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A Guide to the Best Things to do in Corralejo

Last Updated on 16th March 2023 by Sophie Nadeau

If you’re arriving in Fuerteventura via Lanzarote, then the delightful port town of Corralejo is likely the first destination that you will encounter on the oldest Canary Island. All pastel-hued houses and home to a buzzing nightlife, Corralejo is a must-see while on Fuerteventura. Here’s your guide to the best things to do in Corralejo, as well as travel tips to know before you go!

A Guide to the Best Things to do in Corralejo

Where is Corralejo?

Corralejo is a port town in the northernmost part of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. Though not the largest town in Fuerteventura (that award goes to Puerto del Rosario), it’s still the hub and hive of activity in the north half of the island.

Corralejo is situated around 20 km northeast of the town of El Cotillo. If you’re planning a trip to Fuerteventura, be sure to check out our 3 days in Fuerteventura itinerary.

port in corralejo

Best things to do in Corralejo


One of the more unusual looking buildings in Corralejo is the Church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen (Our Lady of Carmen). The ecclesiastical building is an impressive feat of modern architecture, though unfortunately in my research I was unable to find much about its history of origins.

church corralejo

Wander the old town

Truth be told, one of the more relaxing things to do in Corralejo is to wander the little streets, snap photos of pastel homes, and get a feel for how the town must have been when it was just a little fishing port.

Visitors should note that there are two parts to Corralejo; there is the older part which is closer to the port (and the area we frequented the most during our stay as we like a more laid back, quiet nightlife) and the newer part which is constructed like a strip such as that found in Ibiza and is home to clubs, pubs, and a buzzing nightlife.

old town corralejo

See the port

The bustling port of Corralejo welcomes ferries from Lanzarote throughout the day. The port is also the site from which many day trips to the nearby island of Lobos take off. I particularly enjoyed photographing the boats bobbing in the water on a clear, blue-sky day.

One of the more fun aspects of the port if you’re visiting with children is all of the fish sculptures which are painted in colours and patterns to resemble local fish. The cafés and restaurants along the water’s edge from the port towards Corralejo centre are the perfect place to grab a drink as the sun is going down.

port corralejo

Town beaches

There are several beaches in and around Corralejo, the most popular of which is Playa Corralejo. When we visited in 2022, it was unfortunately advisable not to bathe in the water due to harmful bacteria present. Nevertheless, the sand was nice to look at. Playa Corralejo is also where the town sign is.

corralejo sign

Enjoy the nightlife

If you are a fan of going out to cocktail bars, restaurants, and clubbing, then Corralejo is one of the top destinations in the Canary Islands for this. From Irish pubs to discos, there is plenty of nightlife to discover along the strip.


As I mentioned earlier, the newer (and more southerly) part of Corralejo is much newer and the expansion means that there are plenty of high street brand shops that are common all over Europe in the shopping district. There are also a number of your typical tourist souvenir shops here too.

See chipmunks! (Barbary Ground Squirrel )

One of the more fun residents of Corralejo to spot are the chipmunks. The cute little critters are located around many of the beaches in Corralejo and have also been spotted on the hill to Mercadona.

The chipmunks are not actually chipmunks but are Barbary Ground Squirrel, a species from Algeria and Morocco that was introduced to the Canary islands in the 1960s. Be sure not to feed the chipmunks you see as their ever-growing population is already damaging the flora and fauna.

See chipmunks! (Barbary Ground Squirrel )

Spy Fuerteventura windmills

All over Fuerteventura, you’ll soon spot plenty of windmills, including in Corralejo itself. In times gone by, people would have harnessed the power of the wind to mill grain and corn. Today, vestiges of the past remain and there are several well-restored Fuerteventura windmills that you’ll be able to spot when walking through old town Corralejo.

Molino del Dulcero

Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo

Many people say that the most impressive sand dunes anywhere in the Canary Islands are those found directly outside of Corralejo in the National Park. The park itself covers an area of around 24 square km, though the dunes are constantly moving and shifting.

The sand is made up of decomposed sea creatures and is not sand that has been blown over by the Sahara Desert (despite what some local myths suggest)! There are also around 8 km worth of perfectly sandy sand and many people choose to sunbathe in the area- just a note- clothes are optional on the beaches all around the island!

Visit the popcorn beach

One of our favourite beaches during our stay in the Canary Islands was discovering the popcorn beaches that are located to the South East of Corralejo. These beaches overlook the Atlantic Ocean (and part of Lanzarote) and appear to be covered in popcorn!

Of course, the popcorn is not really popcorn and is instead the remains of a red algae. When the algae dies and dries out, the calcites turn it white and a popcorn effect is left on the ground.

While the algae are fun to look at, do not take any of the pieces as they are vital to the fragile eco system. The road to reach the popcorn beaches (there are several, though the most popular is El Hierro) is pretty difficult to go along, while you can’t bathe on many of the east coast beaches themselves as there are strong currents and rocks.

How to Visit the Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura

Day trip to Lobos Island

If you’re looking to experience an even smaller island while visiting the Canary Islands, then you can take a day trip to Lobos Island from the port of Corralejo. The island is just 6 square kilometres and is largely an uninhabited nature reserve, meaning it’s perfect for hiking, as well as spotting rare birds.

If you want to visit Lobos Island for yourself, book this Return Lobos Island Ferry Ticket with Entry. Alternatively, if you’ll be visiting in the summer then you can book this Lobos Island Entrance and Snorkel Activity.

Visit the rest of Fuerteventura

Of course, as Corralejo is located in the Northern most part of Fuerteventura, it is also only the tip of what visitors can experience on the island. Even if you don’t rent your own car, there are a number of tours and activities that you can book to help you get around the island.

Guided Segway Tour: A 1.5 tour of the north shore of Fuerteventura on a Segway.

Trekking Tour Through the North of the Island: A half-day hiking activity with pick-up from Corralejo.

E-Bike Tour with Hike on Fuerteventura: A 5 hour exploration of Northern Fuerteventura by bike and on foot.

Jeep Safari Cotillo Route on Fuerteventura: A way to experience the island by traversing across dirt roads in a Jeep.

Fuerteventura Dune Buggy Tour: A 2.5 hour tour of Northern Fuerteventura- around 70% of the tour is off-road.

Where to eat and drink in Corralejo

During our stay close to Corralejo we dined and drank several times in the bars and restaurants around town. I personally found there to be plenty more vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available than anywhere we visited on Lanzarote. If you want to discover more local produce together with a local guide, then you can book this Fuerteventura tasting experience.


One of my personal favourites when it comes to where to eat in Corralejo is Baobab, a fully vegan restaurant that serves up a wide array of seasonal dishes. My partner and I both enjoyed their wraps (there are a number of fresh ingredients available), which are served together with a sauce.

Baobab fuerteventura

Sanus Fuerteventura

Yet another restaurant which has a vegan menu (as well as gluten free options) is Sanus Fuerteventura. We found the staff to be very friendly and accommodating. I loved that there were vegan options, though there are also fish and meat options meaning that if some of your party want to try local fish, then this is a good place to choose.

Just be sure to book at least a day or two in advance as this is one of the best-reviewed food spots in Corralejo. As such, the place was completely packed even when we visited in mid February!

Sanus Fuerteventura

Malverde Taqueria

If you’re looking for a good takeaway option (you can also dine in but we were feeling so tired that we opted to take our dinner back to our hotel where we would be able to relax with a beer), then Malverde Taqueria serves up the best tacos in Fuerteventura. The tacos are really delicious and they even have vegetarian options.

Malverde Taqueria

Where to stay in Corralejo

La Marquesina Hotel Boutique

We didn’t stay at the La Marquesina Hotel Boutique but did have drinks in the hotel bar on several separate occasions during our stay in Fuerteventura! Those looking to enjoy the nightlife in the town will enjoy staying at the four-star La Marquesina, which is located on the edge of the port. Check rates and availability here.

La Marquesina Hotel Boutique

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