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Love Paris? Here are the Best Movies Set in Paris

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Last Updated on 6th January 2021 by Sophie Nadeau

Sometimes a small trip away from reality doesn’t have to be a trip to the mediterranean. Sometimes a trip away can simply be a break from reality in the form of a good film or a good book… Do you love Paris? Do you daydream your days away wishing you were strolling under the Eiffel Tower or eating your weight in pastries? Then you must watch these movies set in Paris!

Love Paris? Here are the Best Movies Set in Paris

As Above, So below

It’s a well-known secret that the catacombs of Paris aren’t just limited to the tourist area at Denfert Rochereau. No. In fact, the catacombs sprawl under all corners of the ancient capital, with more entrances being discovered all the time (but that’s a different discussion entirely).

As Above, So Below plays on primal fears and is filmed in a similar kind of style to ‘the Blair Witch Project’. An American Horror film, the documentary-style movie follows the ventures of a group of friends who are searching for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone…

Check here for Netflix or here for As Above, So Below.

Passport to Paris

This classic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film will bring back memories from childhood and is an all around feel-good film, albeit incredibly unrealistic! A fun watch for all the family, the basic premise of the plot sees the twins travel to the City of Light to stay with their estranged Grandpa Edward who is the U.S. Ambassador to France.

While the girls are a little boy crazy, and would prefer to spend their days shopping, they are soon visiting the many monuments and landmarks which Paris has to offer. I don’t want to ruin the plot, but it’s all quite silly and fun and lighthearted!

Check here for Passport to Paris.

Midnight in Paris

Despite living in Paris for almost a year, I had somehow avoided watching Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris‘ until very recently. It wasn’t until someone referred to the film as ‘a postcard’ that I knew I had to sit and see the film for myself. Plus, much of the movie is filmed around one of my favourite parts of Paris, the Latin Quarter.

The film followers the adventures of Owen Wilson, an aspiring writer, who takes a trip to Paris with his bratty fiancée, who is played by Rachel McAdams. While in the city, he takes a nightly stroll, whereby he is whisked straight back into the Paris of the past each evening. The movie about Paris is beautifully shot and you’ll definitely want to watch it for yourself. Here’s your guide to Midnight in Paris filming locations!

Check here for Netflix or here for Midnight in Paris.



No film list would be complete without at least a small nod to an animated feature, bien sûr! Ratatouille is a fun family movie which follows the adventures of a rat named Remy who dreams of becoming a top chef! He travels to Paris and befriends a young boy. The two soon form a working relationship and, of course, plenty of chaos ensues! 

Check here for Ratatouille.


LOL (French version)

If you want to practice your French language skills while enjoying a move night in, then I can recommend watching none other than the film LOL. The French (and original) version of LOL remains one of my favourite films to this day. The feel good film focuses on the relationship between a teenage daughter and her mother who both deal with their own romantic struggles.

Check here for LOL.


Le Week-End

In Le Week-End, a couple struggling with their relationship embark on a romantic weekend to Paris in a bid to reignite the spark of their romance and also recreate their honeymoon from several decades ago!

Filled with English humour, Le Week-End is an easy to follow along plot, though is a little sad at times! Of all the films set in Paris, Le Week-End features plenty of B-roll that fans of the city will soon recognise, not to mention some pretty fancy restaurants and hotels!

Check here for Le Week-End.


Grace Stirs Up Success

If you’re looking for a feel good family style movie, then Grace Stirs Up a Success is your ticket to a successful movie night. The film follows the adventures of rather pretentious young American girl Grace who reluctantly travels to Paris for the summer with her mother.

Once in the city, Grace struggles to get along with her cousin and a large portion of the film focuses on the two young girls’ blossoming friendship. As the title of the film suggests, there is also a pretty large baking and cooking element to the movie set in Paris!

Check here for Grace Stirs Up Success.



A French film set against the backdrop of the beautiful Parisian district of Montmartre, Amélie is a crowd favourite all year ’round. Also known as ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain’ in French, the movie is a sweet film which follows the adventures of Amelie who lives and works in the 18th arrondissement of the city. Amelie wants to help others find happiness, which inevitably leads her to finding true love for herself.

Check here for Amelie.


La Vie en Rose

So excellent is Marion Cotillard’s performance in la Vie en Rose, that she was an awarded an Oscar for her performance. The film set in Paris and is a biographical film about the life of the world-famous singer, Edith Piaf. 

The film is named for Piaf’s most famous song ‘La Vie en Rose’ and 


Paris Can Wait

Last but not least, as its name might suggest, Paris Can Wait features scenes not only of Paris, but of much of the French countryside out of Paris as well. If you’re looking for light and laid back viewing with a heavy focus on French scenery, then ‘Paris Can Wait’ is the film to watch.

Directed by Eleanor Coppola and starring Diane Lane and Arnaud Viard, the feel-good film is a feast for the eyes; presenting gastronomic delights and gorgeous scenes in a road trip through France. And, for a further glimpse of the film, check out these Paris Can Wait filming locations.

Check here for Netflix or here for Paris Can Wait.


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