5 Excellent Reasons to Visit Italy in the Spring

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Italy is one of those places you could spend years exploring and never quite scratch the surface of. Filled with medieval towns, world-class cuisine, and breathtaking coastal stretches, here are five excellent reasons to visit Italy in the Spring (ie, before almost everyone else heads to the boot-shaped country come the summer months)!

I first fell in love with Italy during a 14-day Italian adventure as a teenager. I was lucky enough to be able to turn to travel when I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life and wanted to see more of what the world had to offer. Since that first time all those years ago, I’ve been lucky enough to return to Italy again (and am already planning my next trip!). So, if you’re able to, I’d highly encourage a visit the land of pasta and pizza on any European adventure- especially in the springtime!

Best things to do in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy: view of Bergamo

All of the spring blooms

Italy is best seen when the sky is blue and the spring blooms are in full flower. After all, many of the smaller towns and cities dotted around the Italian landscape are exciting to see when the city is in bloom and the small lanes are best explored by simply following your feet, wandering around, and getting a little bit lost!

Elsewhere, the streets of Milan, Florence, and Rome are bursting with pops of pink from cherry blossom trees, and there are some gardens that are quite literally only open to the public during the spring. For example, the world famous Iris Garden of Florence is home to over 1500 varieties of Iris and is only open between April and May each year! While it’s true that no one does châteaux quite like the French, no one can do a garden quite like the Italians!

The weather is good & the days are longer

Post-switch to summertime, the evenings stretch on longer and longer, giving you ample light and warmth to enjoy your lunches and dinners out in the open air (weather permitting). The rainfall is lower than in the winter and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore all of the gardens and outdoor terraces before the rest of the tourist crowds arrive! This is especially the case if you want to find yourself somewhere that becomes unbearably popular in the summer; i.e. Venice or Verona!

Best day trips from Milan: the canals of Venice

Everything is open and there are fewer crowds!

Unlike in the winter months, when many smaller businesses close up shop, almost everything is open to the public when you visit Italy in the Spring. Plus, there’s the benefit of exploring fully opened exhibitions, museums, hotels combined with a lack of tourists compared with the crowds of the summer and early autumn. Win, win!

Spring food

Some Italian specialities are quite literally only available during the springtime! For example, Roman artichokes can only be consumed for a few months each year and you’ll miss out on the locally grown ones if you head to Italy come the summer or autumn! In other Italian food news, head to Italy in the spring to enjoy gelato outside (you can obviously do this during the winter, but you may well freeze!) and sip on espressos in the town where you’re staying’s Piazza each morning.

Best things to do in Pavia: eat local and try some pizza!

Travel is often more affordable during Italy in the spring

Travel to Italy during peak season and you can expect prices to match the number of crowds! However, if you time your trip just right and visit just outside of peak season, you’ll find that your experience will be that much more pleasant!

Lower tourist volumes will be reflected by the lower prices of accommodation and a wider range of places to stay to select from. Airlines will often have better ticket prices than those of the summer (slightly different time of the year, but I managed to purchase return tickets Bristol-Milan for as little as £5 each way in January!)

5 Excellent reasons to visit Italy in the Spring and why you should add a trip to your bucket list ASAP! Spring blooms, fewer crowds, lower prices and more!

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