One week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary: Your 7 Day Guide

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Here’s a one week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary you’ll want to follow. Highlights include time in the beautiful cities of Bergamo and Turin, a visit to the most beautiful monastery in Europe and a glimpse of the most iconic cathedral in the world (seriously!)

Alpine towns, great food, shimmering lakes, and plenty of UNESCO world heritage sites: the North of Italy has all the trappings of an Italian adventure and may well have it all if you’re after a European destination with oodles of history and great weather. Follow this Northern Italy itinerary if you’re looking for a taste of many of the best aspects of the European region…

One week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary you should follow: towns and historic cities you must see in Italy include Turin, Pavia, Milan and Bergamo

Two nights in Bergamo

Where to Stay in Bergamo | Relais San Lorenzo

The international airport of Bergamo is situated just twenty minutes from the city centre by bus, serves over one hundred destinations (including many major cities in Europe), and has plenty of affordable airline connections. As a result, if you’re flying to the North of Italy, then chances are you’ll be headed to Orio al Serio International Airport.

Although many people opt to skip Bergamo in favour of more popular Italian destinations (a visit to Milan from Bergamo’s airport cost just €5 by bus), I highly recommend paying the town a visit. After all, missing this pretty city would be your first Italian mistake. That is, unless we’re talking about pronouncing words in the language. In which case, you’ll make plenty of mistakes as the week progresses!

Best things to do in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy: view of Bergamo

Bergamo contains all the charm of an Italian town that time forgot with the modern comforts of good transportation, fine eating (and traditional Lombardy cuisine if you know where to look!) and a good range of accommodation to suit all budgets.

The town is split into two parts; the high town and low town. Each area has its own vibe, history, and range of things to do. Spend a night in Bergamo at the beginning and another at the end of your Italian adventure in order to truly make the most of this two-part city- you’ll thank me later!

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Two nights in Pavia

Where to stay in Pavia | Le Stanze del Cardinale 

An ancient university town on the banks of the Ticino River, Pavia was the capital of the Lombardy region for a brief period of time when Lombardy was once a kingdom in its own right. As such, the town has welcomed countless iconic guests over the years and was even home to Albert Einstein for a short period of time.

Highlights of Pavia include a Basilica that both Charlemagne and Barbarossa were coronated in, a perfect reconstruction of a medieval bridge that was sadly destroyed during the war, and a Cathedral that da Vinci himself had a hand in designing. The town was once called ‘the city of a hundred towers’ owing to an abundance of medieval towers dominating Pavia’s skyline.

Le Stanze del Cardinale Review, Pavia Hotel and B&B accommodation, Lombardy, Northern Italy: view from the suite

Today, although just a handful remain, an idea of what the city looked like can be found in a beautiful medieval fresco on the walls of San Teodoro church. Pavia’s prestigious university is one of the oldest in Italy, second only to Bologna (the oldest university in Europe). This means that the town’s population is very young due to a third of Pavia’s residents being students, and meaning that there are plenty of affordable eats in town for the discerning tourist!

Wander the ancient courtyards of this institution to step back in time and soak up the atmosphere. Nearby to Pavia (8km North if we’re being precise), you’ll find the Certosa di Pavia, thought by many to be the most beautiful example of Italian Renaissance architecture in the whole country!

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Best things to do in Pavia: Duomo di Pavia Best things to do in Pavia, Northern Italy guide

Two nights in Turin

Where to stay in Turin | Grand Hotel Sitea

Flanked on both sides by the mighty Alps, Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region of Italy and is definitely a highlight of this one week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it was my boyfriend’s favourite destination during our seven-day trip!

From almost all corners of the city, you can see the beautiful mountains rising up like giants, dominating the skyline. The sight definitely makes for a beautiful blend of landscape photo meets cityscape if you bring your camera along, and especially so if you’re an early riser and get up early enough to witness the sunrise. Once a major political centre (people often call Turin ‘the cradle of Italian liberty’) highlights of this alpine city include world-class universities and a visit to the church which contains the Shroud of Turin.

Turin city guide. Here's your complete itinerary for the best things to do in Turin, capital of the Piedmont region, Northern Italy. Historic coffee shops, best museums, and where to eat!

The Turin Shroud is perhaps the most famous relic in Christianity and allegedly bears the outline of Jesus of Nazareth- a must-see for anyone interested in Ecclesiastical History. Unfortunately, the Shroud is only on display to the public every decade or so for preservation purposes. And so what you see in Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is actually a facsimile, but is still worth a visit in of itself.

Other points of interest include a visit to the Mole Antonelliana, Italy’s very own version of the ‘Eiffel Tower!’ and the city is often referred to as the foodie capital of Piedmont. As a result, you should definitely, try some chocolate, make sure to visit a few foodie cafés and sample some local cheese and butter during your visit!

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One week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary you should follow: 7 day trip highlights include Turin, Pavia, Milan and Bergamo! (Most beautiful monastery in Europe, alpine towns and local cuisine!)Turin, Lombardy, Italy: 7 day guide to visiting Northern Italy: where to go

One night in Milan

Where to stay in Milan | Sina the Gray

Milan has the unfortunate reputation of completely underwhelming visitors to the city. And after a visit here, it’s not hard to see why. After all, Milan does not have nearly half as many points of interest and interesting attractions as its nearby neighbours. Instead, it’s a busy, bustling modern city and the second largest city in the entire country.

With that being said, I do still recommend spending at least one night here, if only to check out the shopping districts (Milan is synonymous with haute couture and luxury shopping), the Duomo di Milano (thought by many to be the most beautiful cathedral in the world), Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (a covered passageway that is well worth a wander inside) and a few other tourist hotspots (mainly in the form of universities and small churches).

Milan is also the perfect place to base yourself if you want to take day trips to smaller cities and towns in the region, as well as if you want to explore the Italian lakes for a day. After all, most major Northern Italian train lines run through here and there are plenty of exciting day trips from Milan to be taken.

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One week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary you should follow: 7 day trip highlights include Turin, Pavia, Milan and Bergamo! (Most beautiful monastery in Europe, alpine towns and local cuisine!)Duomo di Milano, Lombardy, Italy

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Here's how to spend one week in the North of Italy. How to spend the perfect seven days in Lombardy and Piedmont in Italy. Where to stay, what to eat, what you must visit and the best places to see!

One Week in Italy: 7 perfect days in Northern Italy travel itinerary. Pavia, Turin, Bergamo and Milan trip ideas and where to visit on your European adventure!One week in Northern Italy Travel Itinerary you should follow: 7 day trip highlights include Turin, Pavia, Milan and Bergamo! (Most beautiful monastery in Europe, alpine towns and local cuisine!)

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