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Last Updated on 12th December 2016 by Sophie Nadeau

The word ‘Merci’ is not only ‘thank you’ in French, but the name of a chic concept store situated in the heart of Paris. Located in the very centre of Le Marais (the go-to area for all things fashion), you can’t go wrong by spending a couple of hours perusing all of the quirky wares that Merci Concept Store has to offer. Not only

Not only is this a fun place to visit, but in purchasing something in store, you’ll be helping out with a worthy cause. All profits from the store and eateries go to a foundation that helps educate underprivileged women and children. Now if that’s not a reason to visit, then I don’t know what is…

The store is actually hidden from sight, behind a pretty unassuming door. But as soon as you step behind the façade of 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, a whole different picture starts to emerge.  If you’ve spent time on any Paris Instagrammer’s account, then you’re sure to have seen it before! But if you haven’t seen Merci’s iconic storefront before, then first up, there’s the most adorable mini!

Full of unusual finds just waiting to be discovered, the store also happens to be home to two cafés and a restaurant. With one of the cafés having a view out onto the cute red mini that adorns the building’s front, it’s the perfect place to check out on a rainy day in the city. Another of the store’s iconic cafés, the literary café, contains over 10,000 books!

History of Merci Concept Store

Founded in 2009, the store has gone from strength. You’re never far from history in Paris and the Merci Concept store is no exception. In fact, the store is located in an 18th century 1500 metre square (16,000 square feet) old wallpaper factory! As a result, you can imagine that the decor is pretty modern with a quirky twist.

Visit Merci Concept Store

Just like l’Objet qui Parle (in Montmartre), Merci is where real locals go to hang out and pick up quirky items for both their wardrobes and their homes. The store is open 10AM-7PM Monday-Friday, 11AM-7PM Saturday.

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  • Darina
    6th November 2016 at 5:57 pm

    The next time I will be in Paris, I will visit Merci defenitely!


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