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Dollard & Co. Food Hall: The Best Deli in Dublin

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Last Updated on 3rd September 2019 by Sophie Nadeau

Having visited Dublin a handful of times over the past couple of years, I’ve made it my mission to delve into the best of the foodie scene the Irish capital city has to offer. And between delightful patisseries and fantastic coffee shops, it’s fair to say that there’s no shortage of wonderful culinary experiences to be had besides the beer! One place which particularly caught my eye on my most recent visit was Dollard & Co. Food Hall, a food court offering a deli counter, coffee, and a shop area selling unique foodstuffs…

Dollard & Co. Food Hall: The Best Deli in Dublin, Ireland

A brief history of Dollard & Co. Food Hall

Located in the Temple Bar district of the city, an area best-known for its wealth of pubs, inns, and taverns and proximity to the Ha’Penny Bridge, Dollard and Co is a newcomer to town, having only opened in mid-2017. The luxurious food court is housed within the historic Dollard Printworks, a late 19th-century building with many of its traditional features having been lovingly restored to their former glory.

Inside the spacious open-floor layout, there are several different sections where you can buy consumables at a variety of price points (though you should know before visiting that the store is a little pricier than many of the other takeaway and supermarket-style shops in the area);

Dollard & Co. Food Hall: The Best Deli in Dublin, Ireland

Pizza Bar: Hands down, my favourite corner of the shop was the pizza counter, where there are a variety of flavours available to purchase by the slice, or entire pizza pie if you’re with a larger group. I personannly loved my slice of wild mushroom and olives pizza, though there are also meat flavours, as well as traditional margherita available.

Pastry Corner: Almost as soon as you enter the shop, in the middle of the shop floor between the pizza counter and the coffee service, there’s a stand selling all kinds of freshly baked pastries. From almond croissants to melt in your mouth brownies, I personally enjoyed a blueberry muffin.

Deli counter: For those who are looking to purchase some fresh refrigerated products, a deli counter offers speciality olives, cold cuts, and an impressive selection of fresh cheeses from close to Dublin and beyond. You can even build your own ‘cheese tasting board’ to take to the chairs and tables at the front of the store and pair your snack with a glass of wine.

Bakery: As you might expect from the wide array of artisanal foods and local authentic products available, there’s also the opportuntity to purchase delicious breadstuffs such as olive loaves, baguttes, and cheese rolls.

Supermarket area: For those who are searching for dried and long-lasting supermarket style products with a little bit of a twist, there’s several well-stocked shelves. From dried pasta to American candy, you can’t help but walk away having purchased a product or two!

Dollard & Co. Food Hall: The Best Deli in Dublin, Ireland

How to visit Dollard & Co. Food Hall

Open every day of the week, you’ll never be too far away from a tasty morsel, snack, or indeed scrumptious slice of pizza when visiting the Temple Bar District. Generally open from between 8/10 AM to 9/10 PM each evening (check on the website as opening times vary during the week), wander inside at any given time and you can expect to find hot and cold offerings, as well as a large selection of beverages.

Before visiting, I’d read a few mixed reviews online. While generally-well reviewed across general review sites, I’d read a couple of more in-depth pieces which suggested that waiting times could be a little longer than you’d expect and that the quality of the food could occasionally be hit and miss.

Dollard & Co. Food Hall: The Best Deli in Dublin, Ireland

Well, during my recent weekend in Dublin, I actually happened to visit twice; once to grab a pastry and coffee, and the other to grab a couple of slices of pizza and a beer for dinner. Both times I personally found the service to be fast and efficient; my food was fresh and while the pizza wasn’t as good as say, a slice I’d had a few days prior in NYC, it was certainly better than your usual fare!

While the wine selection is a little limited (as has been noted in other Dollard & Co. Food Court Reviews), I found that the soft drink selection and beers on offer more than made up for the fact. Between speciality sodas, sour beers, and traditional brews, there was ample selection for even the choosiest of consumers. All in all, I highly recommend a pit stop at Dollard and Co while in Temple District, if only to stop for a crumbly croissant and piping hot cup of coffee!

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