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The Birdcage Cafe Review: A Quaint Eatery in Chagford

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The Birdcage Cafe is a cosy coffee shop and the kind of place you’d hope to head to following a long day’s hike or explore of Dartmoor. After all, the eatery is located in the very heart of Chagford, an ancient stannary town best known for its oodles of history and links to the nearby National Park landscape.

The Birdcage Café, Chagford

Warm, welcoming, and chic, The Birdcage café is situated in the very middle of Chagford, not far from the iconic pub of the ‘Three Crowns,’ and just a little way down the street from the village’s main church, which is dedicated to St Michael the Archangel. Nearby, there are also plenty of restaurants, a dedicated wine shop, and plenty of little independent boutiques, the kind that of stores that make Chagford such a must-see destination.

Located at number 11 The Square, Chagford, The Birdcage is easily one of the best meeting points in town; and not just because it’s filled with pretty decor (think reflective surfaces, a hummingbird palette and plenty of small trinkets adorning the walls and shelves). Instead, from the moment you walk in the door, the staff are friendly, cushions are abundant (do you want to sit on an armchair, sofa, or hardback seat? The birdcage has all these options!) and the menu options are extensive…

The birdcage Cafe coffee shop review, Chagford, Devon, England: decor The birdcage Cafe coffee shop review, Chagford, Devon, England: daffodils

Food at the Birdcage Café

For those with specific food requirements, there are plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on offer, meaning that us non-meat eaters have plenty of choices when it comes to the menu. On any given day, a typical menu consists of jacket potatoes, piping hot soups, and a large array of sandwiches and hot wraps.

And when it comes to dessert, those with a sweet tooth will be in their elements as there are all kinds of sugary treats available. After much deliberation, we personally opted to share a warm brownie served with local clotted cream and vanilla ice cream. This basically translated to heaven on a plate… And all I can pretty much say is that we certainly weren’t disappointed!

For those with furry friends, the café is also dog-friendly and even has outdoor seating. This is a real bonus after you’ve been walking on the moors all day and are looking for a comfortable place to sit, sip some tea, and relax. The only downside of this quaint coffee shop is that due to the cafés incredible popularity, you’ll often find yourself waiting a little while for a table to free up (space is rather limited on the inside, after all).

The birdcage Cafe coffee shop review, Chagford, Devon, England: sandwich The birdcage Cafe coffee shop review, Chagford, Devon, England: brownie

Nearby Attractions to the Birdcage Café

Gidliegh: Also home to a world-famous luxury hotel of the same name, Gidleigh is a small village with a church, medieval castles, and in the springtime, all the snowdrops. It’s the perfect place to experience traditional Devonian life. Nearby hiking trails through forests and onto the open moors provide the perfect introduction to adventures in Dartmoor National Park.

Castle Drogo: Just a twenty-minute drive from the ancient stannary town of Chagford, lies Castle Drogo. This impressive granite structure was the last castle built in England and even has its own working portcullis and defensive walls. Closed for much of the winter, it’s well worth a visit in the warmer months of the year!

Lustleigh: Although situated a little further afield than other cute villages in the area, Lustleigh is often dubbed the ‘prettiest village in Dartmoor National Park’ and is well worth a wander around if you’re given the chance. Once there, you’ll find a sweet tea room, thatched pub, and all the hiking trails you could ever want to follow!

Murchington: A quaint village with little by way of attractions, you’re likely to visit this hamlet on your route from Chagford and perhaps on your way somewhere else. Complete with a former chapel and quaint cottages dating back centuries, Murchington is filled with traditional Devonian architecture and is a beautiful place to wander through.

Lustleigh War Memorial Best things to do in Lustleigh, the prettiest village in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England: walk through Wreyland

Photos of Lustleigh Village, Dartmoor National Park

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