A Brief Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town

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Inhabited since Roman times and complete with a village vibe, it doesn’t get much more Provençal than Cassis. Nestled along the Mediterranean coastline, somewhere between the city port of Marseille and the sleepy town of La Ciotat, Cassis is not only the French word for ‘blackcurrant,’ but the name of a town worth visiting during any length of excursion to the region.  Here’s a brief guide to the very best things to do in Cassis!

Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town, Provence, France

Cassis Port (Port de Cassis)

The pretty as a postcard port of Cassis is lined with candy coloured houses reflected back in the salty Mediterranean sea. One of the very best things to do in Cassis is to purchase an ice cream (lavender is a locally grown, not to mention incredibly delicious, flavour), wander around the moored boats, and imagine what life must have been like in the fishing port some two and a half thousand years ago- i.e. when Cassis was first founded by the Ligures.

Several hundred years following its foundation, the Roman Emperor Antonius Pius, established the town along a major trade route. Trade took place with North Africa and the Middle East and fishing remained a vital part of the economy, just as it retains its important value in Cassis today.

Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town, Provence, France

Les Plages (the beaches)

In comparison to nearby cities and towns such as Marseille or La Ciotat, Cassis is certainly lacking in the expansive golden stretches that are so synonymous with the region. Instead, there’s a tiny beach not far from the port, as well as several other small inlets dotted around the fringes of the town.

If you’re wanting to experience the magic of a Mediterranean beach, then I highly recommend lacing up your walking boots and hiking through the Calanques de Cassis in search of some of the beaches which make the National Park so spectacular. Should you opt to visit Cassis in the summer months, then it’s worth bearing in mind that the Calanques will likely be closed due to fire hazards and so you’ll have to put your dreams of visiting a picturesque beach on hold for another day!

Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town

Sample some local food & Drink

As its name would suggest, Cassis is best-known for Creme de Cassis, a sweet liqueur created from blackcurrants. While it’s not to everyone’s taste, the liqueur is well-known for its use in the popular French cocktail of ‘kir’. That is to say wine mixed with a small amount of cassis liqueur. Heavenly!

If you’re a meat eater, then it won’t have escaped your notice that Cassis is by the sea and so a sea-inspired menu in most of the town’s many eateries is clearly on the cards. Local catches often include sea bass, galinettes (tub gurnard), and conger eels. A small fish market is held in town on a weekly basis.

Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town

Wander around the rest of Cassis (cobbled lanes and all!)

When it comes to the Provencal settlement, there’s not just the harbour and seafront to explore. Instead, like most other Southern French towns, there’s a whole maze of small alleyways and a smattering of shuttered façades to get lost amongst in the form of an old town. Located a little way back from the salty sea breeze of the port, tightly packed streets date back decades, if not centuries, and are best explored over the course of an afternoon.

Sun soaked streets in Cassis

Marvel at the Middle Ages Château

Dating all the way back to the 13th-century and once inhabited by the Carolingians, Chateau de Cassis is now a private hotel and not open to the public. However, due to its precariously perched position atop a steep sea cliff and overlooking the rest of the town and the glittering mediterranean sea, the fortifications can easily be viewed from the Cassis Port. Known locally as ‘Castum Carcisis’, a castle has been located on site since at least the 9th-century.

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Château de Cassis, Carolingian Castle in Provence, Southern France

Hike the Calanques de Cassis

One of the most beautiful National Parks to be found anywhere in France is located right here, on the fringes of Cassis. If you’re a fan of adventure activities, or simply want to soak up some nature a little off the beaten tourist track, then hiking in the Calanques is the perfect introduction to the French Countryside. Characterised by their limestone appearance, the rock has been worn away over millennia to create little inlets and coves which are now home to sandy beaches and secret spots.

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Adventure in Provence, Southern France: hiking the calanques de Cassis in a National Park: girl admiring the view

Admire Cap Canaille

To the other end of the city from the Calanques de Cassis, the highest sea cliff in all of France can be found in the form of Cap Canaille. Located on the side of coastline which stretches towards La Ciotat, the headland is best viewed from the West of Cassis, where a small beach makes for the perfect picnic spot. Standing at 394 metres tall, the sea cliff’s name in Provencal is ‘Cap Nio’.

Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town

When’s the best time to visit Cassis?

While the pretty French port is always well worth a visit, you should definitely plan your trip around the weather and crowds. After all, both swell in peak season (ie in the summer months). This means that if you want to make the most of your visit while in the warm weather and while the sun is shining down, yet still manage to avoid the crowds, then your best bet is to visit just before or just after high season.

Cassis flowers

Where to stay in Cassis

Home to countless little lanes and pretty port side houses, there’s no shortage of stunning places to stay in Cassis. In order to make the most of your stay, I recommend planning to stay in the town for at least one or two nights, so as to truly soak up the charm of this Provençal port. Here’s some of the best accommodation this town has to offer:

Le Clos des Arômes: Situated in the very heart of the port town, this well-reviewed hotel has free WiFi, a bar, and restaurant.

Château de Cassis: For those looking for a little luxury, the Château de Cassis can be found overlooking the city, occupying a space where a Roman military fort once stood.

Best things to do in Cassis, a stunning town in Provence, France

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Guide to the Best Things to do in Cassis, A Stunning Provençal Town, Provence, France (hiking, beaches, coastal port, small market town)

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