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A Guide to the Best Things to do in Medieval Vianden

Last Updated on 18th August 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

A fairytale castle towers above a glistening river and quaint little town. This is Vianden, a gem of a place in the North of Luxembourg. Known as ‘Veianen’ in Luxembourgish, Vianden is located in the Diekirch region of Luxembourg and was once home to Victor Hugo and ancestors of William of Orange.

Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: best viewpoint

Situated close to the German border, the town is most famous for the impressive castle which dominates the mountainside and is popular with both tourists and locals alike.

This is not only because of the fairytale nature of the town but also because the region surrounding Vianden is populated by green walking trails and plenty of mountainside hiking. There are also plenty of camping and cycling opportunities in the surrounding countryside.

Vianden travel guide: Here's your ultimate itinerary for why you must visit Vianden, the fairytale town of Northern Luxembourg, Europe (what to do an see in Vianden)

A history of Vianden

The area surrounding Vianden has been settled since at least Gallo-Roman times. Where the castle now stands was probably a Roman Castellum and is often the case with such fortifications, a town sprung up above the Our River below.

The town’s original name was Viennensis and the first reference to it was in 698 when the vineyard of ‘Monte Viennense‘ was gifted to the abbey at Echternach (the town surrounding the abbey remains the oldest settlement in Luxembourg to this day).

Over the years, the town became known for its various skilled workers and the industries they worked in. The most prevalent of which was leathermaking.

Vianden remained known for its tanneries right up until the 1950s. You may also recognize the town’s name because it was the last place in Luxembourg to be liberated from the Germans during the Second World War.

Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: Vianden Castle Interior
Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: best viewpoint

Best things to do in Vianden

#1 Vianden Castle

Situated to the North of Luxembourg, Vianden is one of the largest castles lying alongside the river Rhine. It is also one of the best castles in Luxembourg. The site was once home to a Roman ‘Castellum’ and was probably used as a Carolingian refuge during the 9th-Century.

From the 11th-Century, details of the first Count of Vianden emerged. The Counts of Vianden were some of the most powerful nobility in the Rhine area, and as such formed one of the largest castles.

These counts had a large sway over the German Court and were some of the most powerful men in the area. It was from this point for which we have the most information on Vianden.

Over the years, the castle was then home to various nobles and royals. In the 17th-Century, a Renaissance home was added to the castle, keeping it up to date with the current trends of the era.

The castle remained flourishing for the decades that followed. However, by 1820, the castle had fallen into ruin, poor management the leading cause. Fire and many of the counts fleeing to start afresh in the Netherlands were also factors in the downfall of the castle.

In the late 19th-Century, the castle was finally restored to its former glory, albeit with some Gothic additions. Today you can visit both inside and out of the heavily restored castle, though I much preferred the exterior to the cool, dark interior.

That being said, much of the original castle is still standing, including the 12th-Century chapel and many of the original outdoor balconies. Purchase your Vianden castle ticket here in advance.

Vianden Castle Ruins
The ruins of Vianden Castle, circa 1834, Via Wikimedia
Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: castle
Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: vianden castle
Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: looking up at the castle

#2 Vianden Town

From the top of the viewpoint next to the Chairlift, you’ll see the quaint town of Vianden stretching out below. Candy coloured houses, narrow winding lanes, and architecture that is reminiscent of much of the rest of the country.

There are numerous cafés, shops and brasseries to be found dotted around the town. There are also various medieval churches, and the chance to stroll along the sparkling River Our.

Many of the main bars in the town are focused along the main stretch of the street along the river. Offering views up to the castle, these bars are the perfect place to relax with a local beer, or enjoy a cool ice cream.

Just outside the town, you’ll find the restored remains of the city ramparts. Once upon a time, when sieges were commonplace throughout Europe, the entire town would have been fortified. The ramparts offer views over the town and a place to escape the busy streets below.

Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: cobbled lane
Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: Wandering the fairytale streets of Vianden

#3 Musée Littéraire ‘Victor Hugo’, Victor Hugo and the French Connection

Victor Hugo, the author of Les Misérables and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, may have been French, but he absolutely loved Luxembourg.

Hugo loved the town of Vianden so much that he was an early proponent for tourism in the local area. He stayed in the town on numerous occasions between 1862 and 1871 and recorded these visits in sketches, songs and plenty of writing.

The house where he stayed whilst in Vianden is now a museum dedicated to the great author. Here you can find manuscripts, sketches penned by the author himself and plenty of other history, just waiting to be discovered. The address for the Victor Hugo House is Musée littéraire Victor Hugo, 37, rue de la Gare.

Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: river

#4 National Military Museum of Vianden

For the history buffs, there is perhaps no Vianden attraction quite as informative as the museum of military exhibits. Featuring a space of over 3000 metres squared, there’s military uniforms, equipment, weapons, and more army paraphernalia.

#5 Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Vianden

If you want to learn a little more about the history of the town and its surrounding area, then the town museum presents the story of the town. Open from Tuesday through to Sunday, this well-reviewed museum is housed within a historic building in the very heart of the city.

#6 Take the Vianden Chair Lift

I’ve always said that one of the best ways to see a city or town is from above… And Vianden is no exception! If you don’t feel like hiking up to where the chairlift ends (and I don’t blame you, the hike is rocky and strenuous), then taking the chairlift up to the top is a great alternative.

From the top viewing platform, you can get some of the best views of the castle the town has to offer. It’s also possible to see the little houses and people moving on the streets below.

Hundreds of meters up, they look like little ants and the view is really quite spectacular. Close to the chairlift viewing platform, you’ll also find washroom facilities and a small café serving light refreshments and cool drinks.

Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: on the chairlift
Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: chairlife

#7 Explore Vianden on Foot

The easiest way to navigate the small lanes and cobbled alleys of Vianden is by foot. The narrow nature of the streets makes it hard to navigate by car or even bike. The rough stones and crevices that are common on the roads, mean that I highly suggest wearing strong and sturdy footwear!

Guide to Vianden, Luxembourg: Things to do and what to see and visit: little streets

When is the best time to visit Vianden?

Truth be told, the best time to visit the quaint city of Vianden is easily in the summer months when the weather is warm and the days are long. This way, you’ll get to photograph the castle at its very best (i.e. with the sun streaming in and surrounded by greenery) and everything in town will actually be open!

For such a tourist hot spot and Luxembourg must-see, Vianden is surprisingly hard to get to by public transportation. While a car ride from the city to Vianden takes around forty-five minutes (check car rental prices here in advance), in order to reach Vianden by other means, you’ll need to take a train and then a bus. Alternatively, you can book your visit from Luxembourg City to Vianden ahead of time here.

Luxembourg Pass Review

If you’re planning to see and do multiple activities while in Luxembourg, then I can’t recommend the Luxembourg Card enough. (You can purchase it on the Visit Luxembourg Website Here.)

If you’re in Luxembourg City, the cards can be purchased at the tourist office. (Address:30 Place Guillaume II, 1648 Luxembourg). The chairlift and Castle are both free to visit with the pass.

Where to stay in Vianden

If you’re looking to stay a little off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle of life in Luxembourg City, then you can stay in Vianden. Here are some of the best places to stay in Vianden based on web-reviews and loction:

Budget- Youth Hostel: This laid back hostel is only a few minutes walk from Vianden Castle and amenities include shared rooms as well as private rooms for an extra fee. There’s a restaurant and lounge onsite. Check prices and availability here.

Mid-range- Hotel Heintz: This cosy three-star hotel has highlights such as a bike storage and a country-style bar and a warmly decorated lounge. Some rooms have balconies. Check prices and availability here.

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A Guide to Vianden- A restored medieval Castle above a fairytale Town in Northern Luxembourg. Things to do, what to see and a history of Vianden.

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