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Last Updated on 12th August 2017 by Sophie Nadeau

The Glorious Art House in Exeter is one of those cafés you walk in to… And immediately know that you’ll return to very soon! Bright, vibrant and with a large selection of cakes and coffees, you could easily spend an afternoon in here, catching up with friends or replying to all those emails you’ve been letting build up.

The Glorious Art House Café Review, Exeter, Devon, England

The Glorious Art House Café 

Located at 120 Fore Street, the Glorious Art House is located in the very middle of Exeter, not far from the cathedral and hard to miss. The city of Exeter itself is a quirky mix of ancient meets modern, old meets new. It also happens to be the university town where JK Rowling studied, meaning that there are plenty of Harry Potter Locations to discover in and around the city.

The café comprises of three levels, and an outdoor patio seating area at the back of the building. On the very top floor, there’s a small space which local artists can rent out to host small exhibitions (and the area is regularly occupied- so if you do visit, then make sure to head to the top floor). The café itself serves a large range of baguettes, pastries, waffles, and cakes, served all day during opening hours.

The Glorious Art House Café Review, Exeter, Devon, England

Coffee Shop Review

For those with special dietary requirements, such as vegan or vegetarian, there is a range of lactose-free milks, including almond and soya milk. Whilst there, I sampled the chai latté, as well as the almond latté; both were delicious, blended with just the right amount of coffee. In my opinion, they may well serve the best soy lattés in all of Exeter! In terms of food, we tried the bagels and a few cakes. The cakes weren’t too dry, and the bagels were filled with the perfect amount of hummus.

But what really makes the experience so special, and the café a great place to return to is the friendly staff, and quirky decor. The WiFi is fast and the overall look of the interior is uplifting. As well as regular art exhibitions and café, there are regular events, on a whole array of quirky topics. Recent events have included knicker making, fabric box making and having your portrait painted.

The Glorious Art House Café Review, Exeter, Devon, Englandwhere to find the very best coffee in Exeter, Devon, England!

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