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Last Updated on 29th April 2017 by Sophie Nadeau

Puddlegrams look great on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They are beautiful and can turn an already pretty scene into a fairytale one. In a previous article, I highlighted some of my favourite puddlegram shots of Paris. In fact, they are one of my favourite things to create. So how to make a puddlegram?

Well, here’s the secret: they are fairly easy to make if you’re willing to get your shoes a little muddy! Like with any photo, the perspective is key.

So first up, get your camera lens as close to the water as possible; the closer the lens to the water, the more of a ‘mirror’ effect you will achieve. In the photo below, I stood a little way away from the puddle and you can clearly see the ‘middle’ part between the reflected pyramid and the pyramid itself.

how to make a puddlegram

How to make a puddlegram top tips:

  • No matter how murky a puddle may seem, you may be surprised at the results you can get. If the shot doesn’t work out, you can always delete in anyway!
  • Puddlegrams can be made on smartphones and digital cameras alike.
  • Make your focus central and in the largest area possible. This way, most of the image will be in focus- try not to focus too much on the puddle as you risk losing focus on the object you are trying to get the reflection image of.
  • Keep the camera level and as steady as possible.
  • The closer the lens is to the water (I’m talking centimetres), the better mirror effect you will achieve.
  • I try to make sure that I can fit a little bit of sky into the picture as this gives better perspective. If the object you are trying to capture doesn’t fit in the frame as the puddle is too close, try and find a puddle further away or angle the camera upwards slightly (like I did in the image below).

how to make a puddlegram

A puddlegram doesn’t have to necessarily be in a puddlegram… the reflection below was taken in the Water Fountain at Trocadero metro stop…

how to make a puddlegram

Let your imagination run wild and happy ‘grammin!

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