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Love in the Villa Filming Locations in Verona and Beyond!

Last Updated on 22nd September 2022 by Sophie Nadeau

One of Netflix’s newest romantic comedies is a sweet Italian based romance that touches on Romeo and Juliet in an even sweeter location: the city of Verona. Here’s your complete guide to Love in the Villa filming locations!

Please note that the following article may contain plot spoilers! Love in the Villa was released on Netflix on Thursday the 1st of September 2022.

centro storico verona

What’s the plot of Love in the Villa?

Kat Graham plays the character of Julie, an elementary school teacher (a 3rd grade teacher to be precise) who is enamoured with the story of Romeo and Juliet and yet who is forced to take a solo vacation to Italy when her boyfriend dumps her rather unexpectedly!

Faced with the prospect of visiting the most romantic country in the world solo, she bravely heads out anyway, where she arrives in the most beautiful of villas. But, as always with romantic comedies, there’s a twist! A booking error means that Englishman Charlie (played by Tom Hopper) is also booked to stay a week in the villa. Love, chaos, and adventure ensues…

If you’re craving more Italy adventures that are specifically set in Tuscany, then I recommend watching Letters to Juliet or Under the Tuscan Sun. And for even more inspiration, be sure to check out our Letters to Juliet filming locations guide.

Was Love in the Villa shot on location in Verona?

In an age where green screens are ever more common and where CGI can add mind-blowing effects to almost any film, it’s a fair question to ask whether or not Love in the Villa was actually shot in Verona.

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and reportedly the entire cast and crew fell head over the heels for the city. Please note that, while there are plenty of shots of Italy, the overwhelming amount of the film is shot in the interior of the villa (the holiday rental).

Love in the Villa filming locations


The main backdrop of the film is the city of Verona. The fair city, where none other than William Shakespeare based Romeo and Juliet, serves as a beautiful setting for the movie. Particular highlights of Verona which are featured in the film include Piazzetta Santi Apostoli, Piazza Francesco Viviani, Palazzo Barbieri, and Piazza Bra.

Verona, Italy

San Pietro In Cariano and San Giovanni Lupatoto

A speck of a settlement in the Veneto region, San Pietro in Cariano is best-known for its wine production, as is its nearby neighbour of San Giovanni Lupatoto. Julie and Charlie head to a gorgeous château in the region, where they attend a party to meet a wine producer as the company that Charlie works for wants to buy wine from the producer at a low-cost price before he is forced to close down from debt.

Torri del Benaco and Bardolino, Lake Garda

A beautiful lake in the north of Italy that is particularly popular among honeymooners, Lake Garda features in Love in the Villa. The scene where the famous body of water is featured is when Julie and Charlie share a romantic picnic after a day of exploring before watching the sunset.


Ponte Pietra, Verona

While I mentioned that Verona was used as the backdrop for filming, there are a few stand-out locations within the city that were used for some pretty memorable moments. The arch bridge scene where Julie and Charlie grab ice cream together is the Ponte Pietra (St Peter’s Bridge in English) and the structure itself dates back to 100 BCE.

Ponte Pietra

La Casa di Giulietta

While it can’t be actually rented in real life, as part of the premise of the film, Charlie and Julie end up renting a villa (La Villa Romantica) overlooking La Casa di Giulietta, i.e. Juliet’s House.

On the way into the courtyard to reach the villa, Julie walks past Juliet’s Wall, a wall filled with graffiti symbolising love. She also sees the statue of Juliet. This bronze statue is actually a replica of the original one on site and it’s said that you’ll be blessed with good luck in love if you touch Juliet’s breast!

The real life house is actually a house museum and is located at Via Cappello, 23 in Verona. The Renaissance stucture is one of the most famous attractions in the city. Despite its name, the 14th Century building that has nothing to do with the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Still, it makes for a beautiful backdrop and has since become a symbol of love, especially thanks to the ‘Juliet Balcony’ overlooking an inner courtyard. Much like in the film, the place can get very busy so be sure to arrive earlier in the day and midweek if possible. For even more information about La Casa di Giulietta, be sure to check out our article the real life letters to Juliet.

Juliet Balcony: Casa di Giulietta, Verona, Italy

Fontana Madonna Verona

After a particularly intense argument, Charlie and Julie head out on what can only be described as a romantic evening stroll through the city centre of Verona. They stop by the 14th-century Fontana Madonna Verona where Julie tosses a coin in the fountain for good luck.

Fontana Madonna Verona

Due Torri

Charlie and his ex move into the Due Torri hotel after his friend’s wife has a baby and the room becomes available. The five star establishment is a real hotel where you can book to stay and boasts amenities such as a pool, air conditioning, and a great location in the heart of town. Discover prices and availability here. 

YARD restaurant 

Another establishment which is featured in the movie that visitors can enjoy in real life is YARD restaurant. In the film, Julie and Charlie dine with their exes in the Italian eatery. As well as serving up dinner, brunch, lunch, breakfast, and brunch are all on the menu. 

Other locations featured in the film

There are a number of other locations that are briefly mentioned/ shown in the movie. This includes Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport and Valerio Catullo Airport (no connection in the film is shown but there is no direct flights between the two airports).

Local food and drink mentioned in Love in the Villa

Though not a location as such, one of the most famous Veneto dishes that comes directly from Verona itself is Pastissada de caval. This historic dish is made for Julie by Charlie when they decide upon a truce, though the amicability between the pair doesn’t last long!

The platter contains horse meat, onions, carrots, cloves, and Valpolicella wine. Without a doubt, one of the top places to head to in order to sample this local food is Osteria Da Morandin Verona, an eatery which is still family run to this day.

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Love in the Villa Filming Locations in Verona and Beyond

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