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A guide to finding wisteria in London England
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Wander through the boroughs of Chelsea and Kensington with no plan. Simply head where your feet take you. Meander through the streets with no purpose, stopping every once in a while to admire your surroundings. Hunt for hidden spots and secret photography locations. Look for where the crowds are not. I can guarantee you that on your stroll you’ll stumble at least one or two London mews streets.

After all, throughout London, there’s a smattering of secret alleyways, cobbled passages and tiny streets hidden in plain sight, just waiting to be explored. Collectively, these off the beaten path spots are known as the ‘mews’ of London. Cobbled and cute, they’re easily some of the prettiest streets the city has to offer and so you most definitely won’t want to miss them on a trip to the capital. So here’s your guide to finding the very best of London mews streets. Dream house inspiration, here we come…

Cobbled and cute, the mews streets easily some of the prettiest streets the city has to offer and so you most definitely won’t want to miss them on a trip to the capital. So here’s your guide to finding the very best of London mews streets. Dream house inspiration, here we come…

Beautiful Mews Streets in London, lanes, and roads you need to walk down in London, England, UK. Here's your complete guide to the best of London beautiful streets, as well as where to find them!

#1 Kynance Mews

Kynance Mews is one of the most famous London Mews streets for good reason. It’s easily one of the prettiest. Just one meander down this mews and you’ll easily see why the cobbled lane is popular with locals and tourists alike!

Like many of the London Mews, Kynance Mews was first established in the 19th century and is now one of the most sought-after places to live in the city. Just one small sign bearing the postcode ‘SW7’ is your only reminder you’re still in Zone 1. But you could easily pretend you’re strolling through a quintessentially British village… Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station.

Best London Mews Streets: Kynance Mews

#2 Bathurst Mews

Love horses? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Bathurst Mews is located just a quick five-minute walk from Paddington Station and filled with ivy-clad houses. Secluded and secret, this little London side street also happens to be one of the last remaining mews streets to continue operations under its original purpose: as a place to house horses. The street remains home to a stable school and equestrian business to this day. Near: Paddington Tube Station.

Prettiest London Mews Streets: Bathurst Mews

#3 Cornwall Mews South

Pretty in pink and all other manner of pastels, Cornwall Mews South easily makes the list of the best streets to wander along in London. All cobbled lane and flower pots lining the houses, you could easily spend hours getting lost down this little tiny lane- if only to snap a few photos. Head here if you really want to escape the crowds of London, and if you want to head to a less popular mews street. Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station.

Cornwall Mews South

#4 Holland Park Mews

Make your way to Holland Park Mews if you’re seeking a quirky little mews street that’s a little different from all of the rest. For, along this cute little street, you’ll find that nearly all of the houses have an outdoor staircase leading up to the second storey of the house- a real rarity among mews accommodation! Near: Holland Park Tube Station.

Holland Park Mews

#5 Ensor Mews

Not only is Ensor Mews one of the prettiest streets in London, it’s also one of the best spots to see wisteria in London when it comes to the purple season around the beginning of May. Located in the very heart of Chelsea, central London, surrounding this mews you’ll find plenty of other pretty streets and photograph-worthy locations. Near: South Kensington Tube Station.

Ensor Mews: Best mews streets in London you have to visit!

#6 St Luke’s Mews

So iconic are the houses along St Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill, that one of the pretty little houses was selected to be used as Keira Knightley’s house in the hit film Love Actually. As such, this mews street is a little more popular than other streets, though it’s still worth a wander along! St Luke’s Mews is also situated very close to Portobello Road, Biscuiteers (one of the cutest cafés in London) and plenty of Notting Hill filming locationsNear: Westbourne Park Tube Station.

london in spring

#7 Redcliffe Mews

Right in the very heart of Kensington, Redcliffe Mews is within walking distance of plenty of Kensington attractions. Nearby, you’ll find the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, as well as the Victoria and Albert Museum.

And at just a ten minute walk away, Hyde Park isn’t far either! Redcliffe Mews is much less popular than mews streets like that of St Luke’s, so you’ll find fewer tourists and a quieter atmosphere. Near: West Brompton Tube Station.

redcliffe mews, london

#8 Adam and Eve Mews

Adam and Eve Mews is a quirky name for a quirky mews street. Situated near High Street Kensington Tube station, come springtime, head to the Adam and Eve Mews to see some of the prettiest spring flowers in the entire city. Nearby, you’ll find the hidden gem that is the Kensington Roof Gardens– a green oasis in the heart of the city. Near: High Street Kensington Tube Station

london in the spring

Mews Houses and a History of the Mews Streets

Of all the properties in London (of which there are many), there’s no denying that the Mews Houses are some of the prettiest and most popular in the London property market. Their charm and quiet mean that they’re now some of the most sought-after accommodation in central London and even trying to find a rental along a mew street can be a challenge.

However, it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, Mews Streets were constructed as a place to house horses and stables for an era when London ran on horsepower. The majority of mews streets date back to the Victorian era in the 19th Century.

During this time, the base of the houses were used as stables, while the upper floor would have contained a small flat for the groom. With the exception of a few houses along Bathurst Mews, nearly all Mews properties have been converted into two-storey dwellings.

elm place: a guide to finding wisteria blossom in london England

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8 prettiest and very best mews streets in London, England!The very best and prettiest London mews streets you'll wand to meander along in London, England.A complete guide and itinerary to the prettiest and best London Mews Streets in London, England!

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