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A Guide to the Best of Torre Chianca, Lecce, Puglia

Torre Chianca is located along the Adriatic coastline in the ‘heel’ of the boot region of Puglia, Southern Italy. A sleepy town with little by way of attractions, the Italian settlement is surrounded by a sea of dusty olive groves and is around 15 KM away from the Baroque city of Lecce. Here’s your guide to the best of Torre Chianca.

Editor’s note: Please note that there are actually two places in Puglia named Torre Chianca. While one is on the Adriatic coastline (i.e. the one I’ll be discussing within this article), the other Torre Chianca is on the Ionian side of Puglia and seems to be a little more touristic and popular for visits.

A Guide to the Best of Torre Chianca, Lecce, Puglia

Maluha Bay Beach

Hands down, one of the best and most popular things to do in Torre Chianca is to head to the beach. Before heading to Puglia, you should note that most sandy beaches (with a few notable exceptions) are ‘club only’ lido beaches, which means that you’ll have to pay for access to the beach.

Maluha Bay beach is one of the most popular sandy stretches in Torre Chianca. As well as sun loungers that you can rent, it’s possible to purchase cold beers, snacks, and ice creams on site. Further down the coastline, locals swim off the rocky beaches that flank either side of Torre Chianca.

Bar La Torre

Though you shouldn’t necessarily head to Torre Chianca with the expectation of having the best Puglian food, there are a few food options for those looking for a light lunch or dinner. During our stay in town, we had a simple light lunch of local pasta (I sampled the orechiette – little ears pasta) and cold beers at Bar La Torre.

The best part about the bar/ eatery is that it overlooks the sand dunes and waves beyond. Nearby, there’s a small free beach which you can relax on. Just be sure to bring your own towels and chairs as there are none available for rental on the beach.

Bar La Torre Torre Chianca

Tower of Torre Chianca

Of course, with a name like ‘Torre Chianca,’ it should come as no surprise that there’s an imposing tower which overlooks the aquamarine sea on the fringes of town.

All that’s left of the 16th-century tower today is the square base of a coastal watch tower. This historical landmark is pretty special thanks to the fact that it’s one of only a handful remaining in the province of Lecce today.

Masseria Gelsi

During a recent Summer road trip to Puglia with my boyfriend, we opted to spend the first few nights of our Italy visit staying in a traditional ‘Masseria’ (known as masserie in the plural). For those unfamiliar with the term, a ‘masseria’ is a fortified farm house which lies on its own estate and many date back to the 16th-century.

As such, they offer a relaxing and laid-back experience. Usually, you’ll be sharing a pool with just a handful of other guests and breakfast will be provided. Though a little more expensive than some other Puglia accommodation options, staying in a masseria in a unique Puglia experience that I couldn’t recommend more.

Masseria Gelsi is around a ten-minute drive away from the heart of Torre Chianca. While the room itself was okay (we didn’t find it to be exceptional), the ambiance and location of the property was simply breathtaking.

From being able to sip on cool beers in the evening by the pool to waking up in a property surrounded by giant cacti, it was certainly a stay to remember. Find more details here.

masseria gelsi

How to get to Torre Chianca

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Due to the limited amount of public transport around Puglia, the best way to get to Torre Chianca is by car. If you’re looking to rent your own vehicle, then I highly recommend taking a smaller car (such as a Fiat 500) as the roads can be quite narrow in places and a smaller car will allow you to squeeze into smaller parking spots (a must in places like Lecce with reduced parking spaces).

The closes city to Torre Chianca is that of Lecce, which is most famous cities in Apulia thanks to its beautiful Baroque architecture. The distance between Lecce and Torre Chianca is around 15 km and takes around twenty-five minutes to drive.

torre chianca beach

If you’re looking for even more inspiration about the boot-shaped country, then be sure to check out our best travel quotes about Italy. And if you need to know more information before heading to the South of Europe, check out our top Italy travel tips.

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A Guide to the Best of Torre Chianca, Lecce, Puglia italy

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