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Pastries of Paris: Paris is filled with quaint little cafés that dot the sidewalks and fill street corners. You’d be hard pressed to find a street that doesn’t have a terrace serving at least an expresso coupled with a croissant or two. Together with all of these cute Parisian cafés is the sheer number of boulangeries and patisserie shops scattered throughout the city.

Region: Paris, France

Otherwise known as: The city of lights, the city of love.

Population: 2 million

Language: French

Known for: Pastries, the Eiffel Tower, great bread, fine wine, incredible architecture…

Hidden around the city: The petite Ceinture, Numerous Vineyards, the Paris catacombs…

Macarons (not to be confused with the macaroon), pistaches (pistachio flavour), framboises (raspberry flavour) et du café (coffee flavour)… Paris may well be the land of pastries.

Here are some of my favourite pastries of Paris (so far!!!):





pastries of paris

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