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The Tourist Filming Locations

Last Updated on 1st March 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

Set against the backdrop of breathtaking Venice, among other glittering European destinations, The Tourist is a 2010 romantic thriller starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best of The Tourist filming locations from the movie, featuring locations from both Paris and Venice.

The Tourist Filming Locations in Paris and Venice

Place des Victoires, Paris

Situated in the 1st arrondissement of the city, Place des Victoires is a grand public square in Paris which is overlooked by a large statue of Louis XIV atop of a horse.

A circular spot in the city filled with grand architecture, in The Tourist movie, this is where Elise (played by Jolie) lives. Nearby b-roll shots of the 1st and 2nd arrondissement is then shown before Elise turns up at the second prominent Paris filming location of The Tourist.

place des victoires 1st arrondissement

Le Nemours Café, Paris

The opening scene of the tourist depicts Jolie enjoying a coffee at the Le Nemours Café outside of the Palais-Royal-Musée-du-Louvre metro station entrance which features Murano glass from Italy. Café Nemours can be found in Place Colette in the heart of the 1st arrondissement.

Situated between the Louvre Museum and Palais-Royal gardens, the Parisian restaurant is popular among locals and visitors alike thanks to its central location.

Perfect for people watching, you can order a light lunch or simply a coffee or small glass of wine. Throughout the floor in this area, you’ll find bronze medallions which mark out the Paris meridian line.

nemours cafe paris

Quatre-September Métro Station

After leaving a €20 note for a fairly meagre breakfast at Le Nemours, Elise Clifton-Ward sets off into the streets of Paris in a bid to escape those who are pursuing her (people from a French convoy and her ‘handlers’ at Scotland Yard). 

During these shots, Elise wanders through the second arrondissement of Paris, even managing to make it through one of the covered passages of Paris, that of Passage Choiseul, which lends itself to a fantastic cinematic moment.

After making her way through the various twists and turns of the beautiful streets in the surrounding area, Jolie’s character then enters the Parisian metro system at Quatre-Septembre.

Passage Choiseul: A Covered Passage in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris, France

Gare de Lyon, Paris

The last of The Tourist filming locations in Paris is that of Gare de Lyon, which is a Parisian train station in the 12th arrondissement of the city. One of six main train stations in Paris, around 148.1 million passengers go through the station annually. Elise boards a train here headed straight to Venice, Italy.

Santa Lucia Station, Venice

The first glimpse we see of Venice is via the Santa Lucia train station. After only seeing Elise in Paris, this is the first time that we meet the other main character, Frank (who is played by Johnny Depp). Having arrived at the Santa Lucia Station a little lost, Frank leaves the station and is greeted by Elise on a motorboat, where she offers him a ride.

Santa Lucia Station Venice

Hotel Danieli, Venice

Reality and fiction are a little blurred in this The Tourist movie scene as, though Frank and Elise are meant to be checking into the Danieli Hotel, the actual entrance shown in the movie is that of the Palazzo Pisani Moretta.

The hotel room also shows a view of the Rialto Bridge, which also wouldn’t be possible in reality. With this being said, Hotel Danieli is a highly rated five-star hotel in Venice which you can book a stay at for yourself if you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Italy. 

Palazzo Pisani Moretta
Palazzo Pisani Moretta

Rialto Market

During a particularly thrilling scene where Frank is being chased, while still in his pyjamas, the Rialto Market is shown as the backdrop for the scene. The market takes place close to the Rialto Bridge in the district of San Polo on a daily basis and is a must-see for visitors to Venice.

Rialto Market Venice Italy

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

Situated on Piazza San Marco, the scene directly after that of the Rialto Marco sees Frank being interviewed by the Italian police.

Though the building is supposed to be a police station in the movie, it is, in fact, a library overlooking San Marco square in the heart of the city. Looking out the window, the Doge’s Palace is easily recognisable.

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

Scuola Grande della Misericordia

One of the more hidden gems of Venice which appears in The Tourist movie is that of Scuola Grande della Misericordia. In the film, the building is used as the backdrop for an exclusive gala dance.

There has been a building on site since the 14th-century, though the space has been enlarged several times over the centuries. The building has recently undergone significant restorations and is well worth a wander inside during your trip to Italy, if only to admire the gorgeous architecture to be found there.

Scuola Grande della Misericordia

Venetian Arsenal (Arsenale di Venezia)

Yet another historical site in Venice which was used as the backdrop for an office in the film is actually a museum and gallery space in real life. The Venetian Arsenal was used to be the headquarters of Interpol in The Tourist.

In reality, the Aresnale di Venezia was once where the Venice navy once built its ships in secret and away from prying eyes. Today, the area holds a naval museum which visitors can visit for a small fee to learn all about the intertwined history of marine ventures and the floating city.

Venetian Arsenal Venice Italy

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The Tourist Filming Locations in Venice and Paris (France and Italy filming locations)

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