A Quick Guide to the Best Things to do in Larochette

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A quaint village with just several hundred residents and a wider population of just over a thousand, Larochette is flanked on both sides by the ruins of castles dating back to the middle ages, a stark reminder of the community’s rich past. Surrounded by leafy green trees and filled with plenty of traditional Luxembourgish architecture as well as local nature walks, here’s a quick guide to the very best things to do in Larochette!

Known as Fiels in Luxembourgish and as Fels in German, Larcohette can be found in the very heart of the landlocked country. The history of the village dates all the way back to at least the 12th-century, i.e. when the Château was first constructed. 

Château de Larochette

Hiking & Mullerthal Trail

Of all the reasons to head to Larochette, hiking and getting closer to nature is number one. The nearby Mullerthal Trail is one of the most famous in the Grand Duchy and is best attempted on a sunny day when the weather is warm(ish) and the light is at its very best. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a camera along- you’ll certainly need both.

Manzenbach Viewpoint

Located along the trail connecting the (now privately owned) castle of Meysembourg to Larochette and the former Roman campsite of Aalburg, the breathtaking panoramic viewing point of Mazenbach is situated along the Mullerthal trail is well worth the hike to reach it! Meysembourg castle itself sits around 2 km south-west of Larochette and is constructed in the Neo-Classical style, though fortifications have sat on site since at least the 12th-century.

Meysembourg Castle, 1891, luxembourg

Meysembourg Castle, 1891, Luxembourg

Mullerthal Trail

The most famous of Luxembourgish hiking trails, Mullerthal encompasses 112 km worth of hiking paths through Luxembourg’s ‘Little Switzerland Region’ and is perfect for those who like to experience history and nature simultaneously.

Those who wish to learn more about the Roman history of Luxembourg would do well heading to the nearby town of Echternach where there’s one of the most important Roman Villas in this part of Europe to be explored.

A quick guide to the best things to do in Larochette, a market town in Luxembourg, Europe

Château de Larochette

Larochette is not home to just one, but two castles! Both date back to the 12th-century, though the larger of the two has since been partially rebuilt and is now the village’s main tourist attraction. While the smaller château is free to visit and offers great views onto the town stretching out below, the larger of the two, ‘Château de Larochette’ is best visited in the summer months.

This is owing to the fact that most of the things to see once there are outdoors. The Château is a particular must-see if you’re a fan of middle ages history and ancient ruins. Within the castle’s grounds, there’s also a fragrant flower garden to wander around, and while there be sure to pick up an ice cream at the castle café!

A quick guide to the best things to do in Larochette, a market town in Luxembourg, Europe

Larochette Village

If you’re looking to soak up a traditional Luxembourgish settlement, taste some local food in one of the town’s cafés, and see some pretty streets, then one of the best things to do once in the settlement of Larochette is simply to wander around the town and see where your feet take you.

After all, there are cobbled lanes, candy-coloured houses, and in the very heart of the village, there’s a medieval square. The 18th-century former town hall, the Manoir Roebé, now houses the tourism office.

Open in high season, there it’s possible to learn more information about the region, as well as pick up some hiking trail leaflets. Elsewhere in Larochette, you’ll find an old washing station which dates back centuries.

A quick guide to the best things to do in Larochette, a market town in Luxembourg, Europe

Musée de L’Industrie

Not far from the bus stop that has a regular service that will whisk you to nearby fairytale castles such as those of Beaufort, and the oldest town in Luxembourg, that of Echternach there’s a single museum. The Industry Museum houses several old machines and other industrial equipment.

Located in the former goods hall of the Larochette Railway Station, it’s well worth checking out while passing through the cobbled lanes on your way to the hiking trails or town castles (though it does not necessarily merit a visit in of itself).

A quick guide to the best things to do in Larochette, a market town in Luxembourg, Europe

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Luxembourg Europe/ A Quick Guide to the Best Things to do in Larochette

A quick guide to the best things to do in Larochette, a market town in Luxembourg, Europe. Two 12th-century castles, hiking trails, and plenty of cobbled lanes!

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