hunting for new trees to photograph (and stare at for long periods of time!)


Exploring the town of Sceaux

If you want to get a feel of a French town without leaving Ile de France, then Sceaux is your town. Filled with quaint litltle patisserie shops, boulangeries, you can wander through the mass of tiny boutiques and little streets for hours.

But my favourite time of the day has got to be when I got a patisserie. Hand on heart, I don’t think that I’ve ever eaten a pastry so good as the chocolate creation I purchased from l’Etoile du Berger. And if you don’t believe me, here’s what happened earlier: I was wandering around the town, trying to find my way to one of the four RER train stops of Sceaux when I asked a local man for directions. His first question to me was; ‘have you tried the bread from l’Etoile de Berger?’ Yes, I think we can all agree it’s the kind of patisserie shop that macaron dreams are made of!

IMG_20160305_192413Day trip to Sceaux from Paris, France: things to do and what to see in Sceaux, Île de France. Châteaux, pastry shop and more.

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  • Madi | Restless Worker
    10th May 2016 at 10:21 pm

    This Chateau looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit one day. I could spend years in France and never feel like I’ve seen enough of it!


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