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How to Sleep Well While Travelling: the Art of Resting on the Road!

Last Updated on 25th February 2021 by Sophie Nadeau

Travel and good sleep: now there are two words that you never expected to see in the same sentence! However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use in order to ensure that you master the art of how to sleep well while travelling. Besides, the better rested you are, the more you can explore!

As someone who actively looks for the cheapest bus, train and flight connections, I often end up rushing to the airport at 4AM or catching overnight buses at 11PM. However, all of these early mornings/ late nights don’t have to mean that you end up tired!

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#1 Rest when you can

The number one trick to resting well while travelling is resting when you can. An hour there, half an hour here; it all adds up! For example, if you’re heading to the airport early, remember that you can always sleep on the plane later. A couple of hours during the night, an hour once you’re waiting for your flights and a couple more on the plane itself all add up to a  good five or six hours.

#2 Reduce stress!

So what is the number one way to sleep properly while you’re away and travelling? Well, you have to reduce your stress, of course! As someone who stresses about literally everything, I can barely believe I’m typing this sentence. But how do you expect to rest well while travelling if you’re constantly worried?

#3 Don’t worry about not having enough sleep…

If you spend your ‘resting time’ worrying that you’re not sleeping and how tired you’ll be tomorrow, then I 100% guarantee that you’ll end up even more tired the next day! Instead, focus on closing your eyes, listening to music and relaxing.

#4 Always have a scarf handy

Not only does a scarf keep you warm,  it also happens to be the perfect accessory to make any outfit pop! It also happens to be great for doubling up as a blanket and/or pillow. Over the years, I’ve tried various travelling pillows etc. However, nothing has ever been as useful as a scarf. And besides, if you’re travelling with hand-luggage only, you need all the extra space you can get!

#5 Have a book handy (or Kindle)

If you absolutely cannot sleep and can’t seem to rest, then the worst thing you can do is look at your phone/ laptop/ tablet. The light from the screen will stimulate your eyes, making it even harder to get some shut eye. (read more: How to be Parisian- the inspiration book)

#6 Always wear socks!

If you’re not wearing any socks, then you can hardly take off your shoes on public transport! Wearing socks means that you can take off your shoes when on a train/ plane/ bus and rest easier.

#7 Set multiple alarms (I’m talking more than two!)

When I was younger, I’d always make the mistake of only setting one alarm. WRONG! Setting multiple alarms on your phone (or alarm clock?) will ensure that you definitely wake up. Knowing that you have a system in place to wake you up should allow you to rest easier. Having an alarm is especially important when you’re on a train and bus and getting off before the last stop…

#8 Know where your valuables are.

How are you going to sleep soundly if you’re worried that someone will steal your precious valuables when you’re asleep? Use your handbag as your pillow if you have to so that there’s very little chance that anyone will be able to take anything.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.