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Fashion. If there’s one thing Paris is known for, it’s the seemingly never-ending stream of high-end designs and luxury goods that flow out of the city faster than the Seine. From fashion week to a simple stroll down the sidewalk, there’s no end to haute couture in the city of love. Last year, I finally got to peek into Dior Atelier Design House at 30 Rue Montaigne.

Dior in Paris

The company, Dior, was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior. Born in 1905 in Granville on the Northern Coast of Normandy, Christian’s parents were wealthy fertilizer producers. He was the second of five children and was always interested in art as a child.

Whilst he was growing up, Dior’s family fully expected him to become a diplomat. However, Christian chose to pursue his love of art, selling his fashion sketches outside his house for 10 Cents a piece (oh how I wish I’d been around to purchase some of those pieces.) In December 1946, following WWII, Dior finally realized his dream of creating his own brand, under his own name. All of this was backed by the wealthiest businessman in France of the time, Marcel Boussac.

Today, Dior produces a large array of ready to wear products, as well as custom pieces for an additional cost. From the outset, it was branded as haute couture; and Dior has remained eponymous with luxury ever since. Established on the 16th December 1946, it started out in a private household. This being said, Dior often claims 1947 as its first year of operations. Now, the brand makes accessories, perfumes, children, and menswear. They also make plenty of women’s goods, the product which made them so famous in the first place.

Inside Dior Atelier Design House, Paris- 30 Avenue Montaigne | solosophie Inside Dior Atelier Design House, Paris- 30 Avenue Montaigne | solosophie

A peek inside the Dior Atelier

A little while ago, the Dior Atelier was open to the public (for one day only) as part of an initiative by LVMH. Anyone can go to these kinds of events (for free) and you can find details of their latest events on their website.

When my friend told me that the company had teamed up with Dior to offer a glimpse at the exclusive design house, I knew we had to go! So, we set off from my flat (equipped with a couple of umbrellas) and caught the metro to Franklin D Roosevelt- the closest metro station to Dior.

A short stroll down the street, past Chanel, and past Ralph Lauren, we spotted Dior. With a glittering sign outside, you really can’t miss it… Following a two-hour long queue (always try to arrive early!), we were finally allowed inside.

We were shown various designs worn by royalty and celebrity alike. But, of course, the most interesting part of the visit was seeing exactly how the clothes and accessories are actually made! Upon departure, we were presented with a little ‘gift’. This was a small bottle of Dior’s latest fragrance, and it smelled divine. I’m even wearing a little today…

Inside Dior Atelier Design House, Paris- 30 Avenue Montaigne | solosophie Inside Dior Atelier Design House, Paris- 30 Avenue Montaigne | solosophie Inside Dior Atelier Design House, Paris- 30 Avenue Montaigne | solosophie

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A Look Inside Dior Atelier Design House, Paris

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