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Where to Eat Truffles in Paris (Truffle Restaurants & Shops)

Last Updated on 16th March 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

Truffle. It’s a luxury ingredient which can easily elevate a dish if used in the right way and correct quantity, which is much harder to do than you’d think. Over the past few years, truffle flavoured foods have become a popular staple in many Parisian institutions. Here’s your guide on where to eat the best truffles in Paris, including what to order at each place!

Where to Eat Truffles in Paris (Truffle Restaurants & Shops)

Café Montorgueil

Right in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement, rue Montorgueil is a largely pedestrianised street which is well known for its iconic cafés, bars, and brasseries. One of my favourite eateries on the street is that of Café Montorgueil.

Though not the best reviewed place in this truffle guide to Paris, the one thing you must order once there is the truffle fries. The portion of fries is served covered in a creamy parmesan and truffle sauce and is easily enough for two people to share. Order the fries together with a glass of white wine or rosé for the perfect apéro or late afternoon snack.

truffle fries at café montorgueil


One of the cosiest places to head to for those looking for a fantastic truffle dish in Paris is the Gruppomimo restaurant in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The restaurant only has a handful of tables and so it’s advisable to book well in advance, particularly during the winter months when there is no terrace space available and so even less seating available.

For example, when I headed to this Italian restaurant for myself with a friend, we had to book a table two weeks in advance. Once at the Parisian restaurant, there are several truffle-themed dishes on the menu.

As well as the mouthwatering truffle pasta, there’s also a truffle pizza for those who prefer truffle atop of a bread-like dish. Having tried a large number of truffle restaurants in Paris (including some which I didn’t think were worthy to be on this list!), I would say that Gruppomimo is by far the best place to eat truffle flavoured food in the French capital.

Gruppomimo paris

Big Mamma Group

Fans of all things truffle pasta related will surely love heading to any of the restaurants of the Big Mamma group, which has become particularly known during the past few years for its truffle-forward dishes.

The main truffle dish on the menu (that’s available in almost every Big Mamma location) is that of the truffle pasta. The dish is so rich (and filling), that on the few occasions I’ve ordered it, I’ve opted to either share it with a friend or take the rest home to enjoy for lunch the next day!

One of the restaurant chain’s venues, that of Big Love in Le Marais district of the city, even serves up a truffle-themed brunches (this is also the branch of the chain where everything is vegetarian!) Be sure to book your table at Big Mamma well in advance as space fills up fast, even during the week!

big love paris

La Massara

One of my most recent discoveries when it comes to truffle restaurants in Paris is a Sicilian restaurant in Le Marais by the name of La Massara. Located not far from République, La Massara is most famous for its eponymous wood-fired pizza, La Massara which comes topped with parmesan slices, mushrooms, truffle, and walnuts.

la massara paris pizza

Maison de la Truffe

With a name like ‘Maison de la Truffe,’ (Truffle House in English) you know that you’re onto a winner when it comes to Maison de la Truffe in Paris. There are actually two locations in Paris; one standalone store in the 8th arrondissement, and another location within the iconic Galeries Lafayette department store itself.

As you may well have guessed, almost everything on the menu is truffle flavoured or truffle infused. In the restaurant, there are both dine in and takeaway options including sandwiches and risottos. And for those who are not feeling like eating a meal immediately, the store also offers a wide array of truffle products for sale, including olive oils and cheeses.

Brasserie Rosie

Yet another restaurant in Paris where the house speciality is a form of truffle pasta is that of Brasserie Rosie, which is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Well reviewed and open on a daily basis, the dish that everyone heads to this Parisian restaurant for is the truffle coquillettes (a vegetarian version is also available).

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Where to Eat Truffles in Paris (Truffle Restaurants & Shops)

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