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I Made a Facebook Group for Fellow Female Bloggers!

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Last Updated on 15th August 2018 by Sophie Nadeau

As someone who lives in the middle of nowhere, Social Media is a great way to connect with a whole bunch of people I’d never get to otherwise meet. Facebook, in particular, is full of communities of people who make a living blogging and want to discuss things such as algorithms, as well as a location independent lifestyle.

However, many of the groups already online were focused on a specific niche such as blogging, fashion, or travel. And in those groups, you could literally only discuss those topics. I.e. in a blogging group you could only discuss blogging, in a travel group, you could only discuss things pertaining to travel.

As I don’t really have one individual blogging niche, preferring instead to blend a whole range of things- books, blogging, filming locations, history, museums, travel- you get the picture, I wanted to make a space for people who are just like me and want to discuss everything to do with their blog, all in one place!

And so, for the past few months, I’ve had the intention of launching an inclusive group which is a space where anyone who’s female and has a blog can join! (Seriously I think my boyfriend is tired of hearing about it!) My idea is that whether it’s discussing SEO or travelling without your SO, no topic is too silly.

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Female Lifestyle Bloggers I Made a Facebook Group for Fellow Female Bloggers!

And so, a couple of weeks ago, I created a Facebook group for fellow female bloggers together with another full-time travel blogger. We made it public yesterday. Although we’re still figuring out all of the details, I’m excited to watch our community grow and grow. As of writing, we’re already at over 130 members.

You can either be a hobby blogger, a full-time blogger, or a mixture of the two. Everyone is welcome to join and I’m thrilled to say that we already have many talented bloggers in the group. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll have threads dedicated to blogging, to travel, and to lifestyle as well as whatever else members want to see.

The group is called Female Lifestyle Bloggers. And if you want to join and fit the two criteria (identifying as female and having a blog), just click on the link here. So whether you blog about beauty, blogging, fashion, decor, food, or books, you’re welcome to join. We can’t wait to welcome you!

I Made a Facebook Group for Fellow Female Bloggers!
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