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Elender cove is the kind of beach that you can’t get to by car. It’s the kind of beach that you have to reach on foot- a rewarding experience in itself. A sandy golden beach matches well with the turquoise sea and overhanging greenery of the surrounding cliff heads.

Nestled in-between two cliff heads, you’d be forgiven for not even noticing its’ presence at a first glance. Tucked away between Gammon Head and Prawle Point (the most southerly point of Devon), nearby towns include Kingsbridge and Salcombe. The entrance to Dartmouth is also less than 15 miles away by the sea.

The sandy beach is a little-known gem of the South Hams and when I visited, the beach was practically empty. Considering it was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, this was an amazing opportunity in of itself. Photos of the cove may be pretty, but nothing can quite match the experience of being at the cove itself. The beach is well hidden right up until the moment you have to start descending from the higher cliffs and follow the winding path down to reach it.

Directions to Elender Cove:

  • Although the only way to get to the cove itself is by foot, the easiest way to get to the nearby town of Prawle is by car (public transportation in the area is limited).
  • When driving from Salcombe and Kingsbridge, follow the signs to East Prawle.
  • Drive all the way through the village and at the end of the village, you’ll see a dead end road sign. If you follow this road and drive down for about a mile and a half, you’ll reach Prawle Point car park.
  • In the car park, there’s a £2 honesty box for car parking.
  • From the car park, walk down the hill and turn right. Follow the coastal path for about twenty minutes. For exact location, see map below.

Tips to visit Elender Cove:

  • The walk is along the coast and at times, pretty steep.
  • Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.
  • Keep an eye on dogs and young children (there are no barriers to the steep cliff edges).
  • Check local tide times before you visit.
  • Bring a picnic for the beach! (There are no facilities on the beach).

sophie nadeau elender cove

elender cove

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  • FabioRosado
    30th June 2016 at 5:04 pm

    When I saw this picture I thought: “Hey! this must be in Scotland!” and I was wrong haha
    I live 4 hours from Elender Cove… I haven’t been to Bath before… I guess this can be a great weekend road trip! So thank you for the hidden gem, I really want to visit Elender Cove now (shame about our summer, though…)


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