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30+ Prettiest London Mews Streets You’ll Love to Visit!

Last Updated on 10th February 2024 by Sophie Nadeau

Hunt for hidden spots and secret photography locations. Look for where the crowds are not. I can guarantee you that on your stroll you’ll stumble at least one or two London mews streets.

Wander through the boroughs of Chelsea and Kensington with no plan. Simply head where your feet take you. Meander through the streets with no purpose, stopping every once in a while to admire your surroundings.

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What are London mews streets?

After all, throughout London, there’s a smattering of secret alleyways, cobbled passages and tiny streets hidden in plain sight, just waiting to be explored. Collectively, these off the beaten path spots are known as the ‘mews’ of London.

Cobbled and cute, they’re easily some of the prettiest streets the city has to offer and so you most definitely won’t want to miss them on a trip to the capital. So here’s your guide to finding the very best of London mews streets. Dream house inspiration, here we come…

Cobbled and cute, the mews streets easily some of the prettiest streets the city has to offer, not to mention some of the best free attractions in London, and so you most definitely won’t want to miss them on a trip to the capital. So here’s your guide to finding the very best of London mews streets. Dream house inspiration, here we come…

Beautiful Mews Streets in London, lanes, and roads you need to walk down in London, England, UK. Here's your complete guide to the best of London beautiful streets, as well as where to find them!

A Brief History of the London Mews Streets

Of all the properties in London (of which there are many), there’s no denying that the Mews Houses are some of the prettiest and most popular in the London property market.

Their charm and quiet mean that they’re now some of the most sought-after accommodation in central London and even trying to find a rental along a mew street can be a challenge.

However, it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, Mews Streets were constructed as a place to house horses and stables for an era when London ran on horsepower. The majority of mews streets date back to the Victorian era in the 19th Century.

During this time, the base of the houses were used as stables, while the upper floor would have contained a small flat for the groom. With the exception of a few houses along Bathurst Mews, nearly all Mews properties have been converted into two-storey dwellings.

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Best London Mews Streets

#1 Colville Mews

Near: Ladbroke Grove Station

Located in the Notting Hill district of the city, Colville Mews can be accessed via an archway just off Lonsdale Road. All cobbled lanes and painted façades, the mews was once used to house the horses that would have powered transportation across the city.

Today, the Mews is still primarily used for commercial purposes, and a variety of boutique and independent shops can now be found there.

#2 Kynance Mews

Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station

Kynance Mews is one of the most famous London Mews streets for good reason. It’s easily one of the prettiest. Just one meander down this mews and you’ll easily see why the cobbled lane is popular with locals and tourists alike!

Like many of the London Mews, Kynance Mews was first established in the 19th century and is now one of the most sought-after places to live in the city.

Just one small sign bearing the postcode ‘SW7’ is your only reminder you’re still in Zone 1. But you could easily pretend you’re strolling through a quintessentially British village…

Best London Mews Streets: Kynance Mews

#3 Warren Mews

Near: Great Portland Street

Located in Fitzrovia and easily one of the most Instagrammable spots in London, you may well recognise Warren Mews thanks to its appearance on several book jackets over the past few years.

Visit today and you can expect to find a cobbled lane with several painted houses. Historically, this is one of the most famous mews streets in London thanks to the Profumo Affair, a 1960s scandal which involved the then-Secretary of State.

#4 Bathurst Mews

Near: Paddington Tube Station

Love horses? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Bathurst Mews is located just a quick five-minute walk from Paddington Station and filled with ivy-clad houses. Secluded and secret, this little London side street also happens to be one of the last remaining mews streets to continue operations under its original purpose: as a place to house horses. The street remains home to a stable school and equestrian business to this day.

Prettiest London Mews Streets: Bathurst Mews

#5 Cresswell Place Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

Once home to world-famous crime writer, Agatha Christie (No. 22 was the novelist’s abode if you were curious!), today Creswell Mews Place is a welcome oasis of calm and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

So inspirational was the pretty London street to Christie, that she even set the short story Murder in the Mews (1937) along the street.

#6 Cornwall Mews South

Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station

Pretty in pink and all other manner of pastels, Cornwall Mews South easily makes the list of the best streets to wander along in London.

All cobbled lane and flower pots lining the houses, you could easily spend hours getting lost down this little tiny lane- if only to snap a few photos. Head here if you really want to escape the crowds of London, and if you want to head to a less popular mews street.

Cornwall Mews South

#7 Ennismore Gardens Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

Easily one of the most beautiful streets in London, don’t let the name of this enclave fool you. Though Ennismore may be named ‘gardens,’ the street is actually a mews street characterised by its two storey buildings, cobbled street, and pretty façades.

#8 Holland Park Mews

Near: Holland Park Tube station

Make your way to Holland Park Mews if you’re seeking a quirky little mews street that’s a little different from all of the rest. For, along this cute little street, you’ll find that nearly all of the houses have an outdoor staircase leading up to the second storey of the house- a real rarity among mews accommodation!

Holland Park Mews

#9 Osten Mews

Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station

All draping vines and picture-perfect doorways, Osten Mews is a cul-de-sac containing twenty-three properties (both used commercially and as Londoner’s homes).

Leading onto McLeod’s Mews, nearby attractions of interest include Christ Church Kensington and the pretty houses of Lexham Gardens.

#10 Ensor Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

Not only is Ensor Mews one of the prettiest streets in London, it’s also one of the best spots to see wisteria in London when it comes to the purple season around the beginning of May.

Located in the very heart of Chelsea, central London, surrounding this mews you’ll find plenty of other pretty streets and photograph-worthy locations.

Ensor Mews: Best mews streets in London you have to visit!

#11 Conduit Mews

Near: Baker Street

Located ever-so-close to Paddington train station, a visit to Conduit Mews can easily be combined with a trip to nearby Bathurst Mews.

The pastel hues of this particularly beautiful London street contrast incredibly with the modern brick buildings behind and though many buildings are two storeys, there are also examples of three-storey mews houses to be found here.

#12 St Luke’s Mews

Near: Westbourne Park Tube Station

So iconic are the houses along St Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill, that one of the pretty little houses was selected to be used as Keira Knightley’s house in the hit film Love Actually. 

As such, this mews street is a little more popular than other streets, though it’s still worth a wander along! St Luke’s Mews is also situated very close to Portobello Road, Biscuiteers (one of the cutest cafés in London) and plenty of Notting Hill filming locations.

london in spring

#13 Stanhope Mews South

Near: Gloucester Street Station

Not far from Gloucester Street Station, Stanhope Mews South is a cul-de-sac containing twenty three properties. Quaint and picture perfect, this cobbled lanes is one area of the ‘Queen’s Gate’ conservation area of Kensington.

Movie buffs will also be excited to know that No.11 of Stanhope Mews South was used in the 2014 film ‘Kingsman,’ where it was used as the home of Harry Hart, who is played by Colin Firth.

#14 Redcliffe Mews

Near: West Brompton Tube Station

Right in the very heart of Kensington, Redcliffe Mews is within walking distance of plenty of Kensington attractions and is characterised by its half-painted-half-brick façades. Nearby, you’ll find the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, as well as the Victoria and Albert Museum.

And at just a ten minute walk away, Hyde Park isn’t far either! Redcliffe Mews is much less popular than mews streets like that of St Luke’s, so you’ll find fewer tourists and a quieter atmosphere. Though there are no trailing vines here, there are still plenty of pretty potted plants to admire.

redcliffe mews, london

#15 Atherstone Mews

Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station

Tucked away and away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby busy Cromwell Road, Atherstone Mews was by and large rebuilt after a bomb destroyed much of the road during WWII. Today, the street is filled with pastel-hued houses, including several pink and purple abodes!

#16 Adam and Eve Mews

Near: High Street Kensington Tube Station

Adam and Eve Mews is a quirky name for a quirky mews street. Situated near High Street Kensington Tube station, come springtime, head to the Adam and Eve Mews to see some of the prettiest spring flowers in the entire city. Nearby, you’ll find the hidden gem that is the Kensington Roof Gardens– a green oasis in the heart of the city.

london in the spring

#17 Queen’s Gate Mews

Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station

For one of the most photogenic roads in London, you simply must visit Queen’s Gate Mews. Once called ‘home’ by Guy Ritchie and Madonna, this little lane is just across the way from Kynance Mews.

Unlike many of the other mews streets, which are by and large residential, there’s even a quintessentially British pub tucked away at the end of Queen’s Gate Mews, The Queens Arms.

#18 Sussex Mews West

Near: Paddington Tube Station

All pretty houses and located at Lancaster Gate, the houses of Sussex Mews are a little larger and grander than some of the other houses you see along London Mews Streets.

Nevertheless, these stunning homes make for the perfect photo opportunity and this cobbled lane is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life and is close to Bathurst Mews.

#19 Prince’s Gate Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

Located close to the Natural History Museum, Prince’s Gate Mews is honestly one of the most charming streets in London. All two-storey pastel houses, many of the homes have displays of potted plants and leafy shrubs, giving the feeling that this street is a world away from busy city life that’s quite literally on the doorstep.

#20 Kendrick Mews & Reece Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spy the mural that denotes the spot where this double mews can be found. Part of the late 1960s Westminster City Council’s Knightsbridge Conservation Area, these two mews streets are the brick façades that are so synonymous with the London roads.

#21 Cranley Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

One of the longest of the mews streets dotted across the UK capital city is that of Cranley Mews, a delightful alleyway characterised by its pastel-hued façades and quiet nature.

A little off the beaten path and less visited than some of the more popular London mews streets, one house even boasts a garage door painted with the Union Jack (the UK flag).

#22 Denbigh Mews 

Near: Notting Hill Gate Tube Station

Featured in the iconic film starring Michael Cane, The Italian Job (1969), Denbigh Mews is picture ready and is one of the mew streets which has been featured in a number of other movies over the years. Just off Portobello Road Market, a stroll down this pretty London street can easily be combined with a visit to the nearby many antique stalls along the road.

#23 Lancaster Mews Street

Near: Lancaster Gate Tube Station

If you’re in search of a hidden gem which few other visitors ever venture to, then Lancaster Mews offers all of this and more. Close to Hyde Park and Paddington, Lancaster Mews is one of the most colourful streets in the entirety of London.

#24 Manson Mews

Near: South Kensington Tube Station

A visit to Manson Mews can easily be combined with a trip down many of the other South Kensington Mews streets due to its central location. A T-shaped street, the street is similar to Kynance mews in that its entryway is marked with a large stone archway.

#25 Dove Mews

Near: Gloucester Road Tube Station

Situated just a few streets away from the very heart of the South Kensington Neighbourhood, Dove Mews is a lesser-known London street characterised by its pastel houses and cobbled lane. Nearby, you’ll find some of the most famous museums in London, including the Natural History Museum and the V&A.

#26 Pencombe Mews

Near: Ladbroke Grove Tube Station

If you’ve ever seen quirky and unique latté art featured on Instagram accounts who showcase photos of Notting Hill, then no doubt you’ll know about Farmgirl Café.

Set in a private courtyard a little way back from the main street, the coffee shop and restaurant serves up smoothie bowls, avocado toasts, and a whole array of stunning coffee art. Pencombe Mews is to be found just a few steps away and is well worth looking at the next time you’re in the area.

#27 Halkin Mews

Near: Knightsbridge Tube Station

Situated in a slightly different area to the other London mews streets, Halkin Mews is a London hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Pretty in pastel hues, nearby things to do include relaxing in Belgrave Square Garden and enjoying chic gastropub eats in the local neighbourhood.

#28 Doughty Mews 

Near: Russell Square Tube Station

Situated in the Bloomsbury district of London, an area of the UK capital city home to small museums and several London universities, a trip to Doughty museum can easily be combined with a visit to an off the beaten path museum or a small London bookstore. After all, just around the corner from Doughty Mews, you’ll soon discover the Dickens Museum.

#29 Gower Mews

Near: Goodge Street Tube Station

Situated within the Borough of Camden, the Mews street is part of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area. Gower Mews is a small cul de sac located just off Gower street and is one of the only news streets in the area.

gower mews

#30 Ledbury Mews

Near: Notting Hill Gate Tube Station

This charming street is situated not far from Notting Hill in the western part of London (where indeed the greatest concentration of mews streets). The Mews is part of Kensington’s ‘Pembridge’ Conservation Area and contains 16 properties.

ledbury mews

#31 Pembridge Mews

Near: Notting Hill Gate Tube Station

Located right around the corner from Ledbury Mews, Pembridge Mews features a pastiche of pastel hued houses surrounded by higher brick buildings, leading to some pretty interesting photo opportunities.

pembridge mews

#32 Colonnade

Near: Russell Square Tube Station

One of my personal favourite Mews streets in London can be found tucked behind Russell Square station in Bloomsbury. And while there are no specific architectural features to note, this little cobbled lane is home to an amazing bakery by the name of Fortitude.

They serve up speciality coffees, as well as other hot and cold soft drinks. There are sandwiches for sale, as well as a mesmerising array of flaky pastries and even hot dishes like soups and curries.

fortitude bakery

Map of the best mews streets in London

Enjoyed reading about the best of beautiful and pretty London Mews Streets? Pin it now, read it again later:

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