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cafe kitsune review
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The smell of coffee continuously wafts out of the quirky Cafe Kitsune storefront. To be honest, that alone is enough to get me through the front door (and buying a drink)! Located in the chic Palais Royal, a visit to Cafe Kitsune is not only about the taste of the coffee, but an experience in itself.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the best brunch spot in Paris (aka Café Oberkampf). Today, it’s all about finding the best coffee around the city! Or, at the very least, the best matcha latté!

So, having lost track of the number of rave reviews I’ve heard about CAFÉ KITSUNÉ, I decided that it was time for me to go and try one of their iconic matcha lattés for myself! Tucked right in the very heart of the 17th-century square that is Palais Royal, Café Kitsuné is a mere stone’s throw away from the metro stations of Pyramides and Bourse.

What is a matcha latté, anyway?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! I had to do a little bit of research about this as well before visiting Café Kitsuné! For those not in the know, matcha is a special form of green tea. This means that a matcha latté is actually a tea beverage rather than a coffee one. Who knew?! When you drink a matcha drink, you’re drinking the finely ground tea leaves. However, if you have caffeine intolerances, don’t be fooled by the term ‘tea’. Matcha infusions can have as much as 3 times the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of tea!

Right, okay. But what is visiting Cafe Kitsune actually like?

If you’re already a fan of the company’s popular clothing brand, Maison Kitsune, then the store has similar vibes. Filled with boutique items such as branded coffee cups and iPhone cases, there are also gluten free sweets on offer. You can choose to sit inside at their cute coffee bar or you can opt for takeaway. Considering that Cafe Kistune sits in the very centre of the cutest park in Paris, it would be a crime not to get a takeaway, sit outside and enjoy Parisian life!

The temperature on the day I visited the cafe was soaring somewhere over 20 degrees celsius. When asked if I wanted my matcha latte hot or cold, there really wasn’t any other option than to go chilled!

Although I have to admit that I’m a massive fan of calorifically deficient caramel concoctions, the chilled matcha latté was pretty tasty and I wouldn’t mind returning for the chilled beverage…

cafe kitsune review paris

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  • Reply
    Christine Tatum
    20th October 2016 at 6:00 pm

    Love Matcha! Thanks for the review! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Reply
    20th October 2016 at 5:40 pm

    This cafe is on my list for my next visit to Paris! I hope it will be very soon!

  • Reply
    the adventurer
    20th October 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Great review! I love drinking matcha, especially when I don’t want a late afternoon coffee =o)

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