Flodesk Review: Why You Should Use Flodesk For Email Marketing

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Last Updated on 18th September 2020 by Sophie Nadeau

Email marketing is one of those aspects of blogging and running a website that eludes many people, but it doesn’t have to if you find the right tool which is both easy to use and intuitive. Here’s a complete Flodesk reviewand a guide on how to decide if this email marketing tool is right for you!

Flodesk Review: Why You Should Use Flodesk For Email Marketing

Why build an email list for your blog?

When it comes to blogging, it’s incredibly important to diversify not only your income streams, but the ways in which you generate traffic for your site. For me personally (though this most definitely isn’t the case for everyone), having more traffic has translated into more ads being displayed, more affiliate sales, and more interaction in my posts, leading to a higher blogging income.

As well as SEO (organic search traffic), Pinterest, and Facebook, one of the greatest ways to drive traffic to your site is by building a fantastic email list. The cool thing about building a list is that the people who sign up are those who genuinely want to hear from you about your site and the latest news on it. 

As opposed to Pinterest or search engines, and to some extent, Facebook, where people can stumble on your site quite by accident, your email list is one of your most valuable ways of keeping in touch with your most loyal audience, selling products, and driving traffic for your website. As such, it’s important to find a tool that’s easy to use. Enter: Flodesk.

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What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an email marketing tool that will allow you to easily manage your email list, separate various sign ups into segments (this is incredibly useful if you’re running specific promotions or have a section of your website such as a book club that you only want to send out to certain subscribers), and send beautifully crafted emails.

Pricing for Flodesk

When I saw the pricing for Flodesk, my jaw hit the floor. Not because the marketing tool is incredibly expensive, but quite the opposite. You see, one thing that well and truly drew me into switching to Flodesk was the incredibly affordable pricing.

If you’ve ever tried to grow your email list, then you’ll know that having plenty of subscribers can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee that can easily get into the hundreds of dollars, all for the privilege of using what I often find to be a clunky user interface and limited design options unless you have a half day to spend fiddling around with the software.

At the time of writing Flodesk costs $38 a month, no matter the number of subscribers you have. For this set, one tier fits all price, you can have an unlimited number of subscribers and access every feature.

This is entirely different from other email marketing software, which will often price tiers on a subscriber number basis. If you sign up using this link, you can subscribe for a steal of $19 a month (at the time of writing). Alternatively, you can use my code: SOPHIE

Email Design & Templates

As I previously mentioned, one of the greatest issues I had with email marketing in the past was designing my emails so that they were easy to navigate, beautiful to look at, and on brand with my site design. Many email marketing service providers allow you to design emails, but these can often take a while to get used to, not to mention that you’ll need to allot plenty of time to actually craft your email.

Flodesk has a myriad of premade templates, all of which are fairly easy to use (I design my Pinterest pins on Canva) and felt that creating an email to send out to my subscribers on Flodesk was just as intuitive and easy to use. You can easily take one of the starter templates and tweak it to fit with your voice, colour palette, and branding.

Email Design & Templates flodesk review

Sign-up forms and opt-ins

Of course, in order to actually build your email list, you’re going to need some subscriber forms and opt-ins across your site. Again, Flodesk has plenty of pre-made templates which you can easily customise to fit in with the branding of your site. There is no WordPress plugin yet, and instead you embed some code into your site. It’s all easy to do and the forms look beautiful!

Flodesk Review: Why You Should Use Flodesk For Email Marketing

Open Rates & Analytics

So you’ve designed a beautiful email and sent it off to your subscribers. Now what. Well, my first email sent out to my subscribers with Flodesk had an open rate of 42.3 %. You can also see other analytics such as click through rates, unique opens, unique clicks, and whether your subscribers are opening your emails on Desktop or Mobile (which will inevitably affect how you design emails going forwards).

Organisational tools: segments

Yet another aspect of Flodesk which I find pretty useful is the ‘segments’ section of building your audience. When creating a new opt-in form, you can name the segment of your audience and send out email campaigns specifically to that audience.

On the Flodesk website, you can easily manage these lists, saving you valuable time to invest your energy and time into something else. All in all, I really enjoy using Flodesk and currently could not recommend it more! Sign up for the marketing tool here.

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