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10+ Essential Solo Travel Tips for your next Trip

Last Updated on 15th June 2020 by Sophie Nadeau

When I was younger, I was scared to even walk to the next aisle of the supermarket without my Mum. I would never have imagined that I’d have the courage to stay in a  hostel on my own or move to a new country by myself or even be writing about solo female travel hacks! Solo female travel has been on the rise the past couple of years and it’s only set to increase even more as we decide to see the world on our own terms.

Now, exploring my home town or even heading to a new city for a couple of nights solo doesn’t daunt me. The key to travelling as a woman alone is taking precautions. Here are 10 solo female travel hacks that you should ALWAYS implement. Most of these, I even do when wandering around London in the UK  (i.e. my home) because… you never know. Besides, it’s good to get into the habit for when you take your big trips:

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#1 Never keep all of your money in the same place

If your wallet is stolen and it’s your only source of money, then it’s going to be a lot harder to do things. Keep some emergency money hidden in your bag in a place like underwear, a sock or within a book. The point is to have funds spread over multiple locations, as opposed to just in your purse!

On this note, you should also be sure to have multiple forms of payment, such as multiple credit cards and some cash available. This way, if one of your cards is lost, stolen, breaks, or is blocked, then you’ll have some emergency backup money!

#2 Never keep your various IDs in the same place

Same theory as the money (but probably way more important depending on where you are). If your wallet/ bag is stolen, then you’ll also lose your only ID. I’d recommend taking photocopies of your important identification and leaving multiple copies at home with friends and loved ones. Similarly, if you’re travelling with multiple bags, leave a copy or two in each bag. 

#3 Never drink too much alcohol

Of all the solo travel tips I could give, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you get super drunk and have no idea what you’re doing, no one is there to look after you. Even worse, there are always bad people around who will be actively looking to prey on your vulnerability- especially as a woman.

When travelling solo, I’ll limit myself to a maximum of one glass of wine with a nice meal. I could probably drink more and be fine but it’s just not worth the risk. It’s also worth noting that I implement this policy both at home and abroad. 

#4 Keep an eye on your drink (all your drinks- not just the alcoholic ones)

You should obviously always watch your drinks when you’re at home but this rule especially applies when you’re abroad and might not even speak the language. Never accept drinks from people you don’t trust (read below). This also goes for previously opened tins and bottles of water/ coca cola etc.

I always buy my own bottled drinks and carry them with me. If I were ever in a bar, I would make sure to watch the barman too (some friends have horror stories about this). Like I said, you can never be too careful, especially when you’re voyaging alone!

#5 Don’t trust people too easily

I’m not saying that you should lock yourself away and never talk to anyone. Some of the best people I’ve met were in bars in Paris, cafés in Italy and across Canada. However, this doesn’t mean to say that everyone who’s nice to you is actually a nice person. Keep your wits about you, your valuables close and never ever ever get drunk around people you’ve only just met.

#6 Arrive somewhere during the day

As a woman travelling alone, there are some policies and personal solo travel tips that I always try and stick to, no matter what the destination. For example, arriving in a new city can be daunting, even when you’re with a travel partner. Arriving at night can be downright terrifying and it can be much harder to find your bearings post dusk. As such, I always plan to arrive in a new destination during the day.

#5 Research where you’re going

It’s important to look up a city before you go. Print off maps and addresses or write them down somewhere. Technology can (and often will) fail when you need it most so it’s important to make sure you don’t rely on it too heavily. 

Similarly, if you’re not familiar with the local language, make sure you have at least a simple phrasebook. Be wary of any tourist scams that take place in the area you’re visiting (read more: 5 Parisian Tourist Scams and how to avoid them).

#6 Buy Travel Insurance BEFORE you go

This tip really isn’t just for solo female travellers, but a relevant travel hack for everyone. If you can’t afford travel insurance, then you can’t afford to travel. Even if you’re the healthiest person in the World, you still never know when accidents can happen. 

#7 Look after yourself (and give yourself breaks)

Of all the solo female travel hacks listed here, looking after yourself is arguably the most important. Take regular breaks and don’t let yourself get too worn out or tired. Make sure to keep eating plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

When I was in Canada, I ended up with a kidney infection due to not looking after myself properly. I had no one to remind me to look after myself but me and I didn’t pay enough attention. If you’re taking any medication (including contraception), make sure that you bring enough to cover your trip and more in case your trip gets extended for any reason. 

The main rule that underlies all these hacks is prevention is better than cure. Also, it’s always important to remember that tour safety and health is always more important than material possessions.

#8 Keep in touch with friends and family

Make sure that someone knows where you are (whenever you can). If you’re travelling to a new city or staying in a new hostel/ hotel, let someone back home know and make a point of telling your loved ones when you’ll be checking in with them. That way, if the worst does happen and you don’t check in, then someone is looking out for you and knows all the details of your last movements.

Enjoyed reading about some of the best solo travel tips? Pin this article now, read it again later:

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Kimberly Cross

Saturday 20th of April 2019

Love these tips they are very helpful!!! :)

Swati kakkar

Friday 8th of February 2019

I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is exceptionally supportive and helpful post. Thanks a lot for sharing. I appreciate it very much!


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

Hi there!

I was wondering, and this might be a weird or odd question but who takes your pictures when you are solo traveling? Do you ask a random person?


Sophie Nadeau

Friday 11th of January 2019

There are a few ways: Sometimes I'll set up a tripod and timer, sometimes I'll ask someone who's in the area!


Friday 28th of December 2018

Hi Sophie, Most important tip - Have a great time! Enjoy every moment, don't look over your shoulder all the time. Common sense and instincts are important.

Morgan Teresa

Monday 8th of October 2018

I found this much useful tips on this blog. Solo female traveling is not an easy. Your blog is very helpful for female solo travelers. Great information. I am impressed from this post. I haven't any word to appreciate this post. Thanks!

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