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These Versailles Bookshops Will Steal Your Heart

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Last Updated on 16th April 2020 by Sophie Nadeau

Best-known for its palatial Château, Versailles is a must-see for many visitors on their first trip to Paris. However, many people make the mistake of simply seeing the Palace and foregoing the rest of the city. But, scratch beneath the surface and you’ll soon discover a thriving French town with a handful of quirky attractions and even its own cathedral. Here are several Versailles bookshops that will steal your heart.

Of course, Versailles is most famous for its sumptuous Château. A once hunting lodge was transformed into a Palatial building complete with landscaped gardens created by none other than André Le Nôtre under the reign of the sun king, i.e. Louis XIV. However, other highlights of the city of Versailles include checking out the independent shopping scene, frequenting the cathedral (which is free to wander around), and enjoying smaller museums such as Musée Lambinet.

Versailles Garden, Ile de France, France

Librairie-Café LA SUITE

Address |  3 Rue Louis le Vau, 78000 Versailles

Though with a slightly smaller book selection than some of the other bookstores listed here, there’s no denying the warm and friendly atmosphere that becomes apparent almost as soon as you step over the threshhold of the bookshop library café in the heart of town.

And so, for those who love their reading material served with a slice of cake (and who doesn’t?), this is one bibliophile’s dream you won’t want to miss on your trip to the city. Best yet, if you wish to co-work in the space, then there is no price for woking with your laptop during the morning (working from your laptops in the afternoon is forbidden!)

Librairie-Café LA SUITE

Au Facteur Cheval

Address | 12 Rue des États Généraux, 78000 Versailles

Though not strictly solely a bookstore, visitors to Au Facteur Cheval will be delighted to discover an array of wonderful antiques, brocante finds (everything from gold gilt mirrors to chipped ceramics are to be found in this treasure trove). Of all the Versailles bookshops, this may well have been my favourite to peruse.

Structured in a similar way to how I imagine Narnia would be if it were to be reimagined as an antique shop, Au Facteur Cheval is set across a wide array of rooms, each offering their own flavour and unique collection of wares for sale. Best of yet, several rooms are completely stuffed full of books and I was particularly happy to stumble upon a large selection of vintage and pre-loved France and Paris travel guides.

Au Facteur Cheval versailles

Gibert Joseph Versailles

Address | 62 Rue de la Paroisse, 78000 Versailles

Of course, while there are many independent bookshops in Versailles, there are also chain shops all vending books. One of the most popular booksellers in France (and particularly in Paris) is that of Gibert Jaune. I particularly like frequenting the shop and checking out their many discounted books. There are often also boxes of discount boxes out the front which are worth browsing through. 

Gibert Joseph Versailles

Le Potager du Livre

Address | 14 Rue de Satory, 78000 Versailles

If you’re looking for an extremely discounted bookshop where you’re never quite sure what you’ll stumble upon the next time you enter, Le Potager du Livre is the place to go. Though the shop is pretty small in size, what it lacks in space it more than makes up for in the sheer number of bargains on offer. With many art, reference and coffee books, you can often find books which were once €30 reduced to just €10!

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  • Audrey
    18th April 2020 at 4:20 pm

    If one wants to make the most of Versailles, in my opinion, you need to have at least an overnight. It takes a full day to visit the Château and its garden. The city is indeed visit-worthy, but to see it all, I think one must plan at least 2 days!


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