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Rouen (pronounced Rewon) is the capital of the Normandy region of France. And the city’s pride and jewel? Rouen Cathedral, once the tallest building in the World.

The Rouen Cathedral spire circles up into the air to a height of over 150m. Iconic domes tower up above the town of Rouen and intricate carvings cover the Cathedral like intricate lace, making the Cathedral one of the most impressive examples of Gothic architecture in France, if not the world.

Built between 1030 and 1880, William the Conqueror was present at its consecration. Yep, William the Conqueror, that guy who conquered England in 1066 and commissioned the Magna Carta in 1085. Rouen cathedral also happens to be the final resting place of Richard the Lionheart as he also reigned as Duke of Normandy during his lifetime. His Grandfather, Rollo, was a prominent Viking leader who was also baptized and buried here, Oh, and the Cathedral also happens to house some of my boyfriend’s ancestors are buried in the Cathedral too (apparently- we didn’t have time to check the entire Cathedral for evidence on our brief visit).

Rouen Cathedral Architecture and the Cathedral’s importance in Medieval France

The cathedral includes two prominent towers; Tour de Beurre (literally ‘butter tower‘) and Tour Saint-Romain (four centuries older than the Tour de Beurre). Within these two towers are 70 bells, the heaviest weighing  Although it was once the world’s tallest building, stealing the crown from Strasbourg Cathedral, the cathedral only managed to keep the title for a mere four years. From that point on, the cathedral was swiftly overtaken by Cologne.

Like many other cathedrals and basilicas throughout Europe (including the Sacré-Coeur in Paris), the Cathedral is actually built on the site of a previously existing church. Originally founded sometime during the 4th Century, the original church was eventually destroyed by Viking raids in the 9th Century.

In more recent years, the beautiful exterior and interior of Roue Cathedral have inspired writers and artists alike. Some of the greatest painters of the 20th Century made the cathedral their muse; these include the artist Monet and the author, Ruskin.

rouen cathedral interiorThe interior of the Cathedral is an impressive feat of gothic style engineering. In a time prior to electricity and modern day machinery, the vaulted ceiling supported spires that were once the highest in the world.

rouen cathedral in the daytimerouen cathedral exteriorrouen cathedral exterior

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    […] it started being used as payment for taxes, fines, and rents. The magnificent Tour de Beurre of Rouen Cathedral was financed by the tithes paid so that people could eat butter during Lent, and butter was so […]

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